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  1. I didn't keep track, but I'd guess about 2 to 3 hours maybe? It was mainly experimenting with different ways of using this technique, though.
  2. Made this wallpaper a few days ago when I was trying some new photoshop techniques, hope you guys like it
  3. I know it wasn't yours, I was voicing my annoyance, not directed at anyone here in particular. Sorry if I offended you.
  4. Lol @ that video quality, so blurry. That's what you get for ripping my video.
  5. During an interview after the main event. Don't recall exactly when but I recorded pretty much all of it.
  6. Halo 2 Anniversary Cairo Station gameplay. Looks friggin' sweet. Sucks they didn't show the cutscenes though...
  7. Woah, I thought this thread was dead in the water by now but I guess not And yes, the first post was made in May 2013, but the gamercard's get replaced when you regenerate them, which means anywhere they're shown they will be updated as well. For example, any images with the URL below with the same parameters would now show the new updated version. http://armorwatcher.com/gamercard/v1/normal/AssaultCommand_blue_1.png It used to get the stats live on each load, so that everytime you loaded a gamercard it got all the data to display. This system was fun but caused me to run out of CPU on the server so I had to move to a paid host, after that, I still kept running out of CPU even when I made it save the images only on generation. But now I do not need to worry about that because Bigstack is hosting it for free. He owns HaloCustoms.com and runs his own hosting company and the uptime and support is impeccable.
  8. I'm not sure if there's a set number of Moa's per mission, which means I can't include the number of moa encountered and the stats related to that. Kills and Deaths are possible but you won't have any deaths. So while it sounds like a cool idea sadly there's not much point in it. As in even less of a point than gutacards.
  9. For a long time now people have asked me to make gamercards for Reach. When I finally got motivated enough to do it, somebody on forgecafe mentioned a Guta and I finally knew which stats to display. So without any further ado, click the link below to get your own ArmorWatcher.com Here are some examples: AssaultCommand's Gutacard H3yl0w's Gutacard UnevenFloris's Gutacard Be sure to share your below
  10. Just checked and I'm pretty sure it should fit. I'm planning to implement a scaling feature anyways.
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