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  1. Most armours can be unlocked by simply completing x commendation. Some have nothing to do with level.
  2. http://www.change.org/petitions/343-industries-provide-an-open-api-for-halo-4-stat-collection We need more signatures. Since 343 refuses to public their API.
  3. You know how much the initial repairs cost Microsoft since they rushed the 360? Thats not going to happen this time. There will be months of testing once the console is ready. They spent billions on the 3 year warranty for red rings. They don't want a repeat. Microsoft is smart enough to know that Sony releasing a system means nothing compared to the hype they would have for their new system.
  4. That will match too realistically. Halo never was 1st person and never was to match the look of Battlefield. 3rd person still has my vote.
  5. Well the campaign is great, but then I'm going back to Gears. I dislike Reach tremendously. Even after a title update the game is clunky and doesn't play like any old Halo. I adapted to H3 and I began to like it. I gave Reach a few months and never cared for it. I used to get pissed when I lost a Halo 3 match. I don't even care if I loose/quit in Reach. The additional CEA maps were great for MP, however they don't play at all like they used to. In my opinion, they made Reach to compete with other game titles, and ignored the fanbase. The fans that made this series were left in the dark. So now you have the big load of players that left for other games, and yep only about 60k people online. Halo 3 still has 1/4 of that. Dedicated halo players will always play. Once 343 realizes that, they'll make a game thats worth playing. Ideally, Mixture of H2/H3 for me. Never got to stress test H1 MP gameplay, for the sole reason that it wasn't there.
  6. Will there be any advancements in the .map structure? Or regression?
  7. It surprises me how many people are messing this up. Here is exactly how you do it. Notice there is no *, the asterisk (*) was there because if Twam posted that exact message. It would parse his gamertag, and defeat the purpose of showing you how. There is also no new lines. All of that [avatar] and gamertag stuff is on the same line. Finally, when posting an image from ReachStats. All you do is find the "forum" field. It even says "This is for the forum". You just post that huge block of code. Don't touch it. It'll work. I've seen many people just mess this up.
  8. Yep, the editor in the previous version was custom made by IPB. However, as the web updates they would have to update their editor over and over again. They outsourced the editor to CKEditor. You may find the similar editor on the demo page: http://ckeditor.com/demo
  9. Ensemble Studios is gone. A new company would need to take over. They made some great Age of Empires game, and only one Halo game.
  10. Why doesn't the new skin work for you? Do you have dialup? The only image that might slow you down in the background that is 220kb.
  11. Same stats as before, just different look.
  12. Hello all, I develop and maintain the copy of "ReachStats" here. I'm proud to announce the new version that will be functioning in the next few hours. I'm working a lot more on this product, because I plan on moving it onto Halo 4. I'd like as much criticism and opinions as possible. I'm aware you cannot see the product now, but I'd like this topic to be your source of information so it may be easier for me to locate it. I've included screenshots of the new version. As you can see, it blends a lot more into this theme and generally looks more professional then the previous version.
  13. Your CSS is outta date, or the JS that used for displaying. Try a hard refresh. (Hold down shift/command while clicking refresh)
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