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  1. i like the BR it may not be as long range as the DMR but it works from a good distance and it's 3 shot burst makes it better then the DMR in medium and close range situations
  2. And the game looks extremely good from what we saw Graphics, new weapons, sound, new additions, and the story
  3. I agree with all the points except i would prefer AA to be out of the game but i am confident Halo 4 will be a amazing game
  4. honestly i think there is no reason to get all stressed about this. I mean it's just an artistic change as 01-171 Abased Eidolon said same thing as how Chief's armor is different when he was in the ship for four year in deep hibernation
  5. Wow the Graphics look great in that level, i like the spawn menu really can't wait
  6. The game doesn't look like a recreation of Halo: Reach. It may have small things from Reach but not big things. One thing from Reach is the DMR but the Shields are just like Halo 3. You can't really say anything like that even if it might be true because all we got to see was the AR, DMR, 2 new Forerunner weapons, Shields/Health, how you talk to people from the helmet, some enemies, a little bit of landscapes, and new graphics. Only one thing from that list is from Reach
  7. Code50

    back to basics

    I think join in progress is alright. To me people didn't quit so much because they could get penalized for quitting too much. AAs are alright i guess long as they are not powerful. I don't like the DMR myself mostly because to me it was really annoying to use. No Elites suck though it was fun having that option.
  8. For $80.00 even though i am all about Halo i wouldn't buy. It's way too much money for one thing like a game hope it will be the normal price.
  9. I'd just like you being able to make Computer controlled Spartans that don't count in a team.So that way you could make a big map with a huge battle scene and there are comp on your team and the other but they don't reach the limit . But i know this wouldn't ever happen
  10. Rogue Elites hmmm interesting. I still am crossing my fingers for Arbiter to be in the game, or at least to have a badass comp partner that actually DOES something
  11. As long has they have it more balanced and i hope it won't make the game feel different, now i hope Forerunner vision won't be overpowering maybe if it just gives you the chance to see invisible players i would be fine with that
  12. I am pretty held to both sides. Some things i don't like and some i don't. Most of the stuff i am fine with except Forerunner vision, having to earn AA (to me this makes it uneven with some players having bad AAs while others have amazing ones.), and having to earn weapons and to think i thought 343i wouldn't go there... :wallbash:
  13. What i mostly dislike is having to earn AAs, basic stuff and for sure forerunner vision
  14. I agree i think that it would be better just taking it off
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