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  1. Xbox over any other console
  2. Honestly, if they made a Hunter it should be easy to take the skin to customs for us, change a few controls and done (easier said than done)
  3. Who knows, maybe an anniversary tweak? Idk, it would be awesome to incorporate just a few, maybe like 3 or 4 short ones, adds achievments, and challenges. Not to mention a small story, and emotion which everyone needs. Maybe even a new game mode!
  4. Not neccesarily a flash back to the past, but like when a Spartan sees a battle happening you can play as a person in that battle. In some cases it would be the objective that needs to be reached (hold off for 5 minutes until the Spartan arrives) Spartan - Reach the Marines within 5 minutes. Marines - Hold off for x amount of time (However long it took you as a Spartan) Spartan - Continue where you left off. I feel as though it would give a whole new aspect that ODST did where it was missions. This is just a small part of a mission with the focus on the Spartan.
  5. Yes I know what you are saying, but Im thinking more like say there is an objective to save some Marines, you play as a Spartan and get right to the Marines and then theres a flashback to a Marine, and you hold off for like 5 minutes or some number like that. Then a bomb cut scene where he jumps in either over you or over some rubble and then right as he is about to land (where you left off) you start playing again. So there are no holes in the Spartan story, but you can see their side of the battle, because you always seem to catch a glimpse of it, but never get to see it!!! So why not let us play? Even if they are suppose to get killed, I think it would be an awesome extra (that can be toggled).
  6. So everyone knows how in Halo you always are a Spartan with the exception of being the elites... But why not continue with that course, but instead maybe be a Marine or ODST? Say there are two buildings or objectives and a Spartan is sent to clear out 1, and a group of Marines or ODST are sent to the other. You play as the Spartan reach a secondary (not primary objective) and then it brings you over to the ODST or Marine. You then are only as strong as an ODST or Marine health wise and physically, so beat downs aren't as effective. So its is more of a challenge (and in some cases failure is imminent and may be part of the story). After reaching the objective or a secondary objective, or even having a story planned death, switch back to Spartan to reach the final objective, and let a story unfold (like hearing the ODST or Marines didn't make it, and you must go in to reach the objective while the covenant are also moving in). I think switching off would extend the campaign, and let everyone see an extended story behind what actually happened. Now if switching between characters there should be hone rule, or one law to keep it real. The characters you play as never cross paths. Or should they? How cool would it be to play as a Marine, pinned down, heavy fire, you get shot, nearing death. Then, just as you are about to die, you watch a Spartan run into the middle of the fight. The moment this cut scene happens via the marines perspective, you switch to playing as a Spartan! There are many many scenarios that could make the game brilliant. But here is a poll. With the information above, would you want to see the characters you play as cross paths? Granted you don't always play as the same Marine, ODST, but always the same Spartan. So you may catch a glimpse of the Spartan, never see him, or he may swoop in and save you (and you play as him). Please vote!!
  7. In addition to what I said here, to prevent going through walls (I feel like this needs to be said), when running in "Ghost mode" during the activation, you are still bound to game physics, so you need to actually move about the map as per usual. That being said, maybe turn up the movement speed a tad bit 25-50%, lower gravity by 25-50%. If used when moving the Flag or Ball, or carrying any objective, the movement and gravity are effected by that as well. 75% speed, 100% gravity. Effectively evening it out, and again showing the A - B path once you reappear using a redish fog.
  8. The though and ideas, the downs and ups behind this is amazing. Heres a great idea though, during the time your person is disappearing it will make you "run" in a ghost mode to control where you want to be. So when you totally disappear it will reappear where you ran to. Since for Prometheans it is a little fast for that, I would say make it slow enough to get a little bit of a distance atleast. Take no damage, but when you reappear somewhere so from point A to B lets say. From point A to B a quick red path is made so you cant exactly hide. Cool down should be about 45 seconds to a minute. Great idea though, I support it.
  9. Man Halo 2 superbounces... I remember becoming an Air Biscuit (pro bouncing clan) Going into team snipers and getting in impossible places right of the bat, getting 1 kill so the score was 1-0 and super bouncing into hiding places... SO funny...
  10. In addition to what I did, we would string people on for hours, telling kids how to get the hog, chanting, grabbing items, moving them. When they ask for help we would say "We cant touch the box in any way or it will ruin it, and you have to restart the game". We would tell them to put items in certain places, stand in a spot, chant, kill themselves x amounts of times... We would even "ruin" it by touching the items and making the person angry. They would restart it and redo everything while we strung them on... But, even though we knew It was fake we ourselves tried the 5 minute myths. But sitting there for hours stringing a kid, or a group of kids on was the BEST. We even came up with other myths, joined in the shenanigans so they would believe it and waste their time. Best game ever.
  11. It was fun on any map! turn of weapon respawning, start with a sword and pistol, someone starts on green team... ANY map was perfect if you had enough people. Even Headlong, we used a warthog to move the bus to the Donut building, or the teleporter building to block off the big door in the back. By the time we got that done more than half the people were zombies. So everyone would be screaming inside the death trap trying to melee boxes into the doorways. We got almost every box to that building, but by the time we completed closing it all of, there weren't enough humans to maintain each entrance and soon every zombie would flood. This is the best way to play zombies, no forging a map, no extra abilities, just green and red team. Sword and pistol. If you need fancy things it makes the game less of a challenge. The more challenging and less complicated the scarier it becomes. Halo 2 = best game ever, and forever will be.
  12. If you cant stick its your connection that's all that needs to be fixed!
  13. Maybe full charge and shoot gives it an almost instantaneous reload? but still wont one shot kill, and takes a few more bullets to kill.
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