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  1. While the rumor mill has been turning for this past couple days with a wealth of news concerning the future of the Halo series, it was able to be confirmed today that the leaker of the wealth of information, nktrnl, indeed has connections to Microsoft. Microsoft is currently searching for who holds ownership or usage of the nktrnl but it can be assured that Microsoft is currently looking to take legal action against them. Just because the Halo 2 Anniversary rumor is now a confirmation, this does not mean that the other items listed below are actually true: Titanfall XBox One White XBox One 1 TB XBox One $399 XBox One w/o a disk drive Crackdown 3 Titanfall DLC schedule (45 days from launch and then another 120 days from launch You can rest assured that the upcoming Halo 2 Anniversary Edition will include its own multiplayer component also.
  2. They don't shut the door, lack of motion activity for the motion sensors cause the doors to close.
  3. If everyone wants this done so bad than how about you all contribute, I am already looking on creating designs.
  4. I think he returns to Earth and we have kinda Halo 2 again but with covenant and precursors!
  5. I am getting this! I love how they made it to where you can see the inside of the controller!!!
  6. Kinda, it has two firing modes. The first one treats it like a normal knife and the second uses it ballistic style! When you get struck with it, it explodes and you disintegrate!
  7. Haha, you'll think of it probably!
  8. Thanks, it is my idea for an assassination weapon if we can play as Promethean Knights in the future!
  9. I have been bored, so I decided to take under five minutes and create a weapon idea for the Reclaimer Trilogy, what do you all think of the, Promethean Dagger?
  10. Or if your some people and live in the US, you'll go vote and then do all of those things. Remember American's, this affects our future! Finish the fight, John-117
  11. I was watching Red vs Blue and something sparked in my head when Sigma begins to talk about the stages of rampancy. I know Cortana has been in rampancy for sometime, As you all saw in the short trailer after the E3 demo, it had Cortana yelling and she was angry and seemed like she was becoming jealous. That means she is in stages 2 and 3. My theory is that by the end of the game, she will reach the 4th stage, metastability. This is when an A.I. becomes human. In other words, I believe by the end of Halo 4 or somewhere in Halo 5, Cortana becomes human and guess what guys! She becomes the antagonist, Finish the fight, John-117
  12. John-117


    Master Chief crash lands onto the planet Requeim due to a few rouge Covenant cruisers causing him to crash. He then learns that he is not the only on the planet and he has to fight to survive. It then gets easier when the UNSC Infinity crash lands to and helps him survive while they get the ship up and running. While all of this is happening, he has to deal with Cortana going crazy due to her Rampancy!
  13. John-117


    We are happy to welcome you to our forum! The difference between us and the others is, even though we have over 20,000 members, we act and function like a family! In other words, welcome to the family! Please PM me if you have any questions!
  14. Exactly! You save a lot of money in the long run! With the money saved, you could buy one standard edition game!
  15. Congrats on reaching dedicated! Best of luck to you for the rest of your forum life!
  16. Why Collector’s Editions of Games are the way to go* Hello everyone, I know that times have been getting tough lately financially for many gamers around the world. Many people lately have been saying that collector’s editions of games have not been worth the money. They are wrong. Collector’s edition’s are just like pre-ordering future content for games that will release to the general public in the future. I will be using Halo 4 as an example. Halo 4 has a limited edition that costs around one-hundred dollars (not including tax.) Halo 4 includes many things and I will be going through each one and giving an estimated price per item.** Game: Halo 4-$60 Media: Special featurette: Bringing gaming into reality-$5.00 In fiction content expanding on the characters and story of Halo 4-$5.00 Making of Forward Unto Dawn- $10.00 Special Edition of Forward Unto Dawn-$25.00 Downloadable Content: Unique in game Spartan IV Armor Skin-$2.00 Unique in game weapon skin for the Assault Rifle-$1.50 Exclusive in game emble-$1.00 War Games Map Packs- $30.00 (800 MS points each) Six specializations-$10.00 (800 MS points) Xbox Live Avatar Prop-$2.50 (240 MS points) Xbox Live Avatar Spartan IV Armor-$4.00 (400 MS points) Physical Content: UNSC Infinity briefing packet-$15.00 Total estimated amount: $171.00 (not including tax) As you can see, buying limited editions usually result in a large amount in savings! Finish the fight, John-117 *Please note, this is just subject of opinion. **This is just an estimated amount, does not represent final/total amount
  17. I see potential in the idea of Kinect integration for Angry Birds. I imagine it as you holding the Kinect hand cursor over the bird, wait about three seconds to recognize it, and then you pull back the slingshot and you launch the bird. Looking forward to hearing more details on this, keep up the good work Archangel Tyrael! Finish the fight, John-117
  18. This is a very nice trailer, I am happy to see we are finally getting some insight into the villain of Black Ops 2. I am with Biggles though, I am not convinced enough yet to buy the game. I do understand that you are excited for the 8 player zombies that they will be integrating into the game but, you must realize that this won't exactly be a good addition. This will result in 4v4 Team Zombie Death Match where you must kill zombies and the opposing team. Also what worries me is having a full team of eight. This will result in people getting the bulk of the points and not leaving some for the other players. It also might create a new version to where in the future, CoD will become known as the 'Zombie' game franchise. Please use this as a learning tool based on opinion. Finish the fight, John-117
  19. This is very interesting and it is the first time I have seen this glitch. As I know you would like to see this in Halo 4, it would be very difficult because this is Halo: Reach. Maybe we can hope to see something like this in Halo 4 where you maybe take the newly revised Elephant, flip it, and launch yourself onto the UNSC Infinity! Just think, Master Chief landing right inside the War Games simulator on the Infinity! Finish the fight, John-117
  20. MIne is a brown circle that looks like a Halo on my stomach, no joke!
  21. We at 343 Industries know that many people feel this way. The Promethean Vision is not seeing through wall, it is like have a working visor like in firefight in Halo: Reach. They only show the names of weapons for weapon drops so people know what they are getting when they randomly drop. The guns sound better, you have to play the game to realize the beauty of the sounds. Also, the scoring is the way it is so we can reward, you the player, with more ways to earn points and XP for weapon drops, leveling up, etc. You must also remember this system is just for Infinity Slayer and other select game types. The matchmaking we are using will be stream line so we won't have the problem of lack of players for certain game types. Take slayer for example, we will have Slayer as a matchmaking type but in that will be many game types like, Infinity slayer, normal slayer, classic slayer, etc. I hope this helps change your perspective of Halo 4 some. If you have any questions, please contact me at my email or just PM me through this site. Finish the fight, John-117
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