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  1. add gamertag : iroc925
  2. Thats kinda messed up im on a tablet right now but im not trying to play games on it thats what i bought an xbox for.. c'mon now........??
  3. If were still in the first season season of spartops then my season pass should get me the dlc i paid for cause we havent seen the second season yet
  4. Finallya awesome map the pit returns but wondering how much or if im already covered????
  5. I have dead eye best buy had it Nd it is in my opionon the best looking helm so far ever fotus looks dumb with the unicorn spike really unicorns are sacred so why do noobs have it???? They should have saved this helm like they did for recon in halo 3 for the best players notthe ones who spend the most
  6. iroc925

    ty 343 i

    I begged for something new not even 2 weeks ago i check dashboard and BAMMM there it is for aug10 ty so much....
  7. Subject says it all all but i need to complete spart ops 9 & 10 and im lvl 98 so get at me iroc925
  8. I believe your wrong seed factor. I think if people saw a new dlc listed on the dasbored it will bring alot of gamers back and especially if was focused more on classic dlc.
  9. Ya right halo 5 isnt for another year plus months away secondly how are they supposd to call spartops a season when theres no season two yet?
  10. All 343 maps are not as good as bungies were... sorry no offense
  11. I myself have loved halo since the getgo but the entire map selection for 4 is just horrible i rather play h2 or 3 if i could i wouldplay 2 but the server is long gone. Ive waited for every map pack dlc andso far is none compare to the mapz even on the disc really depressing.... will there be any new dlc besides these three or have you given up already cuz blackops 2 is still dropping new dlc and that came the same time as halo4. I swore back in the day i would never change to cod over halo but its getting to a point now.
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