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  1. Yes but legendary and throwdown are BR based. With pro you had options. Those who do play throwdown are crazy BR try-hards (anyone I've faces that is has been) and it is basically home to MLG people. This is just was it seems like. I'm not telling everyone here they have to play pro if they ever brought it back, it is just some of us do. Dominion had a high population when it was out, but I noticed it dropped after the weapons update ( Sticky/Carbine etc.) Then even more when Lockdown came into the picture. Multi-team might have been better or lasted longer with four teams of three, like reach. I dunno. I'm just curious on where the person who says 'no, that's not a good idea' is.
  2. I agree with you on the DLC part. It is extremely frustrating that our money was spent on these maps that we hardly ever get to see now. Now, when I mentioned pro, I'm talking about the same pro the game reverts back too when the server goes crazy; If it was an original selection why take it away? When pro was up and running, (and even when the server goes down as well) the number of people playing pro gets to be higher than other game types. Another main reason I love pro is the, No custom Loadouts/perks AND No radar. It's just simpler. I also thought Dominion was one of Halo 4's defining features? Like, it was meant to be its own game type. Then once they updated it, and made the bases drop crap ordinances I was already losing interests. Because it wasn't like it was impossible to win when enemy bases got those drops, it simply mattered on the teamwork concept. After that update, then Lockdown, getting those bases didn't seem that rewarding. Another thing, whats up with flood? Its the same three maps every single time now? Or is that just a crazy coincidence? Any other playlists you'd like to vent about lol?
  3. I love how good playlists are taken down, don't you? For those of you who might say "Pro is still in slayer!" Ahaa, you're wrong. Pro means no radar. Dominion was fantastic until the update, and then they added that lockdown or whatever horrible type of game; WHICH was basically the one-site extraction and was a game type that should have stayed within extraction. Multi-team is completely gone, which I don't understand because it had its ups and downs. Sometimes I wouldn't have mind it being teams of three rather than two, but still why is it gone? Don't get me started on DLC. Just wanted to see who else missed any of these as well.
  4. A major set back to me, is that all of the vehicles are practically made of paper when it comes to Halo 4. Each vehicle I think gets obliterated with one lazer shot, but the Mantis takes two to three? Ookay then. I think most of us can go on about what bothers us, and how similar Halo is trying to be with Call of Duty. (Which, because it WAS NOT C.o.D is why I enjoyed it so much but whatever.)
  5. Just hoping this gets fixed soon, or something helps it. There are two lag issues that have been going on for a while now, and it is getting rather irritating. I do not recall Halo 3, or Reach having such a terrible lag when two people were split screened, so why is it in Halo 4? Now I'm not saying it lags on every map, but it does however always lag on custom forge maps. (Shutout, Simplex, Opus, Black Site etc.) Whether it is a guest or not, if two people share a screen, 98% of the time there is a horrible lag. This makes for insanely frustrating play when playing snipers, swat, and even flood; Not to mention having people quit out because it can get to be that bad. I don't know how this issue can be solved, but it has been going on long enough so why ignore a large issue when it comes to match making? Doesn't 343 want people to play their games? Another issue is trying to play BTB or Multi-team on Complex, because the map has an awful lag. Suggesting to remove the map from both playlists, because there is just too much going on for that map to apparently handle. If anyone knows the best ways to fix the lag if it is even possible, please let post it here; I know I am not the only one dealing with this problem.
  6. I was just seeing who else felt this way about the playlists, or wanted to know what anyone else wouldn't mind seeing in them.
  7. I don't know what to play anymore because it all has just went downhill..
  8. I forgot about shotty snipes. I'll add it in the list. But, as for Dominion, I am forced to join mid game more than getting put in lobbies to vote; so that could be it.
  9. Regarding Dominion: There is a saying that goes, "Don't fix what isn't broken." and I feel that way about this playlist. Dominion has a great thing going before the update. I don't know why they changed it around, or added the mess of a game type titled lockdown(which seems not very different from 1 site extraction). I never saw a problem with the resupply drops, and they never were a problem even if the other team had gotten them. Now they are useless, and the game drags on. This playlist was in my top three, but it isn't anymore because I've been thrown into games 20 to 300, with no chance of coming back with half a team. Which leads be to another playlist that actually needs updating. Regarding Snipers: It is no secret that the beam rifle in this playlist is the best, and if your team doesn't have it, it is usually a "good luck to you" sort of game. They did it for swat, now do it for snipers, and change it up a bit. Get rid of the beam rifle from the game type snipers completely to make it fair for everyone. But create more game types in Snipers like: Snipers (UNSC only, with or without pistol) Shotty Snipers (both UNSC) Cov Snipers (Beam rifles only, with or without plasma pistols) A Cov version of Shotty Snipers (Not sure what is a good secondary yet) Forerunner Snipers (Or basically Binary Slayer moved to this playlist) Forerunner Shotty Snipers (Binary / Scattershots ) More of a variety would be fantastic. I'm just saying, SWAT has been divided into these three different game types, why can't snipers too to make it more of an equal playing field?
  10. Split screen lag on custom maps during matchmaking, and in BTB types. At least for me. It sucks because I'd want to play lockout, but since I tend to be split screened a lot, I don't bother because it will lag and be an awful game.
  11. Hopefully someone over in 343 notices this, and we maybe get a new game type of Team Beams.(:
  12. Something I might suggest changing in the Snipers playlist is: 1. Either getting rid of the beam rifle completely. or 2. Making it a load out for everybody. I know I'm not the only one who gets annoyed with the one person who always seems to get it, and if it is the other team that manages to get it, then they tend to camp with it. It's just a bit shady. Your thoughts?
  13. I guess I should say more along the lines of, for what feels like only a week. lol
  14. As much as I like the Crimson and Mythic map packs, I'm just getting annoyed with buying DLC. Why? Because you buy the maps, get a playlist for about a week, then its gone and you hardly get to see them again. I don't know if anyone else sees this as a bother, but if you do feel free to rant about it here with me. The only idea I would suggest is a permanent ALL DLC playlist or something. I'm sure not everyone in the world has every map pack, but if people were sure they were going to get to play them more than four times, they just might start.
  15. I don't know if it is just me or not, but I liked snipers when there wasn't a radar; it made things more interesting. Bring it back!
  16. Agreed. Bring it back! I liked the no secondary weapon and no radar that was offered in reach; Strictly the sniper rifle.
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