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For the past few days, I have been having a disturbing dream about a sorta zombie apocalypse.

I am with my 2 brothers, my grandmother, and some other people I don't know. I had a similar dream a couple months earlier and they both were both in the same place: at my aunt's house. My first on was my mother and one of my brothers along with some other people I didn't recognize again. We were hiding in her wine cellar and we could hear them walking behind doors and above our heads.

In the same dream, one of our cats had wandered outside and I want to go look for him. My aunt's house in on top of a massive hill and I could see hundreds of them on a neighboring hill. Just wandering. They had a very eerie and creepy humanoid appearance, but they weren't human at all. As I was looking outside, I saw another man in a gray jacket with a pair of sunglasses and a shaved head talking on his cellphone. He said

"No, they don't come up here until 7..."

And my most recent dream was in the same place.

They were what we called "stalkers" and they looked like burnt corpses. And they were very quite. They could sneak up behind you if you were in the open and....."turn you" as we said. They would bite you or something weird.

Maybe I have been playing too much Left 4 Dead....

Or Bioshock...

Both are somewhat scary. This is why I want to ask if you too have also had a dream you can't explain. I just wanted to share that to encourage you guys to FULLY explain the dream. Sure, this post may seem a bit random but, it's late and I might be able to sleep better tonight now that I could fully explain these dreams. And remember, no matter how real it may feel, it's only a dream.

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Wow. I am surprised you can remember your dreams that well...unless


They are visions... O_O

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