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  1. Bungie created the best of the halo games. Halo 4 was bottom shelf as halo games go. The grunt talk was a hilarious part of the first 3 games, and odst, and shouldn't have been messed with in my opinion. It wasn't me that started the offending. To ALL halo lovers of old and new, enjoy the games, books, fan fic, movies, etc. Just remember, it IS ALL fiction, and only for fun. I'm sorry you'll never get live in that universe professor shelf.
  2. My deepest apologies professor shelf. I didn't mean to offend you by mixing up a few things in YOUR precious universe. You REALLY do work for 343 don't you. Jeepers. I thought this board was for fun. Try NOT taking these discussions so seriously.
  3. Did the newer 360's have better processors? More ram? Mine is on the old side. It's the "arcade" model. Originally didn't have a hard drive. No bells or whistles.
  4. I don't get it either. Reach was the best of ALL halo games to date in my opinion. Best level design. Compassionate campaign (true to the books or not). Fantastic weapons variety. Replay value. Armor options. Enemy variety. Challenging. And aside from falling to earth from space and surviving, I thought it was believable. I think bacon shelf has very good points, but is taking things just a little too seriously. Though I must say, I'm very impressed with your halo universe knowledge. So what do you do with your SPARE time?
  5. Thanks for the heads up and the book suggestions. I've been eager to get into them. Do you work for 343? 0.o
  6. The covenant spoke alien in Reach, as reach was a prequel to the halo trilogy. THEN they learned English. So technically, they DID speak alien originally. Didn't mean to get you all halo universal on things like rampancy causing ai's to change form and the strength of the didacts armor and background. But while you mentioned it, you're right. It was ridiculous for 343 to make this game about the chief beating the didact (dead or not) given his strength and technology. He would have simply crushed the chief in the beginning or as soon as he felt necessary, and it would be over. So yea, 343 should have made a different game all together, because THIS simply wouldn't have happened. As you said, the didact would have just stopped it. *dusts off hands* Personally, I think that 343 should have just rebooted the series and started over. The messed up the halo world making this game. The grunts sound like constipated toddlers, and the elites look ridiculous.
  7. I guess what I meant was their demeanor. The way they interacted. The Spartan 4's are like dumb jocks. Noble was no nonsense, get it done and get out.
  8. Forward unto dawn was way better. Nightfall was a waste of money and time. Zero Locke development in the film. It was like, here he is, and that's it folks. How are we supposed to WANT to play as Locke in the upcoming game? He's a wimp compared to the chief, yet 343 is trying to compare them as equals having Locke "hunt" the chief. PLEASE! Back to the topic, nightfall had too many mistakes in it. A major one is the temperature on the halo chunk. They said 130° at night, 900°+ in the day. The guy with the nuke at the end would have bust into flames, and fried to ashes in seconds when the sun came up. And during the the rest of the movie, at night, barley anyone is sweating or drinking any water, or even noticing the 130° temp. Whoever wrote the film needs to give his/her money back that they were paid for the job. It was a joke. I had hopes since it was done by Ridley Scott. Sorry Mr Scott, MAJOR fail.
  9. 343 just dropped the ball with the cinematics. Truth is, they ruined everything about BEING a Spartan. Hallsey took them as children to create the baddest bunch of soldiers known. Now dumb ass can get augmented and jump in a suit. The personality of the chief and the entire noble team in Reach is what they lost. The pure bad assery and life long mission at hand no bull$hit focus that Spartans have is gone, and now it's like a bunch of candy ass jocks in battle armor. One more thing, agent Locke is the worst offender! BAD move 343. EXACTLY. Palmer is a joke. So are the Spartan 4's. The chief and noble team are no nonsense bad a$$'s. 343 is ruining what it REALLY IS to be a Spartan. It's more than just the suit and augmentation. It's pure life long devotion from child hood that makes them so incredible at what they do.
  10. I'll say this: Halo 4 is a great game. It's just not such a good HALO game. Changing the covenant language from English to. . . Whatever it is, was a mistake. I miss all the comical grunt and elite chatter. The elites and grunts also look ridiculous. Halo Reach enemies looked the best to date. I also felt like 343 was showboating with the level designs in some areas, where they could have put their focus more on maintaining the character design that Bungie started. Also, what happened to Cortana? She was sassy, calm, collected, and smoking perky hot! Halo 4 Cortana is slouchy, shmoopy faced, and too much like William Shatner on family guy. (Extreme over acting) Oh, and looks NOTHING like Dr Hallsey, as she is supposed to. Now, the Cortana in MCC halo 2 anniversary is most definitely the best Cortana yet. 343 made her look GREAT in that game, except for looking like Dr Hallsey, but I'll forgive on account that they got all her curves RIGHT in ALL the right places. I'm pathetic. I'm not a fan of the whole "playing during the cinematics" thing either. When the chief needs to get back on the bridge and grenade the didact, and then blow the nuke? Come on. Let ME fight the didactic, THEN go to cinematics for the nuke detonation. I just feel like it robs us of the REAL pleasure of kicking his a$$.
  11. Halo Reach armor. ALL the way. Halo 4 armor just doesn't look like it would work.
  12. Personally, Reach takes the cake for "best halo game to date". I'd LOVE to see it in Xbox one graphics and sound. MORE so, I would like to see 343 finally make a solid game AND fix the issues with the past games that they've produced in this franchise. One last thing, who would like to see a halo REACH prequel? All the stories about noble 6, ending colonies, and all the mentions of black ink in his files? Come ON! THAT'S some juicy lone wolf halo action I'd like to get IN on.
  13. Is anyone else having their 360 COMPLETELY freeze after a few hours of play in this game? NOT MCC. This is the anniversary game on the 360. I've played through the campaign several different times, on different difficulties, with different skulls on and off, and it freezes my console and I lose ALL game progress made in that session. I have to hit the power button on the console to shut it down. The game won't respond to the controller, it is COMPLETELY frozen. I've played through halo 1,2,3,ODST, and Reach countless times, and I've NEVER had the game freeze up. Halo 4 however, DID freeze up on more than one occasion. Thank you Bungie! WTF 343?
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