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  1. In response to my original post, my sincerest apologies to the members of 343 industries. I understand the pressure placed by Microsoft, the fans, and maybe even the unveiling of Destiny. I ranted on about how it was a mistake making a Windows 8 game when really I'm only upset because I can't play it (iOS user). I also am not a huge fan of comics so that is my response to my rant on the dark horse comic series. I am extremely hopeful for "Halo Xbox One" with the speculation of Master Chief rebelling the UNSC to search for a way to reunite with his ancila Cortana and to learn what's to come of Dr. Halsey. Halo 4 was an unfortunate start to 343's quest for world domination but they've taken the next step in living up to the expectation of the fans. This isn't to say H4 was a complete disappointment, there were many important points to the game. You brought back our hero, made him vulnerable, and demoralized him. Now let's see what's to come of his destiny.
  2. I started this account following my completion of the Halo 4 campaign back in november because I was really interested on what was to come of Cortana but with no real answers out there I never really got back online. However, I am excited for the upcoming announcement of the Xbox 720 and perhaps more news on Halo 5 and all the side story lines to come with it. With all that being said, I'm glad to be here and much love from Mount Peezy, Michigan!
  3. Avalanche from Halo 3 add on was also a pretty decent map to play, and an amazing one to forge. I'd love to see that one back in action!
  4. I honestly can't sleep. I know this is just a game and all but I honestly feel robbed, like if a loved one of mine just passed away. Even if they bring her back in the future you just DON'T kill off Cortana. It must've taken a lot of guts to do what 343 did. Yeah I'm pretty disappointed about 343 showing Chief's face but that's no where near how I feel about Cortana's death. There's no such thing as Chief without Cortana, plain and simple.
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