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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all, I'm very new. Like today new. Honestly i'm just following the bot's advice and starting a post. Iv'e always been into Halo lore. Good stuff, great stuff actually. Read all the books, at least the ones that are existing relevant to my knowledge and am looking forward to "Broken Circle". Lemme know what you like about Halo lore, maybe to neat stuff like how "contact Harvest" used Nordic mythology in the naming of many of it's context. I probably sound like a total noob.. Regards MetalPolarBear
  2. I first came to the Halo forums in 2009 / 2010 on Bungie.net. And I've always been eager to share discussions and ideas with the community, but I haven't been on in a while so right now I'm like "meh". I don't feel so passionate right now. Anyway when the whole "change vs. no change" and "keep Halo Halo" war started raging at first I was on the side of radical change and drastically evolving Halo 100%. It was fun thinking about ways to evolve Halo's gameplay and style. Sometimes I had radical ideas and some-times I was a lot more subtle. I thought of myself as putting a lot of deep thought and consideration into my arguments and ideas on those threads, but regardless I still got a lot of "keep Halo Halo" retaliations, "that's stupid" remarks, and "this isn't Call of Duty" attitudes. The thing is after Reach was less than and far off from what a lot of us thought it could be, I now know by experience how even seemingly minor things can be a huge deal, like bloom. If bloom was in Halo 4 I might even hate it. So even now I think Halo 4 has some significant things amiss that are more than hindering its lasting appeal, at least for me. I didn't even start playing the game until about 5 days ago, but before then I was watching Youtube videos and I was already feeling like there were some things off. No no no I'm not bashing Halo 4! I'm still all for evolving the series. I absolutely don't think that change should be shunned or that it's impossible to evolve Halo without upsetting the spirit of the game. I understand I'm no game developer, and my enthusiasm for discussing and sharing ideas has been drained a bit. But that doesn't mean I shouldn't contribute to the community besides buying the game. I'm a veteran and I still love this game and what it can be. I won't leave just because we may flop big or small sometimes. So now that the lame disclaimer is out of the way I did just have a couple thoughts. Of course some of these probably can't be put in at the time, but for future Halos maybe. Add Spartan Ops into the match-making hopper with the other playlists. Have one playlist where players can play through all the chapters and episodes in order starting with the first one. Have another playlist where players can jump in and vote on different chapters or episodes to play. If episode voting is implemented then players can choose to leave the party without being penalized between each chapter. Is Spartan Ops under rated, even just a little? I don't know how accurate the player counts for playlists are on H4 xbox live, but I think a lot more people would play it if it was just in the matchmaking hopper with everything else. I mean right now there's only 5 different options for chapters under the Spartan Ops hopper. I think it's worth it. I won't bet, but at least 400 more people will be playing Spartan Ops with that.....at least I really think so. A lot of new players to Halo who didn't really care much for it before will get disinterested after so many games. Watching Youtube videos gave me that perspective, but gametypes like Flood and Spartan Ops are definitely things that stand out a bit more especially to new players. Bring back the campaign search feature. Is it possible to bring back skulls to find in campaign as an update? I wished that there were more extras in the campaign. I saw in Halo Waypoint that data pads were noted, but I haven't found any in the campaign. Those are only from Halo Reach aren't they? I'm not sure. I might have missed that bit of new if they're in Halo 4. I wish equipment was brought back and implemented along with AAs. Jetpack would only be available to use in Spartan Ops, and in matchmaking the gravity lift would be the alternative. I know a lot of Halo players were very fidgety when it came to jetpacks ruining the aspect of map control among other things. I think if equipment were in Halo 4 that it should replace power-ups for personal ordnance, or that there should only be weapons and grenades for personal ordnance and equipment + power-ups + power weapons on the map. All power-ups would be on the map and in preset locations that you'll want to watch out for. I won't go to deep into what I would do or how, but I just want to see them return in future Halos instead of being an exclusive to Halo 3. Having equipment would have still left some spice in the classic playlist as well. Add in Legendary Skirmish or Legendary Big Team with full-on map remakes from Halo 3 including Sandtrap. Legendary Skirmish and / or Legendary Big Team's gameplay would strongly resemble Halo 3 or Halo 2, minus equipment. If 343 does try to do more map remakes like Sandtrap, Guardian, and etc then that would be awesome. One of the things in specific I miss about Halo 3 are the Elephants on Sandtrap. Besides that I was just envisioning power-ups, power weapons, and maybe armor abilities on the maps with a mix of objective and slayer games. Base player speed would be faster and sprinting could be disabled for at least some gametypes. There would also be map variants like "Sandtrap Heavy" from Halo 3. Maybe they could also tailor the armor abilities to have limited uses too. Auto Forge and Auto Invite for Custom Games. I haven't played too many custom games yet. I would start up a ton of them, but I want to use my 14-day free trial to play matchmaking and join games instead of forging. And I don't have an actual Xbox hard drive. I don't think too many new Halo players are hardcore forgers. If auto forging were implemented in Halo 4 it would only be pretty basic. Manual forging would still be way more creative and advanced. The way I think of it is that you would press the Y button at the Forge lobby screen to toggle between auto and manual forging. In auto forge you would have to option to set the dynamics for around 4 or 5 different forerunner monitors visible as options (like 343 Guilty Spark). One monitor might have options for auto-building the map's structure by placing ramps, bunkers, and etc. Another one may have settings for how the map will play (auto forging should probably only work for one gametype at a time). So if someone is auto forging a slayer map there will be settings for "general weapon palette", "max / minimum power weapons", "vehicle palette", "racy" (meaning spawn times for weapons are really fast or something), "paced" (meaning weapons spawn times are slower), and etc. For Custom games there should be an option to automatically invite recent players who you last played a game with. I should have put this in before. Auto Forge is a map generator not a map maker. Monitors don't actually go into the map and place things, you put in the details for each monitor at the lobby screen and the map is generated before you spawn into the game. "Pinging" I think this would be a cool element to add. In most playlists players would not be able to see where weapons, grenades, and etc. are on the map via their HUD unless they're within 20 meters of them. When players press up on the d-pad while looking at items like weapons a waypoint will show up on all other team mates HUDs telling them where the item is. This could also apply to vehicles and objective items like flags. Maybe if more interactable environments like gates, bridges, passage ways, and etc. are implemented again like in Halo 3 and Halo 2 then pinging could also be used to alert team mates of their status as well.
  3. Hi guys and girls, ladies and sirs, dinosaurs and ponies, and all manner of FORGERS. I'm looking at breaking in to the Forge scene, having never, ever actually pressed that option, and I was wondering; What do you wish you had've done first? What do you wish you had've known sooner? What tools/templates have worked best for you, and what should I avoid or not bother with? What did you imagine YOUR first map/game type to look like, and how did that turn out for you? Any other tips or tricks that you can compress and digest would be greatly appreciated!
  4. I'm new to this forum, and I'm happy to see you are all so accepting! I met a few of you earlier, and my first post was rude.. So if I offended anybody, I'm really sorry. I'm used to 4chan, and if you're not a **** on 4chan then you get singled out. If any of you wanna hit me up on xbox, feel free. I don't play a lot of Halo, but I get on every once and a while. I prefer custom games, too, so if you get bored and wanna act retarded, send me an invite.
  5. So pretty much, these are from the Urban dictionary, if you know someone who shows one or more of these symptoms, than they are a noob. 1. A noob is a person who really sucks at a game but refuses to learn/listen to people who are skilled. Many of them may have been playing the game for a while, but still suck at it. They usually have no hope. 2. Noobs generally get extremely upset over being beaten and can not admit that they are bad at the game. Often they will accuse the skilled people of hacking. 3. This word is an insult in general so people often wrongly use it and just call somebody that they do not like a noob, regardless of skill. 4. This term is often confused with the term "newb," and people who confuse these terms are usually either noobs themselves, or somebody who is good but is just mean (and has a lot of pride for being skilled). P.S. This is not restricted to Halo
  6. On the nature of newb and noob. A rant by The Director Little bored, so thought I'd have a little bit of a rant. Today I played a game of snipers on Halo Reach, and a player with a lower rank called a player who was a forerunner (I think, don't particularly recall) a noob. The reason he did this was because said player was running around getting "pwnd" and teabagging when he got kills, as a noob does. What caught my immediate attention was that he actually specified the spelling of the word "noob". This led to a discussion on the difference in the usage of the slang, "newb" and "noob". A good chunk of players think that both words are the same, and one is intentionally misspelled to make it more "l337". However, the l337 for newb is either n3vv8 or n0ob (or n0ob or n00b). Not "noob". Since these words are slang, their definitions are "open market" which means that they have rather vague definitions to begin with, and there is not strict criteria for defining them. What a lot of players (a decent amount, at any rate) think is that both words have separate meanings. Newb: A slang term used to describe one that is new to something. Noob: A person that is not skilled or is bad at something. By these definitions, the words noob and newb become different, and can be used for a more accurate description. For instance, "Dude, this guy has been playing for 300 hours but has a .02 k/d. He's such a noob." and "You have to forgive my friend, he's never played Halo before so he's a newb". What would be incorrect by this standard, is calling an experienced person/player a "newb". However, it would still be correct to call a new person/player a "noob". Now you can have fun with them, by linking them up for even "sicker burns", such as "you are the noobest noob newb to ever play this game!" Thoughts, opinions?
  7. Hello 343i Forum members! I have been a Halo player since 2007 when my cousins got Halo 3 on Christmas. Yes, I am going to admit that I am 11 years old. But I am not those kids on the Internet who troll sites to just get attention. As you already may see here, I do what most kids on the Internet do not do. Use grammar. I am hoping to be a very active member here on the forums and get a good reputation for myself. Anyway, (Back to the story) after seeing my cousins playing the Halo 3 campaign, I was hooked. For some reason though, I never bought it until 2008. (I still question myself) In 2008, is when I got Xbox LIVE for my birthday. (MiStER CHIEF 14 is my gamertag) I got Xbox LIVE to specifically play the Halo 3 multiplayer. Over the years, I have gotten more mature and better at Halo. Even after playing and having all the Halo games that were made, I am honored to be a Halo fan.
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