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Found 6 results

  1. Hello fellow Installation 01 community I'm mason I have a very big request for this epic new game coming out. First to start I'm a huge fan of halo I absolutely love it and care so much about it. I want to say thank you to the developers of Installation 01 for doing this and creating this game. i always really wanted to be a marine in halo not the epic spartans with shields etc. but a standard soldier of the UNSC or a ODST I would love to see this in the game because what not better than having many options to choose from from being a spartan a marine and a ODST. I do understand that matchmaking must be for spartans and stuff but like for like private matches and different game types can allow the Marines or ODST. This would also be a pretty good way to create like short movies and stuff and having like spartans be the heroes and stuff but any way I thought it would be cool hopefully we can see these and if this can happened make the variety of armor like from marines form Halo 1-5 and from halo wars 1-2 from the cutscenes. Now I would to see a flood gameplay survival like kinda like firefight but will the flood and there endless horde and this fights right in with a marine and ODST if the get lets say get killed they get there dead body can get infected and be a flood mutation. Thank you guys and I hope the community can agree that this would be a neat stuff to have
  2. I feel like Halo 5 is missing some serious variety when it comes to Game Modes & Playlists. Where is Grifball, Oddball, Territories, KOTH, Assault, Juggernaut, and of course INFECTION?!? What are your thoughts on this issue? Why would 343 leave out so much from Halo 5? Despite the fact that Bungie already made all those creative game modes and playlists. 343 has full rights to utilize all of Bungie's past work for the Halo franchise, right? So why are so many classic game modes and playlists missing? I made a video on this issue and I believe one of the reasons is that 343 wants to funnel people into Warzone, so they are more likely to purchase Req Packs. Here's the link to the video:
  3. I have a new idea 343 Industries in Halo 5 it would be sweet if we the community can have more options in the multiplayer of halo 5 such as weapons armor vehicles species of the player customizable emblems like in COD black ops 2 as well as building game types from more options and have the forge more advanced and much more down below. weapons ideas: I love that you guys allowed us to choose different skins for our weapons but to be honest it was fun but it would be a lot more exciting if we can fully customize our weapons and use them in multilayer and set them into classes but to keep the halo feel of multiplayer and not the COD feel we you guys build a new system i have an idea and that is allowing us to go into a weapons builder menu and build our weapons from scratch or allow us to have the ability to combined two or more weapons together for example the sticky detonator combined with the assault rifle or the for covenant we can place an energy sword under a storm rifle to act like a bayonet and it would be so much fun if we can choose custom colors for our weapons and allow us to place our emblems on our weapons. Vehicle ideas: I have an idea for vehicles called vehicle smithing take a wort hog for example and you decide to get rid of the turret and convert into a troop transport and allow us to customize it even further like coloring it and choose from different armor plating not just for wart hogs for every vehicle. where would all this fit on in halo 5 ? a new custom firefight that is more objective based and the weapons and vehicles you customized you can call it in as ordnance not only that in fire fight we want to be able to build buildings and fortify our positions and hold them off for as long as we can. Forge ideas: forge is great but it can be better i have many ideas to share one is the option to change the weather and time of day also to allow us to spawn AI like in far cry 3 i really liked that and the AI to have options like if they are friend or foe you can choose and to color them also we really want a new forge world perhaps a bigger one than in halo reach a forge world that is an open world like we can go under water go in space also we want more vehicle options we want to be able to spawn in huge things like frigates and cruisers so we can have huge space battles and let us completely and fully operate them and we really want to be able to have the vehicles from halo wars in halo 5 and we really really would like to have the scarab to drive also we want to have more environmental options like spawning fore trees and stuff like that and please add in more air vehicles. Armor ideas: we would love to have fully customizable armor and be able to do a lot more with it and we want our choice of armor to affect gameplay like if you choose heavy armor you have more health but less speed and jump and we want new armor abilities i have an idea for one and that is a scuba gear type of ability to go under water also i really loved the armor effects from halo reach please bing them back also we want more way more armor options like different types and also it would be cool if we could build our own armor from scratch from multiple options in the game. Species ideas: when i say Species i mean like in halo reach we had the option to be spartans or elites we would love for that to come back and more options like to be a brute. gameplay ideas: we would love the idea to have the option to go into first person view in a vehicle and third person option in vehicle or on foot plus we would love more assassination types and specific ones for each species you choose to be also for kill streaks we should have more options for example you are on a seven kill streak you can call in a squad of marines to assist you and many other kill streak rewards. Specialization ideas: please add more and have more perks with them. campaign ideas: please bring back the brutes and the elites and it would be cool if we could go into the Elites and the Brutes home worlds and the graphics are great and they can be better like the cinematic movies in the halo 4 campaign. music ideas: Neal Davidge did a great job but the music it not that great for the all the action like I'm fighting the covenant and i feel i'm in an opera not a war fighting aliens breaking benjamin lights out for the halo reach trailer was awesome you guys should add more rock music for all the fighting moments and all the other music for cinematic moments and for when your not in combat.
  4. I have been a long time player of the halo games and I think I speak for a lot of people when I say we are a little bit hung out over the DMR. I'm not just complaining here, I'm going to make a valid statement. It is the most prominent weapon used in general. Just look at anyone on waypoint. It covers long range with 50/50 on snipers,beam rifle and can disrupted binary equally well if it lands first. It has no competition in mid range from pistol, carbine ,light rifle and about 50/50 with battle rifle when direct no cover face to face confrontation and has the advantage on close range over storm rifle and assault rifle variants if you don't make the first 5 bullets connected before hand which can be easily countered with a quick grenade head shot combo or melee. It also has the ability to jolt the character more then most other guns slowing them down and has boosted aim assist which is very obvious. I've shot people half off my scope and have gotten kills with it. Doesn't anyone else think the assault rifles should get a bit more of a boost in close quarters? Not much point if they loose every direct confrontation. They only one up in groups or whilst the target is distracted so you can land your first couple of hits. Its at least 50/50 in long range, 70/30 short and 80/20 medium if not more so. That is far more average coverage to other weapons. You cant knock someones scopes out at long range with an assault rifle and such, it is strictly short range so why should it share that territory with DMR so much. It's used too much because of the clear advantage and I would like to be able to have an equal chance while using all the parts of the game. Shouldn't there at the least be a lobby like classic where you don't get to start with dmr, battle rifle or plasma grenades. I think it would do the community well to appeal to people in some way that have delt with the dmr all through halo reach and now halo 4. I miss halo 3 starting with assault rifle, one grande and a pistol and everything else was on the battle field. I believe it would make the game play flow better, allow players to use more weapons, appeal to veteran gamers and also chop down on high grenade kills. What do you all think?
  5. Let me preface this by saying I love the game modes and maps its a lot of fun. But we could use more variety I had friends complain about the narrow range of game modes in comparison to past halo like no swat or griffball in matchmaking but I'm assuming and hoping that's because the game is in its early stages so 343 didn't want such a spread of players just yet so they wanted more dense matchmaking game modes but if there will be more I will be a happy camper and if 343 didn't plan on it I hope they read this and others advice for the game and Better it to let there reputation for halo 4 amd there legacy live on through this game
  6. New ways to play (coutesy of GameInformer) "When you boot up Mass Effect 3 for the first time, you'll be asked to choose from three possible game modes. These modes represent the different types of players Bioware has realized are all trying to enjoy its games. Here's how it breaks down:" - Phil Kollar Roleplaying This is the traditional Mass Effect experience, providing deep story choices where you're in full control and challenging combat tuned to normal difficulty. Action This mode turns on automatic dialogue, a new feature that will get rid of converstion options, turning Mass Effect 3 into more linear shooter experience. "It's not that they don't like the story," Hudson says of the players mode is targeting. "They all love the story. In fact, the story is so important to them that they feel like the choices are intimidating." Hudson explains that action mode provides a mix of paragon and renegade choices, creating a "default path that gives you access to alot of cool things." Story Given Mass Effect 3's focus on narrative, it's no surprise that some gamers would prefer to stick to this part of the game. Hudson describes this group: "We have a lot of feedback from people who say, 'Your games look really cool, and I love the idea of the story and the characters. It looks awesome when I watch it on Youtube, but I'm just not coordinated with a shooter. I would play it if I could figure out how to do combat.'" Story mode is Bioware's answer. In this mode, combat is dialed down to be extremely fast and relatively easy. "Generally, if you're trying, you're not going to die," Hudson says.
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