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  1. Since you answered your question, you would go and find someone that is waiting on a Truth or Dare and get them something to do. Like Caboose now.
  2. I dare you to go on Fishy's page and post about how beautiful of a bride he will be. Truth for me this time
  3. Lol. That truth you answered was for the person above me. You should have dared me to do something since I said dare and then you could say truth so I could ask you a question, but it's OK. Truth for you. Since you are relatively new, what are the 5 most important qualities to you in a friend?
  4. The only thing I really remember about Halo Reach is the amazing ending. The story was so well done to me.
  5. I would go to Japan 100 years in the future. It would be amazing to see how far the world has grown from a tech standpoint. Lol. Yeah, you were completely the originator and made it so fun. I'm trying to bring back your magic. For your truth, if you had the chance to go on a date with anyone in history, who would it be with and why? Dare I don't want to get you banned lol. If you had to survive in isolation for 1 year, what book, cd, and food would you take with you to keep you sane?
  6. A while back, this site had a running thread of truth or dare. Rules of the game so we can get this going and boost some activity! Look at the post above you. If that person said truth, ask them a question. If that person said dare, give them a dare. The most important rule though, is that if you give someone a task or question, you have to now choose Truth or Dare for the person that posts after you. Nothing too super crazy for a dare though. Once you have completed a dare, screenshot it as proof and you can post it in this thread. SO, to start this off, i will do an easy one and just say Truth. Lets keep this light and fun! Someone ask me a question and then pick truth or dare so i or someone else can return the favor! Edit: Also, to drum up posts and interest, i have this in the regular General section and not the Offbeat so that way everyone will get posts and important likes by participating!
  7. Always BR for me. I am stuck in the days of when Halo 2 was the greatest thing ever. BR 4 Life
  8. Congrats Yang! You really deserve it and i am so happy for you!
  9. I am amazed that you have kept this going for this long. My question is, out of all the men and women in the world, why is it that the women are always right? Lol. Just kidding. My real question is, what is your favorite hobby and could Pokémon make it better?
  10. I know I am super late on this, but this was beautiful my fish friend. No matter what you change your name to, you will always be my amazing fish. You are super thoughtful and amazing to talk to. Do not ever change or leave me fish-less.
  11. You have so much insight! I agree with everything you said, but let's take more than Halo into count. Bungie's now produced a new title that was a big seller upon release, but after most realized there is no story and the weapons are imbalanced it is turning into no better than 343i Halo games. Destiny has a lot of the same issues. Countless patches to balance weapons, bad story that goes unfixed after 2 expansions, and even had the audacity to have some of the expansions hidden on the disk that they unlocked when you paid for it months after initial release. They even banned people for getting into the "expansion" before it's launch. They are just as shady now.
  12. I call for a recount! Just kidding. Congrats!
  13. This presidency thing is very hard to vote on. Each of the candidates deserve it and i wish each of you could be president. I would like to know who wins soon though so i can suck up to them and become something like "Administrator of Not Doing Anything"
  14. WOW... this has to be the closest race ever! I think each one of you would be an amazing Forum President, even though i have absolutely no idea what a Forum President does. This seems just like when i try to vote for the US President or really anything else i could vote for.
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