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Found 8 results

  1. Good evening fellow forumites!! It's been quite some time since I had something to share with the forum. I decided to start back off with a bit of news that I am pretty sure will effect a large portion of our community, and perhaps a large portion of people that our forum dwellers may know and love. Enjoy! Beginning on January 1st 2020, Microsoft will no longer offer Security Patches and Hotfixes for Windows 7 OS's. This is common knowledge for many of us, who were warned of the imposing EOL (end of life) cycle for Windows 7 years ago. But this time, the EOL has taken a slight turn for the worst. In a recent publication this week, Microsoft has confirmed that it will be charging a "monthly" subscription fee for Windows 7 beginning in January, to supply ongoing users of Windows 7 with monthly updates and critical fixes. While this may not be that big of an issue, as pricing has not yet been released, it does beg a few questions. 1. How many vulnerabilities and exploits are there currently, that Microsoft has yet to fix? 2. How many bugs and exploits does Microsoft plan to fix before their "payday" kicks off? 3. Given this type of instance, how can we the consumer be guaranteed that ANY fix we obtain before 2020, isn't a way to increase or generate the need for the subscription? Many users of Windows 7 have refused to make the switch to Windows 10 (OS as a Service) due to it's limited compatibility with older software, issues with various Direct X elements of older games, and it's overall UI and service type features. While Windows 10 is a great way to breathe new life into aging technology, for those who rely on a stable solid OS to run various older editing softwares, video captures and general work within older archtypes of applications, Windows 10 is a crawl and in most cases, the things you wat to do cannot be done without constant crashes. On top of that, Windows 10 is an ongoing operating system that completely changes the way it handles almost everything, everytime an update or feature is released. Some even have rendered the OS unusable at times. Generally speaking, Microsoft has always had a good relationship with consumers regarding it's OS's and fixes for issues. However, the main issue SHOULD be, is that Microsoft is expecting to get paid for fixing shotty software issues for a product YOU ALREADY PAID FOR! To put that into perspective, a car manufacturer would NEVER expect the consumer to turn their car into a dealership for a malfunctioning part and expect you to pay for it. Even if the car is 25 years old, the manufacturer guarantees that any original equipment that is found to be malfunctioning due to manufacturing, is covered and you pay nothing. They pay for it, cause it's their critical error. Since when has it become the fault and burden of the consumer to pay for a fix to something that was broken or incomplete? I understand that all vulnerabilities and exploits are not readily identified. Most take years or decades to uncover and find only once a system has been compromised. But why should I pay Microsoft to fix a security or code issue that I had nothing to do with? And if I am a small business owner (some forum peeps might be) what am i supposed to do about the software i already bought? Should I allow MS to strongarm me into upgrading to an OS that most likely won't support my older POS applications or busniness configurations? And at what point can I sue or seek damages if there is a breach in my system, and that Microsoft failed to issue a fix, because they were greedy and wanted to get paid for it ahead of time? It makes no logical sense. Microsoft had initially tried spitballing this idea with Windows 10. initially trying to sell upgrades and updates for the service ats a charge. That idea was quickly snuffed. Again, I understand that january 2020 is the hard deadline for fixes and patches, I really do get that. And at that point, it becomes our problem if we choose to continue using a product that they no longer support. But my concern is that Microsoft has a backlog of fixes and exploits that they have not yet properly fixed and obviously have no team currently working on uncovering as many as possible before the deadline. 40% of the market still uses Windows 7 for christ sake! Anyway if you want to learn more about the service that is coming, follow the link below. I would love to hear your comments and feedback on this! https://www.forbes.com/sites/gordonkelly/2018/09/08/microsoft-windows-7-monthly-charge-windows-10-free-upgrade-cost/
  2. Microsoft has announced the newest version of Windows, Windows 10! Wait... What?! You may not believe this, but Microsoft has announced Windows 10, no, not Windows 9, Windows 10. IGN.com reported the news, hailing a list of new features like improved flexibility, app windowing on the desktop, and more. Also, they have a new multitasking feature implemented, allowing people to do two things at once, sort of like on the Xbox One's pinning feature. A program for those who want to test the new OS first has also been revealed, when this will launch is currently unknown. The system is set to launch in 2015, a confirmed date has yet to be revealed for this as well. Below is an example screenshot of the new UI menu. View attachment: Tech-Preview_Start-menu-720x404.png What's your opinion on this news, and the name of course? Let me know below! Thanks so much for reading guys!
  3. Does anyone know of any Halo screensavers that I can download? I'd really like to get one compatible with windows 8. -Thanks, Beckoningzebra1
  4. Hello guys! It's your's truly! Anyway, I really want a Windows Phone, but everybody says they suck. Of course, a Microsoft suck-up like me won't beleive them! Regardless, the phone I have in mind is the HTC 8x. It's like in 2nd place in the Windows Phone market, under the Nokia Lumia... I think it was the Lumia 720. By the way, I have Windows Phone 8 in mind for OS. Anyway, I really want it, but Windows Phone isn't too popular amongst the world, so I was wondering if any of you have a HTC 8x, or if not, maybe at least a phone with the Windows Phone 8 OS on it? And if you do have any of those two things, please tell me your experience. Was it horrible? What did you like? What did you hate? What was your favorite app? And etcetera. So please help people, thanks . UPDATE: The HTC 8x beats the iPhone 5, so it's pretty good.
  5. Campstavaganza! Do you have what it takes to show the entire 343I.org Community what you are made of? Are you a battle hardened bad-ass of campaignery ready to compete with other forum members for fabulous prizes? If you said yes, then this IS defiantly the contest for you. This contest will pit all registered members against one another in a battle of who is king of Campaign for Halo 4. Simply be the first to beat Halo 4 Campaign on Legendary Solo for your chance to win. Rules are simple and easy to follow. All participants must register by responding this thread no later than November 3rd, 2012 12:00AM No cheating of any kind. Ex, profile hacks, game hacks, glitches, cheats etc… All participants must provide a link to their GT on Waypoint showing the Legendary Achievement and a save film of the last level to prove there was no trickery involved. Now for the best part….the prizes! Grand Prize: One copy of Windows 8 Pro in either 32 or 64 bit. Second Place Prize: One copy of Windows 7 Ultimate in either 32 or 64 bit. Third Place Prize: One copy of Windows 7 Home Premium in either 32 or 64 bit. All prizes are in the form of digital secure download provided by my Microsoft Business Partners Network and will come along with a product key exclusive to only you! Any lost or stolen product keys are not replaceable, transferrable or otherwise. So that’s it folks, win something awesome just for playing Halo 4 and being good at it! I look forward to seeing you all participate, and may the best Campaign Guru win!!! **********************************************UPDATE!!!!!***************************************************** In the interest of time, I am officially calling this contest as of now. At this very moment, our very own Slenderman is the ultimate winner of a brand new copy of Windows 8 Pro in the chosen version of 64-bit. Let's hear it for him folks, a truly great prize for a truly great Campaign Master of Halo! Congrats Slenderman!!!!
  6. Dear 343industries, in case you were planning to port Halo 3 to PC, let me give you advice to make it better. In my opinion, Halo 3 pc should: -include all DLCs and multiplayer maps -include Halo 3 ODST expansion disk -include a map editor (like Forge but with more features) -be graphically improved (HD textures, Antialiasing,...) -include online and LAN co-op
  7. Dear 343industries, in case you were planning to port Halo Reach to PC, let me give you advice to make it better. In my opinion, Halo Reach pc should: -include all DLCs and multiplayer maps -be graphically improved (HD textures, Antialiasing,...) -include online and LAN co-op
  8. I was going to post this in the 'Gaming News' panel, but it wouldn't let me. So sorry if this is in the wrong place :/ Below I have listed what I have found about the new Xbox 360, and will continue to update it if I learn any more information: The first is from winrumors.com, was posted on Nov. 22nd, and has quots from Microsoft's Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter: Article Another was posted on Oct. 20th and is from Xbox.IGN.com: Article The last I've found is from Gamespot.com and was posted on November 9th with sources fromThe Windows Weekly Podcast: Article I don't know how I feel about having to buy another console, if it's worth it, and if it will be a good change or not, but hope it's a change for the better rather than a change that people don't want. Just thought I'd share my find with everyone. Thanks, @RANMAN10
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