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  1. this map is very unique and has great aesthetics and in our playtests we were in game chat and i was on the other team and ppl were like whats with the fusion coils and i was like whoa thats like the beacon thing on ragnorak haha. never seen anything like that in a forge map, very innovative. tho as for gameplay we all used jetpacks which i think lowered the quality of it. im not sure how one would fix this. another complaint was top mid being cramped. the most pressing issue i believe is that it is very easy to fall off as i did at least 4 times in that match. there are alot of ways to fix this but one idea would be to lower the whole map to the water and place grids to where you could walk on them tho thats just an idea. and it probably wouldnt even fit. which would mean your would have to completely rebuild the entire thing elsewhere instaid of just lowering each piece. but again just a suggestion otherwise this is a very interesting piece of work you have here =]
  2. thanks man, appreciate the feedback =] as for the coloration i know alot of ppl arnt fans of coloring every piece but i hate that grey uncolored look, thats just me tho =] also sadly iv reached the object limit so as for aesthetics i feel there isnt much more i could do. hopefully the geometry will be interesting enough to catch ppls attention and il defiantly send you a friend request thanks again =]
  3. thanks for the support man working on that now. hopefully it does get noticed =] we'll see
  4. great advice Zandril as always. =] as u said i think this map is really reaching its potential now to wait and see if it gets noticed. and Tucker i believe? thanks man certainly will try =D kakashi's the **** btw xD
  5. Thanks man really appreciate the time u put into these reviews. As for the bumpy floor there's only one are I know of the bace larges by green which I fixed in an update iv yet to put up here if there's others please let me know The tight tunnels im thinking im going to block off to restrict movement a bit Thanks for the advice on ordinance il go back to the original sniper just thought id mix it up a bit. What do u think about a binary instaid? The borer I kind of wanted as a place to gain lines of sight in unexpected way tho I'll see what I can do As for aesthetics il try for better piece use and placement I plan on adding some subtle height vairation around the premiter and will block off the unnecessary area with the 2by2s Thanks again for the advice man defiantly glad to hear it doesn't need a complete reforge again haha
  6. Thanks man couldn't have done it without you. Look forward to it. I think u got a few wins on me so hopefully I can even the score
  7. FINAL VERSION https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/fileshare/details/e57115f8-9422-4289-899c-caefb3d10283 Finishing touches and added Headhunter! SKULLTACULAR! update 11/20/2013 download:https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/fileshare/details/83718924-8359-41d4-b425-e18bec5c2b1d raised floor behind red and blue to make the jump a lot less forced, players no longer need to crouch to make it. kept the block 1x4 as a platform so players could stand on and shoot to the left or right and crouch to be in cover also fine tuned spawning. i believe the map is in its final stage. all thats left is alot more playtests to ensure there's nothing left i need to tweek. the only thing right now im not sure of is ordinance also blocked of my little hiding spot haha fun while it lasted update 11/17/2013 taken zandril's suggestion to move battle rifle / carbine to areas with more traffic so i moved them to the top of the bridges where the barricades used to be also took Rayner Sutardja's suggestion to fix bumpiness in the tower 3 stories. In playtests we found spawns at the back of the basses to be too frequently used and easily campable so they were removed spawn zone tweeks cleaned everything else i could find including some conflicting textures. thanks to everyone for support / feedback =] download: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/fileshare/details/330e6c5b-3217-436e-988f-839bba6fdafd update 11/12/2013 taking zandril's advice =] download: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/fileshare/details/63433051-7c00-4876-ac15-3549095cbf4b raised perimeter of map with rocks to add contrast and added soft kills to keep them unaccessable as suggested removed the need to jump up to the ramps in front of bases as it disrupted flow and also swapped out dmr with suppressor blocked off routes under ramps for green and gold in bottom mid to help control flow and keep it from being completely unpredictable. rocks are smooth to walk on and improve flow as well. also fixed stunt ramps so theres no gap other side as always feedback / suggestions are always welcome and will do what i can to continue to improve this map.=] thanks to everyone who playtested Update 11/4/2013 taken feed back and done what i could. smoothed out everything i noticed was bumpy and adjusted things here and there. Also fixed ordnance times as suggested as well as changing beam rifle to sniper rifle. more info with images. new overview: added height variation to outer perimeter: used pieces better and smoothed out floor changed ramps out for budget and blocked of tunnels for more control of player movement. players can still shoot through to gain the upper hand in encounters. Also blocked off unnecessary area inside the ramp 2 by 2 steeps changed out corner 2 by 2s with artifact bases so i could have more pieces was suggested i add cover to the bridges tho i realize they're not functional cover and may be removed if deemed necessary sadly i was unable to raise the border of the map to make it unaccessible due to not having any pieces left and having a full budget so decided to leave it as it was as i dont feel it is a major game changer and the cylinder larges in the second pic can be used to jump up to it as well as across to the upper ring also swapped out two of the plasma grenades for frags Requiem is a symmetrical arena i began back in Halo Reach with the idea that i wanted a raised ring in the shape of an octagon wrapping around a central structure with 4 bridges coming together from the ring connecting in the middle and ramps leading up to them all around. Sense then (thanks to much tutoring from sir zandril and many words of encouragement from thfe forum) little of its original layout has remained. For one its no longer an octagon which has led me to change its name. Its now more of a square. Also it was originally 4 way symmetrical or mandala but took the advice of others and changed the north-south, east-west axis. Despite all these changes i believe i finally came through with what i had envisioned so many years ago. i have an outer ring that wraps around the map to provide height advantage with lack of cover being the trade off. The center has been up-scaled to prevent low ceilings and cut off line of sight directly cross map. Iv used inclines to not only provide ways up from the bottom but also as cover. Gold and green are power positions providing cover along the ring and are key to map control. Holding one will allow your team to move freely around the perimeter of the map. I haven't got the chance to do much play-testing but from what iv managed iv always got positive feedback and the matches were very enjoyable from a 2v2 to a 5v5 and even small FFAs the map performed great. Id love to try larger lobbies and defiantly want to try multi-team. Many maps with verticallity, jet pack is a game breaker or the use of invisible ceilings are necessary. Not the case with this map. One is never far from a quick jump up or ramp to the top and tho it may provide its advantages in some cases as it should i never felt the need for one. Requiem is an excellent objective map (i suggest giving extraction a go) and also is great for slayer. Requiem 10/31/2013 formally "the octagon" as the name no longer suits. minor updates gave the brace tunnels a 7 degree tilt to make jumping to the outer ring easier and changed the color of the one in the picture. (as seen in picture 5) also added 3 additional initial spawns for teams 3 and 4 and one for teams 5-8. weapon stats: ordinace drops: sniper rifle 176 concussion rifle x2 146 thruster pack x2 90 hardlight shield x2 90 placed on map: Covenant carbine x2 30 battle rifle x2 30 suppressor x2 30 assault rifle x2 30 light rifle x2 30 frag grenade x2 15 plasma grenade x2 15 pulse grenade x4 15 . download:https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/fileshare/details/0553abcb-5bcc-4d7b-804b-1352618752a5 after a complete redesign and countless hours of building and tweaking iv finally completed my latest version 10/29/2013 the octagon is symmetrical arena iv been working on since halo reach. its compatible with all gametypes including ricochet with the exception of grifball and dominion. it works well with small lobbies but handles larger lobbies great. i apologize for posting this in a new thread but literally nothing in this is the same or in the same position and it also plays so differently than previous versions it might as well be a new map altogether. as always your feedback is welcome as id like to make this the best it could be. finally id like to thank zandril for his tutoring. Overveiw: (yes i know that walkway cover is blue i fixed it lol) up-scaled middle of map. Ramps provide cover flow is much better and cover is multi-functional (no lazy cover) front of bases is now connected to bottom mid instaid of being just a wall outer perimeter has been fully redesigned. view down base ramp green gold and top mid are main power positions. grav-lift can counter lift under green and gold bottom mid
  8. this map plays awesome. my favorite of yours. Sooo many 1v1s lol
  9. Yeah man all you have to do is upload pics to your file share go to imgar copy the image URLs to that itl give u a bunch of mini URLs use the one for forums its not difficult just a little time consuming
  10. Absolutely I work 5 till midnightish central time so if ur still up I'll be on Tn
  11. second version is complete and alot has changed. let me know what you think and what could be improved map: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/fileshare/details/0506f0f3-7273-4280-87cb-cc8aeac52dbb overveiw: blue base overveiw: redesinged bases rotated team spawns and improved spawn zones: connected hallways for better flow and flanking opportunities: under red base: view of blue from top mid: added jump from bases to mid two: view of yellow from top mid: yellow:
  12. Thanks for taking look man I ran into a lot of problems with budget on this map I nearly gave up on it but managed to pull it together with only a few blocks left and the brace tunnels were a very late addition and a bad choice in hindsight. I have a few ideas on where to take this map and I think they could fix my problem with flow. The next version of this map will be very much different as this is the earliest build And as always thanks a ton for taking the time to look at my maps and for the feedback. It defiantly motivates me to do better and hopefully I'll make it up to you
  13. UPDATE 10/14 second version is complete and alot has changed. let me know what you think and what could be improved map: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/fileshare/details/0506f0f3-7273-4280-87cb-cc8aeac52dbb overveiw: blue base overveiw: redesinged bases rotated team spawns and improved spawn zones: connected hallways for better flow and flanking opportunities: under red base: view of blue from top mid: added jump from bases to mid two: view of yellow from top mid: yellow: symmetrical medium sized map featuring two ghosts, lots of verticality, many power positions, trick jumps and, long lines of sight broken up by the segmentation of the structures and tight corridors to flank. Built with the advice given to me from my previous map in mind. This is also a successor to a map i built in reach but only the main tower in the middle resembles the original. Ordinance and spawning are not final as again no real play testing has been done. please let me know what you think and i hope to see some action =] map: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/fileshare/details/145190ed-199d-4e9e-904d-e127ff74add6 overview: long sightlines: verticality: corridors cqc can sprint and jump up the ramp xl and jump to bridge or from mid 3 to sniper tower flanking staircase
  14. added ricochet!!! set one mancannon on the right of red and blue base respectively to reco_delete to make defending a bit easier and have the goal to right of sniper nest stairs so if they make it to the other cannon theres a chance defenders can stop them and so its not too easy to make thrown goals. Map:http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/fileshare/details/5798cda7-1e5b-4cfc-9274-4d63c6687e5a blue base goal red base goal (to avoid confusion) 1st 2nd and 3rd ball spawns 4th and 5th at green and yellow bases well all i can say is thank you for your time and honest opinion. Hopefully i can take what iv learned from this and use it to make something usable. My main goal is that someone out there will get some good fun out of it as i know i have even if only with a few ppl. I guess thats how it goes with forging. so many limitations and so much work all with little chance of success. But i do feel accomplished in making it this far and what compliments i did get along with the many things i learned make it all worth it. Thanks again Zandril
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