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Found 2 results

  1. Halo Team Assemble Official Thread of Events and Activities Types of Events and Activities: Games that occur at HTA Events: Rules: Links of streams: Links of HTA Accounts: All HTA Events and Activities will be posted HERE, and here ONLY. This is to remove clutters and to keep members and guests up to date on Halo Team Assemble. For those of you who wish to contact us, you can find us on Twitter or Xbox Live: LL Kool D L Fishy L VinWarrior Yoshi1176 We'd like to take this time to thank all of you for the continued support and for being apart of HTA, and continue to keep up to date with us. Thank You.
  2. Week 4 of these interviews, I'm surprised. Thank you 343i Community Forum once again for supporting these. This week I chose a member of the community staff and previous MoM to interview: Mr. Biggles! Now, let's go on board with our MLG expert and gaming guru Mr. Biggles (Chris Puckett voice). DD: "Most of the other members who have been here a while and myself know why your name is what it is but for people who do not know that will read this, would you mind explaining the origin of the name Mr. Biggles?" BIGGS: "Basically, biggles was a fictional character out of a book called "Biggles Learns To Fly" and since i like the idea of flight and my mum always calls me "biggles", i always thought it was nice, and i always like been called Mr, so, Mr + Biggles = Mr.Biggles :D" DD: "That's very sweet. So what's your favorite thing about the site in general?" BIGGS: "The forums, i love the forums and how many people like to express their opinions about stuff, and just in general. i love how the community is quite close together compared to most communities and how the forums actually bring us closer together. The forums are bascially the heartbeat of the forum and im only too happy to be a part of them." DD: "Yes and you've done a great deed for this forum by bringing the idea of the 'Offbeat Items' forum and the Facebook page . What would you say is your motto, or what is a quote that you really admire?" BIGGS: "Practice Makes Perfect. i like this quote or saying rather because its so true, no matter how much natural ability you have at something, if you practice, you are going to be much better at it obviously, and this is what i do for EVERYTHING, i practice, practice, practice until im really good at it and beat everyone, a good example of this is halo, and this quote means quite a lot to me because i have examples to back it up." DD: "I could see that. Record is 24 and 0 in the forums in MLG 1v1s that's very impressive! How were you introduced to MLG and what kept you involved in that aspect of the Halo?" BIGGS: "i just played it, there was no introduction, i was terrible at it originally but i improved, and with some tactics and playing with better people i improved so much, always play with better people, it improves you so quickly. and ive always been good at 1v1s, and thats because of my MLG experience;." DD: "With that being said then how do you feel about Halo: Reach's MLG competitions being held online and not at the events anymore?" BIGGS: "im gutted but im not surprised, halo has been in going downhill since 2011 with halo reach bloom and sprint, no one liked it, and by the time it was changed, it was too late, halo is retty much a dead game MLG wise, and eventually it will be dropped permanently most likely as it brings no profit. Overall, im unhappy but it isn't a shock." DD: "I used to be really into MLG during Halo 3 days, even attended the Meadowlands event as a spectator. I just remember the immense joy of competition and winning a tough game of CTF AMP and what not. I am deeply upset that they took it out but I have to agree with you that with Reach not appealing to the MLG community's playstyle. When was the first time you encountered Halo in general?" BIGGS: "First day of halo CE, i didn't really get into halo much at the beginning, but it was a game that grew onto me, and by halo 3, iwas HOOKED, i couldn't stop playing, however, ive kind of lost the urge to play now because i don't really enjoy reach much now, and since i play WoW a lot more, i prefer WoW to halo right now, but that may change with halo 4. Halo is still the best game i have ever played." DD: "I'm sure a lot of people are doing what you're doing right now haha based on what you've seen so far, how would you say you felt about Halo 4? What would make the game ideal for you?" BIGGS: "Halo 4 looks quite good, but it seems to be getting a little out of context with forerunner vision etc etc, and, a ranking system which is like the halo 2 ranking system would be good for me, and still keeping the classic halo feel and not letting it get too far out of hand." DD: "Yes it's been said that the ranking system is going to be kind of like Halo 3 where there are true skill ranks and experience based ranks. Anyway, being a previous and MoM and a member of the 343i Community Staff in Communications, do you still have any goals you want to achieve? Maybe beating Jester in post count? ;)" BIGGS: "haha, i have many ambitions, some i won't share here, but, Beating Jester in post count is definitely a massive goal to me :D" DD: "Some you won't share... Hmm... Very interesting haha alright almost done. Now, who do you think is an underrated member on this site? What I mean who is someone you think makes quality posts and is a nice member but doesn't get much recognition for it?" BIGGS: "hmmmm, Can i say you to get extra recognition? haha hmmm, lets see, Definitely Twinreaper, he posts long quality posts and no one reads them which kinda sucks, he is so intelligent its unreal and he knows so much about computers and this website and halo 4 that none of us even acknowledge, definitely should be MoM again. :D" DD: "Thank you but Twinreaper is a great choice and I agree with you. His posts are very informative and he's super smart. So Twin if you're reading this just know that we respect you very much. Lastly Biggles, please grace those newer members that read this with your words of wisdom on how to act on the forums." BIGGS: ofc i will bro, the new members are essential to the forums. Um, try and be different from everyone else and stand out from the pack with a sick idea be respectful and try to help in anyway you can, and you willl get rewarded justly Thanks for the interview!" Thank you Mr. Biggles for participating, much appreciated. I thought you were going to bail on me a couple of times haha. Thank you everyone in the forums and just keep in mind that you could be next. There should be a smiley that bows like people do at the end of a play or something. NOTE: The question about the ranking system was before Archangel Tyrael posted his news about it which can be found HERE: http://www.343indust...4241#entry94241
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