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  1. That's some DaVinci Code stuff right there, bro. Love it. Some of it feels a bit off to me, but I could just be knit-picking. Overall I think you really have something there. Exciting stuff, adam.
  2. I think/hope Destiny will do for FPS's what Guild Wars 2 has done for MMO's: reshape the ideals that gamers have for the genre.
  3. Well stated. And I hate that I have to disagree. However, I never felt 343 gave up all the goods prior to H4's release. Felt they consciously avoided answering the big questions (balance of AA's in MM, frequency/cost of Spartan Ops seasons, to name two), luring us all in to their black van with candy-coated BS and taking advantage of our vulnerability and naivete. Bungie - Twam love 'em - is doing very much the same. We've actually been given a lot of info, and I'm having difficulty curbing my enthusiasm (believe it or not), but Bungie refuses to answer a very big question (Is PvP in Destiny going to be pay-to-win?), and they will renew my faith unwavering should they give us an honest answer before I pick up the game. I have a knack for making myself look like an idiot, but I'm used to it, and I enjoy playing devil's advocate. Now that that's out of the way: Hey! Glad to see you're still around, Ash.
  4. I would SO be down for a Halo rpg videogame! I've actually thought about it a lot (many pages of an incomplete Halo MB/P&PRPG ruleset can attest to that), and I think what Bungie is doing with Destiny may (may) have been what they wanted to do with Halo if Microsoft never owned it. Wouldn't that be something.
  5. Silent Hill Blood, corpses, entrails and monsters weren't real enough for me. Also, the hilariously large residential streets. My sides still hurt because of that two-minute jaunt to cross the road. (slight exaggeration).
  6. I noticed you didn't say that you were jumping off the Halo bandwagon. That's good to hear. I'm eagerly anticipating Bungie's Destiny, myself, but I'm also aware that we haven't been given any real important gameplay information about it, yet. I hate to be a downer, and I hope I'm just being silly, but how Bungie is handling their Destiny community reminds me of how 343Industries handled its Halo community prior to releasing Halo 4. And you clearly know what came of that. I guess my point, if I have to make one, is, All good things must come to an end. But, hey, maybe it's not through with us yet. Or maybe... C:/end darkpitofdispair.exe
  7. He said he felt that a lot of those details were empty because he never saw any important images or gameplay footage. Personally, I don't care if there isn't enough data for a clear idea of Destiny. I've been waiting on a game like this for about 20 years, dagnabbit! Maybe my faith is misplaced, but I believe in Bungie to deliver. A friend of mine says he feels it's too early for any hype to be accurate. That sparked an hour-long debate, ending in me pointing out his terrible sense of games and my hitherto infallible sense of Awesome when I see it (example: he went against my advice and picked up Too Human when it came out -- he refuses to speak of it to this day). We have politely agreed to disagree on this matter. I will admit that many of the currently known Destiny details are foggy, at best. However, I don't believe Bungie is to blame, but rather it's the fault of whomever leaked intel before Bungie was really ready to go public. Call me biased, but I don't believe that Bungie would risk their reputation on a humdrum project. So I am psyched right up for this game -- I've already lost sleep from the excitement. It just makes me want to happydance. For the next year. Thank you for posting this, Wolf. You're awesome.
  8. Woo! 'Gratz, RedStar. I recall and understand everything you mentioned. Good to see you're still around. I was one of those who vanished under mysterious circumstances. Came back, but now, too, am saddened by how many of my old Shoutbox friends have left us here. I only hope they are doing well and keeping their noses clean. Anyway, this is about you being the MoM of February 2013! THAT'S SO COOL! I trust the community has been good to you during your reign, and continues in your final week. edit: I spelled "meantioned" and never caught it before submitting.
  9. With a deep breath and the squeeze of a fist I fight the feeling that wells up inside me. It's all I can do to keep from pre-ordering with a credit card that I can't afford to use. It's torturous. I'm tortured. It all resonates so strongly with me: expansive worlds to explore, mystery and intrigue enough to get lost in, sci-fi fantasy, unique/individual characters, PvP and Co-op play, your very own starship... I think I'm getting light-headed. Need to calm down. Bungie.net says, "Don't call it a comeback." And I won't. I believe Bungie was ready to move on after Halo 3. The franchise seems to me like a happy accident, what with having started out as an RTS before they focused on the supersoldier idea, and it worked out very well. Destiny, on the other hand, was evidently very well thought out and in planning for a while. If it fails... What a catastrophe that would be. Having apparently dedicated the whole company to the success of Destiny, failure may spell their end. Can't think of a better motivation than that to make the best game ever. But I could be mistaken. For that reason, I hope I'm not.
  10. Indubitably, my good man. I agree 100%. I feel the same degree of excitement as I felt for Halo 4 when the First Look vid was released. Then I remembered my slight disappointment upon hearing news updates in the weeks prior to release. So I find myself telling my inner child to sit down before he falls down. Kudos.
  11. i would expect no one but the best in the 343iCF's finest. glad to see i have yet to be disappointed. congratulations Doc. i hope the job treats you well. and Twam save anyone who doesn't.
  12. I'm the anti-troll, rating anybody 5 stars at my leisure. Just because I know what it's like to be given a poor rating for no reason other than being different (my experience via XBL user ratings). It's all just fancy colors and meaningless numbers. The only thing that you need be worried about is your Warning Level, which is ironically more difficult to spot below your user info on the side there. :left:
  13. I'll be in touch through XBL as much as I can. Love gaming with you, even against you for how badly you kick my butt. Only one way to get better though eh? Ain't no school like the oldschool, Shag. The reason I call people here by their original username is to remind them of that. To show new members how close many of us are. Or were. And to remind everybody of those who had a hand in shaping the community. I think we forget how much of a difference some folks have made here without ever being MoM, or staff, or Legendary. In particular, those of us who remember the times before MoM's, Awards, custom titles, Dedicated Member rank, News Group, the current site layout, or even the original layout. Those of us who remember Spectral as a Community Mod, who remember Bob, and A-Dog when he was new here. Point is: This community never became what it is overnight, or because of a select few people. You had as much a hand in it as anybody. And you'll be missed here, Shag.
  14. Aw jeez. That sounds heartbreaking. I could say so much, but... I won't try to relate; I can't. And I'll save my sermons; it seems you need none. I just hope that you are, or will be alright. and that you'll allow yourself to enjoy this Christmas and New Year's - wherever you are, and whomever you're with. Father B.
  15. I like to think that in a parallel universe, I am way awesomer than Master Chief, and people call me Captain General, and my powered armor is painted to look like a tuxedo and has all sorts of gadgetry built into it, like a liquid storage compartment, and a straw, so I can sip on Mountain Dew while killing Covvies!
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