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  1. Campaign first then Spartan Ops. Then Multiplayer.
  2. I just think they arent that important here. Its just that...ITS JUST A CHARACTER MODEL. Get over yourselves.
  3. Zamio

    Elite Riot

    Found it! http://postimage.org/image/5keldgd6n/
  4. Zamio

    Elite Riot

    There was a post on the same website Frankie said Forerunner Vision would not be used to see people. I cant find it. Imma be looking for it.
  5. Custom Loadouts is awsome. m better with a DMR than a Assualt Rifle, so picking that and winning is more fair than me being in a Slayer game and getting destroyed because Im not good with and Assualt Rifle. Forerunner Vision is ok. I havent seen it in action.
  6. Then thats something to encourage you not to camp.
  7. Yeah, It really is. Frankly, Sales is why people make games. Its why Bungie made the Halo series and its why 343 is doing what they are doing now. If 343 only tried to cater to the old fanbase I promise you, It would die. Maybe not immediatly, but it would. Catering to all sorts of people would keep Halo alive even if its not the version you liked. Tons more like it. And as long as they are buying 343 is content.
  8. Would actually be quite good. It would expose campers and finally show me how I magically died.
  9. Zamio

    Elite Riot

    I think the Elite clans should get over themselves. Elites were purely cosmetic and besides, they might get something much more epic. Frankie said "Elite Ops" is not ruled out.
  10. Haybusa was there because of a Special deal with Team Ninja. Not because Microsoft invented it. Ryu Haybusa anyone?
  11. Halo4Follower is normally late, or reports on NOTHING.
  12. But what about the 2 left over? They are stuck against 4 players. Then those 2 quit and nobody is happy. Thats why Join in Session is a good idea.
  13. Link please? Never seen this.
  14. You do know WHY haybusa armour was in Halo 3 right?
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