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  1. 35k online tonight in Reach. Halo is alive and well. H4 - not so much LOL
  2. People returned to Halo:Reach and is enjoying the hell out of themselves, so no need
  3. Or 343i can do what Bungie did. Remove the map restrictions for those achievements. The 'Noble1' ones are possible to get without map pack 1.
  4. With you Tucker! I will not go back to 343i creations. This gen atleast.
  5. I rather shoot a berserking brute tbh
  6. All they needed to do was to make the DMR to have slightly slower ROF, thats all. Instead 343i screwed up the whole gameplay even more. Way to go.
  7. Or go back to Reach multiplayer? It rocks. Especially compared to H4. See you there
  8. Also, I rather have betrayals on. Knowing you just cant shoot & spam grenades like an idiot, than cutting all realism off COD style and creating more chaos. Oldschool way better and waaaaay more fun. Reach wins that one too.
  9. Seems whole Xbl is down now. Great Ms. just great.
  10. Servers went down as I played. Must be some two-three hrs downtime soon. Longest I have experienced on Reach since release.
  11. Ive noticed 30k lately. Beating Halo4. LOL but well deserving
  12. Reach campaign better too. Way more content, not just playing another mirror of what you played before, and then finish by pressing a button somewhere.
  13. Play Reach. Its superfun compared to Halo4.
  14. (Especially Non-evolved) Reach better in EVERY way. I dont have to say it. Just spend ONE evening playing Reach multiplayer again and you likely never go back to epic fail of Halo4 ever. The contrast from 'frustration' to 'fun' is soo big after a couple of months in H4, you'll actually be surprised - whatever you thought of Reach before. A friend of mine (insanly skilled in H4, CSR47, 2:1 kd as a casual weekend H4 player) who dropped Reach within a month or two after release because of the regular bull****, has actually started playing it again. After three frigging YEARS! He loves it now. How about that!
  15. I agree. The TU from 343i just made a near perfect game less good. Bloom balances the game, and the Evolved playlists have been completely deserted since day one. Remove your turd of a cointribution to Reach 343i, or atleast put BTS and TO back in the Standard playlist section. And while you guys are at it - reinstate the Community Forge playlist please.
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