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Found 13 results

  1. Looking for anyone willing to spare 15 minutes to help me (or you as well) acquire the Party Hearty co-op achievement in Halo 5. It will probably be easiest with only two players. If you're interested, PM me over Live, my gamertag is Relue117. I will also try to keep an eye on my forum inbox. Also, let me know if you are interested in scheduling a meeting at another time, like on a weekend. Thanks!
  2. Looking for anyone willing to spare 15 minutes to help me (or you as well) acquire the Party Hearty co-op achievement in Halo 5. It will probably be easiest with only two players. If you're interested, PM me over Live, my gamertag is Relue117. Thanks!
  3. ...Invite I have recently reached a high enough level to take part in the new Raid; Vault of Glass... aaaaaannnnnnndddd i have no friends. So i felt like this was the time to talk to my INTERNET FRIENDS yay!!! (Imagine hearing cheers and such here) So I would like to invite anyone with Destiny on the Xbox One to complete this raid with me. Time: We'll see but probably around 8-9pm english time. Day: Saturday. I have nothing else to say. edit: Leave this topic alone. I was wrong about the level needed.
  4. Let's be honest, killing hoards of aliens hell-bent on humanity's destruction is a great past time, and Destiny will surely be able to deliver that. So how can we make stopping the genocide of humanity better? By joining up with other individuals who are more than willing to face the extraterrestrial menace head on of course! So if anyone is up for making a fire-team to kick all kinds of alien FLOWERS in Destiny tomorrow, throw down your gamertags here!
  5. Halo is one of the best games to sit around with a few buddies and play endless hours with, unfortunately playing the campaign splitscreen limits you to two players on one screen. My hope is that 343 leads the xbox one with more cooperative games and allows us to have 3-4 splitscreen campaign for halos 1, 2, 3, 4, and beyond. Will 343 implement this?
  6. The second half of Spartan Ops Season 1 returns on 1/21/2013! Get a first look at episodes 6-10 featuring brand new stories, missions and locations. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V65AcEAXfNA
  7. as far as i know spartan ops isnt available to play localy offline, which further forces people to pay for live if they dont want to do the missions all by themselves like me, its fun to play with friends and i want to play with my brothers who love halo but despise microsoft so they dont have xboxes which also means i cannot play halo 4 with them but the campaign... what i want is to be able to play spartan ops in couch co-op. thats what i want. i payed for what i thought would be an improvement to reach and apparently its a complete let-down to thousands of fans. if they left in FF i would be less disturbed but the fact is that its been replased by something with a direct intention to make money and not make fans happy. its disturbing. my brothers are always telling me "sony playstation is better" ...im almost completely convinced by them now that my favorite xbox game is seemingly going down the tubes. admitedly the halo franchise is the biggest if not only reason for me rigedly sticking with the microsoft xbox ps. i have been asking around and no one has told me if theres a forum with a significant amount of spartan-ops-couch-co-op-supporters so here i am going solo pps. in case theres confusion, i mean couch co-op local play be it system link or split screen (both)
  8. I am a huge halo fan and have been since combat evolved. I think 343 has done quite an amazing job on this game and am very pleased. I tried sending direct emails to 343 but can't seem to find the right emails to get anyone. My biggest and only problem is that the co-op is only 2 players and there is no other outlet for 4 players local. Do people not play together anymore? All of my friends are upset about this. Yes we can play custom games but that gets old real quick when the skill level is so diverse. In previous halos you could glitch in up to 4 players in firefight and campaign but so far I have seen nothing that lets us do this. I know we have the capability to do this so please fix this and let us play 4 player local everything. I move that 343 sends a patch which fixes this, please. Thank you, Michael Holland [email protected]
  9. Hi guys, Might be a bit of a silly question (I'm not getting much game time with Halo 4 due to work) but can I play Coop campaign with more than 2 players? Or is it restricted to 2? I was thinking about this the other day. I remember Halo 3 being 4-player for coop which was awesome but I don't remember Reach having 4-player Coop. And yes, I tried Google but I'm not getting any help there. Thanks people
  10. I'm looking for someone to play Halo CEA over Xbox Live. I know where most of the skulls and terminals are. My gamer tag is Wolfspartan360.
  11. I'm looking for a trusty co-op gaming partner for two Halo: CE Anniversary co-op campaign playthroughs. Playthrough number one on Normal to collect Skulls and Terminals, number two on Legendary with Infinite Ammo skull enabled I live in Sweden, prefferably you live in the same or a close by timezone so we have an honest chance to be online at the same time. I have played with lots of americans, but we were rarely online at the same time Feel free to PM me for further questions or add me, Newbie Kenobi, on XBL for some fun Halo CE co-op gaming
  12. I don't know why there aren't more posts about this, as there is definitely a problem. Over several boxes, in several different locations (I went as far as 100 miles from home to test), I noticed there is terrible campaign lag with co-op. Whoever is host has a perfect play, and the client lags up to .2 to .5 seconds, making precision aiming or jumping impossible. I grew up pretty far from where I live now, and playing with all my friends from there is a blast...but not this game, not campaign, and I really hope someone finds a fix for this. I've tried a wired controller, I've tried using original graphics, and I've tried playing with someone in the same town. I'm pretty experienced in IT (it's my job), and I'm pretty sure I've ruled out all the usual suspects. I'm also running a terrible fever of 102, so forgive me for the Robo-rant.
  13. I play firefight quite a bit and have come to the conclusion that what firefight really needs is Killstreak rewards like call of duty MP. For example 25 kills w/o dying= 1 weapon drop near your location 50 kill= warthog delivered by pelican 75 kills= 6 man marine squad 100 kills= Falcon gunship overhead for 2 minutes 150 kills= scorpion delivered by pelican Killionaire= overshields etc. What does everyone think?
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