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  1. I came here expecting a rant, i was pleasantly surprised haha.
  2. It should open with VLC or quicktime player
  3. Hey, I am studying 3D animation atm and just finished an Elite walk cycle, tell me what you think and needs to be improved. Sangheli_walk_6.mov
  4. any chance of the green warrior armour? oliver.frew@gmail.com
  5. i have the recruit avatar outfit that came with limited edition if anyone wants to trade? cant trade for double XP though
  6. i have recruit avatar armour. I would trade for the oceanic armour.
  7. find all the terminal codes on the internet and enter them on the "classified" waypoint page
  8. you have to be SR-50 before using a specialization. also I didn't hear anything about the 20Th thing? i think you have to wait to unlock the other 6.
  9. the armour you wear. im wearing MK VI because I completed campaign on legendary solo, I also finnish top of the game regularly, so people learn that if you have MK VI, you have to be reasonably good.
  10. I live in New Zealand no avatar codes... no double XP..... just halo 4, 18 hours before most of the world...
  11. I think a good start would be your spelling. but I like the idea, I wish they would do that, but I have seen games try and do that and fail miserably.
  12. I think the Prometheans are different than forerunners aint they? there like warriors while forerunners are like, builders and stuff? also the forerunner language and maths only counts up to seven, then goes double digit. eg: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,11,12,13,14,15,16,17 ect. its complex as hell and Bungie thought about it ALOT.
  13. yea, thanks lol, if I did win the prizes, I would not take the prize, i just want the double XP, because I mean, I get a head start of like 14+ hours over america due to time zones, and if I had double XP, man, that would be bad-ass
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