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  1. If any avid forgers are of need of play-testers add me up, I can easily round up an extra 3 guys to test any maps. GT: Carts 27
  2. If any avid forgers are of need of play-testers add me up, I can easily round up an extra 3 guys to test any maps. GT: Carts 27
  3. Expect it to be no cheaper then 600$ I will try to get this at launch.
  4. They really need to get it out before the next Xbox if they want to compete
  5. It falls under tactical or support package.
  6. Beat the campaign on Heroic alone and it should help you get better in multiplayer
  7. Carts

    Day 1/ Week 1

    So day 1 for me is over. Did 3 campaign missions, some coop and some alone on Heroic. Played around 4 hours of MM, played all playlist except the FFA and the 6v6 playlists. I didnt really have much expectations going in, since I was so distracted by Borderlands 2. But this game is great so far. The story seems great, the campaign gameplay seems alright, and I enjoyed most of MM, except for that 1 min that I got spawned killed 3 times by a sticky detenator on my spawn. What I thought of MM. I know a lot of people feared it played like CoD since all resembling additions, but really this does not play like CoD at all, and like the Halo series, No Halo multiplayer plays like the others, and this one is even more diverse, in a good way. The game seems fresh and yet the main Halo elements are all there. It also boasts a much faster gameplay speed. My personal favorite tool of destuction is Sticky detenator (It can do a lot of things like a trap to block a hallway, shoot it at legs or stick and detonate). What do you guys think so far?
  8. I love the battle music in Magnys Lighthouse.
  9. Carts

    Future of COD

    All Halo multiplayers had a diffrent "feel" to them. CoD has been the same thing with new skin every year. Personaly, I am getting tired of Modern shooters, just like how 6 years ago people were tired of World War shooters. But I think its been a very long time that they didnt do WW2 that I think another one would be a bit more fresh.
  10. Theres a difference in being carefull, and stupid.
  11. At PAX they said it was a map never remade before. Chances are, its a Halo 3 map. Unless its Pit, I would rather have any Halo 2 map like Containement, Turf, Wetworks.
  12. Although the OP has his question resolved, I have input for anyone else looking for headsets. If you want bang for your buck go Turtle Beach. if you want highest quality for the best sound experience go Tritton.
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