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  1. As long as ricochet returns and has it's own playlist though, invasion needs to make a return, Keep Elites in ALL MP modes, not just Invasion (But still force Race for invasion mode) And I like the idea of change to ODST/Marines in SWAT, Your idea for Conquest sounds a lot like invasion, would be cool if it was more of a rush styled game mode though, with very large player numbers, only prob would be some maps end up being sized for 32v32 wars and not 4v4/8v8 battles, so it might work if they let high-end forgers come in early to design maps for it.
  2. Spartans never die, they just go MIA For serious though, I think it would be in a later game, along side Thel' Vadam Adding on more, I think it would be cooler if he chose to stop fighting, have it be in a legendary-only cinematic and have it be him setting up camp somewhere after the events of H6/7, so he would be "MIA" but only by his own terms.
  3. I was wondering how Sangheili names are made. I've been working on a Tulpa for some time now, and barring whether or not that makes you think I'm crazy. I finally decided that I want him to have a Sangheili form, and I decided to go to the Halo wiki to try and keep him as authentic as possible, while allowing room for him to have a unique personality. The only part I'm confused about is how they are named.
  4. hmm, well, that's similar to my control setup for BF4 right now, so if it's not there then at least I will be used to it (Minus Melee not being on Dang emoticon, you get the idea though
  5. After getting some modded maps off the file share in Reach, I think it would be awesome if Vehicle splicing (Scorpion turret on a WartHog is just crazy and amazing) and object/player scaling looks hilarious as well (Love riding a tiny banshee as a 300% scaled player). Don't know how to edit posts, forgot to write at the end that they should be supported fully ingame. Nvm apparently my reply just got added at the end of my post, interesting mechanic but whatever
  6. Top three? 1. Forgeable SP missions 2. Forgeable firefight maps 3. Day/night selection and Weather system
  7. Was just wondering how controls are set up, I'm assuming that the ADS is on left trigger, but I like the 'nade's being there, so I was wondering how the controls are set up and if the ADS can be moved back to right stick for the BR/DMR/Sniper/Magnum
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