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  1. I'm just happy they put a light machine gun in Halo. To get that kind of firepower you'd have to rip off and lug a turret around in the other games. I mean, we have SAWs today, it's about time Halo put one in
  2. Yeah I think we can rule out an RPG..... it's just not Halo. All Spartan Ops is basically a playable TV show, look at it that way. You play an episode, and then after a little bit of a wait, you get another one. Simple as that. Basically the Halo 3: ODST of Halo 4, but it actually takes place during Halo 4.... gosh they should have called it Halo 2: ODST.... nevermind, yeah, no RPG
  3. The link won't load..... and from everything I've seen in the previews and "making of" it seems like it's just the Chief....
  4. I mean, if they came out with a ship that looked like the full megabloks version of FUD, I'd say, hey, that looks pretty cool, I like it. But changing the Charon altogether? Dang 343......
  5. See that's exactly what I said! And is it just me or does it look too similar to the Infinity? I mean, don't get me wrong, the design is cool, but they should have fielded it as a new class of ship altogether, instead of trying to change the Dawn.
  6. So as many of you know, the Dawn has gone through a new "design" phase, taking on an entirely new look from the previous Halo games. My question, how do you all feel about it? The Charon-Class Frigates have appeared in every Halo game since Halo 2 (Maybe not Halo Wars? and not Anniversary) and through each game has held the same design. For those of you who may not know, this, is a Charon-Class Frigate: The Forward Unto Dawn is one such frigate. Now, as I said, the Charon-Class has appeared from Halo 2 through Reach, and has held the same design in every game. Yes, we know Halo 4 stated that they would revisit the design of things, but so has every other Halo game. Every Halo game sports new designs to previous weapons or vehicles or places. A prime example is the ODSTs in Halo 2 compared to those in 3, ODST, and Reach. Yet although the the design was changed, the Halo 2 ODSTs are canonically correct to the others. My major problem, is why change something that hasn't been changed in all the other games? The Charon-Class has stood the test of time in the other games and is extremely noticeable to fans. The new design of the Forward Unto Dawn, changed from above, will look as such: So, major design change, yet still a Charon-Class? Honestly, it looks cool, but I think they tried to hard to make it look more like an Infinity style ship. The Infinity is brand new, so it's okay for it to look newer and cooler. The Charons have been used since before Reach, why change them? Another issue is this picture: What's that escorting the Infinity? Unmodified Charon-Class Frigates. Why put the original model in when they changed the real thing?? Just want your guy's opinions.
  7. I for one knew his brother was dead when Vickers says "Must be hard on your mom knowing her real son is never coming home", that made it clear to me, although I guessed it in the first episode. I thought this was great, although I can't wait for some real action! Wish they had shown the ODSTs a little more too
  8. They need to do what they did for Halo 2 and 3, have a second disc with all the bonus content. Yes they confirmed two discs, but I'm afraid it will be like Battlefield 3.... with campaign on one disc and multiplayer on the other...
  9. In the Halo 4 GameInformer reveal, and several other times, it was stated that these are "rogue" elites. If you notice, they aren't as scary looking as other elites, and not as muscular. Also, if you had read Karen Travis' Halo: Glasslands, you would know that a large, large majority of elites don't trust the humans, and don't want to ally with them. The Arbiter is who keeps the truce, yet many elites are not recognizing his authority. Also, you fail to notice in Halo 3 that even though there was a truce, they were still hostile to each other, the Arbiter being the only one wanting a truce. If you want a specific example of that, the Shipmaster and Admiral Hood bicker over the glassing of Africa to stop the flood, to which the Shipmaster remarks along the lines, "were it not for the Arbiter I would have glassed your entire planet". Sounds friendly right? They allied because they had a common goal and both couldn't win on their own, not because they were friends. After years and years and years of killing each other, with elites leading the slaughter of humans, neither of them are going to just forgive and forget.
  10. Yeah, I basically said that in my first post. Special Forces cross train in every weapon known to man. This allows them to utilize enemy weapons (in real life and Halo) or any other weapon when the need arises. That is what makes spec-ops teams so deadly, they can use any weapon.
  11. Basically look at it like this. Spartans are special forces. Today, in reality, modern U.S. Special Forces have access to any weapon they want, for any situation possible. They are then allowed to customize these weapons to suit their personal needs. Look at the Spartans the same way. They are special forces. They have access to any weapons they think they need. The UNSC most definitely cross trained them in every weapon, whether it is in use by the Army or the Marines. And like others have said, things very well could have changed over four years, as it is an updated model of the Reach version.
  12. I'm seriously digging being able to defend yourself while carrying the flag, that part is just awesome. The assassinations are sweet, good to know that there is new stuff out there, and I'm g'ad the ODST helmet is confirmed, I've been wondering about that.
  13. Battlefront 1 was groundbreaking in pure awesomeness and is a classic. Battlefront 2 simply took it the extra mile and built upon the first game. Both will hold a special place in my gaming life. It really sucks that they only made more for the PSP..... which.... like..... no one I know owns....
  14. It would make sense for Grifball to return. As it is primarily a Rooster Teeth product (Red vs Blue), and 343 has already shown that they will continue to support RvB in one of their trailers.
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