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  1. What's this need crap? No video game is needed per se, makes no sense to say a game is or isn't needed, remake or no. There's no such thing as migration within the Halo titles, you play one game for a while and then you play the others. If H2 MM is brought back, that is where the migration would come into play...players migrating from other platforms and then there are the players that no longer play live who used to play H2, they would come back and in doing so, would also play the newest titles out there as well as all the Halos from time to time, that could actually be a plus for the newer games, not a negative. This migration from other platforms is a big one and by itself would justify a remake. For online Halo gaming, a new game does not spark a migration (unless it has H2 stature) from other platforms so MS does not make tons of new money as far as subscriptions are concerned, the Halo players are already on live...however, if H2 causes a significant migration from other platforms, that is new profits coming in. There is a war on between console makers, and H2 could help MS immensely in that war. A majority of gamers that play only consoles do it for a reason, they want their PC's for everything else but gaming, that is why consoles do well. I do not want my PC tied up while my grandson plays H2 when he comes to visit, I want him to play the console while I sit in the same room working on my comp. If he plays console (other games) for a while...maybe then he wants to play H2,,,what, I have to go offline so he can switch to the PC to play only H2 and I just sit around pounding my pud? Not acceptable, very few people can just go out and purchase another PC or 2 just to cover that scenario so that is not a logical option Put the damned game back on console like the rest of the Halos, that is logic in it's highest form. You are too hung up on the pretty graphics of PC. Whoever said that 343 does not care about the money is full of it, it is always about the money and frankly, because of my first paragraph, all the Halos would profit from a full H2 MP remake, imo.
  2. A thousand times this. Also, to say, just play H3 because it's almost the same game is insane. Not even close.
  3. How about they just give us Halo 2 back. Halo CE weapons belong in Halo CE and same with the weapons from the other Halo's, imo. Why make it a circus? Give us clown armor Give us weapons from Metal Arms - Glitch In The System Make the graphics like Mario Bros I want rainbows, bells and whistles everywhere I want a 'Hulk-mode' and Spiderman abilities I want to buy a Halo 2 Anniversary but I don't want it to be anything like Halo 2
  4. Yeah, for AI challenges only Legendary will do. On Legendary, one does keep a keen eye out for Brutes, especially a berserking Brute. Hell, even on Heroic the Brutes in H2 had to be considered dangerous and they always seem to run with those damned Jackal snipers.
  5. The fear is the possibility that they can't make a game that is equal to or better than what H2 was. Imo, the reason they dummied CEA was because if it was too good, that would impact not only Reach but H4 after that and if they do the same again, it will be for the same reason. To solve that, they should just make sure H5 is one of the best Halo's ever instead of the crap like CEA MP was. If they don't, then the sales would be hurt by the, yet again, comparisons to H2 MP. In the ideal, they will give us H2 MP as it was and roll in the dough, then they would put out a worthy H5 and they would again roll in the dough and we would all be happy. They need to have confidence that the only way to slay the Juggernaut is to make a better game and that they are the best...now go out and prove it. So yes, my opinion is they are frightened of the Juggernaut still, albeit a ghost Juggernaught that's still there.
  6. The Juggernaut was what H2 was back then, if you could not see that then there's no use talking to you. As I said, H3 got highly questioned because people were comparing it to H2. Then Reach came out and the comparisons continued, even as nobody played H2, Reach was compared and it didn't fare well. I stated it plain enough, 343 is afraid of not being able to release a game better than a 10 year old game. I essentially restated my post, so next time read it before you blurt out a "what are you talking about" statement. No, you are wrong about the sales being the same either way, you could not be more wrong. The sales of CEA dropped off as soon as the MP was released and people are aware of that and are angrily awaiting H2A and if they give us the original, the sales will be high...if they give us junk, the sales will tail off. So I think you are wrong, they will make money with junk but they'll make a ton more if they do it right.
  7. No, you are saying 'Let 'em eat gruel instead of steak'. No, we reject KAI, XBC and all other make-do efforts to appease the H2 players. That is not what most of us want, imo, we want H2 back on Live. I feel, as a consumer, that yes I am owed because even though I played it for a number of years, it was no gift, I paid for it. I bought the 360 specifically for H2, I paid my Live dues specifically for H2 and one of their big selling points...Come, play Halo 2 on Live, spend your money with us. Then we get the ax. I never like buying a product and then the product is taken away. So, any comparison that you make with other games will not do in this case, H2 stands alone. I think MS has always been wary of H2, H3 had to live under the comparisons to H2 and even Reach makers had to listen to the comparisons...Reach so so, H2 best...kind of thing. At this moment the H2 Juggernaut is looming over MS and 343, frightening them like children. They are afraid H2A, done right, will be better than what they can make today. They were apprehensive about CE too, so they frumped us with the MP bull they gave us and then claimed they did that so they would not split the community. Total bull, they split the damned community by giving us crap for CEA MP.
  8. Look up Microsoft for the address, 343 is their gaming division.
  9. The vehicle was still flying so I'm still confused. If you watch the first vid closely, P1 is launching while P2 sits at the lz, then just after launch P2 crosses the lz (with P1 spawning right there at the lz) then races up the ramp to activate the cutscene, then, when I spawn on the Gondola, I look over and the Spectre is landing. xlax007 has a better vid where he shows his Spectre flying in, same with Duelies, you could see the vehicle flying at you from a good distance. So it still had the impetus that the launch gave it. That's what confuses me, it's not just a simple teleport since it's flying from the launch before, during and after the cutscene. Also, P1 spawned at the lz where P2 was after the lz was hit, so if the vehicle was tied to P1 because he was inside it, why would the vehicle not port at that time? When P2 ran up the ramp and activated the cutscene, P1 had been out of the Spectre. Then when I appeared on the Gondola the Spectre comes flying in. Sorry, I'm still confused. Edit: After thinking about what you said, I guess the Spectre was ported to the Gondola canyon when the lz was tripped...then it did go through the cutscene because it's also in the same canyon...rhen when the cutscene was over the Spectre finished it's trip. I think I understand now, thanks.
  10. Here's another one; xlax007, Duelies and I have all done something on Quarantine Zone that I don't understand. The trick was to get a vehicle onto the moving Gondola as it glides toward the tunnels. I took a Spectre and launched it from above the entrance to the Gondola dock. I launched it toward the Library picture in the distance and I had the other player trip the lz below and instead of hitting the boundary barrier, I flew through it. As the Spectre was flying I raced up the ramps to the Gondola and activated the cutscene and after that I spawned on the Gondola and that same Spectre landed above me. So...when I launched I went through a loadzone, then I flew through a cutscene and then after I spawned on the Gondola the Spectre was still in the air. The question; how the hell did this happen? How does the programming cover something like this? It went through a damned cutscene still flying through the maps! We've never known exactly how a vehicle/object can leave one map, wind up in another map entirely after going through a cutscene and land. This shows the landing on the beam: This shows that the Gondola formed and caught the Spectre like a catchers mitt:
  11. Yeah, thanks, it helped but I'll have to think about the overlap part for a while.
  12. Perhaps there are some knowledgeable people on this forum (Twin and Kills?). Anyone can pose game questions here but don't expect an answer unless you describe what it is you are asking/proposing. Be smart about it. I'd like to discuss various game anomalies here so I'll start out with this: @ Kills_Alone and Twinreaper - In a tricking forum where I hang out we have been discussing what we call a Tantrum...in Halo 2. I don't know why it's called a Tantrum but there are times where you can be in the middle of a flat map, just standing there and you jump over and over and suddenly you hit an invisible ledge-like thing while in the air and you can double jump off that or just land and stand there...hovering. Further, there are places in H2 where you stand next to a wall (90 degrees vertical), then jump a bunch of times and eventually you land and float/hover on like a ledge or you can double jump off that ledge. It works on vertical glass too. So, I'd like to get some input on what causes this. The debate centers around what some are calling map collision and they maintain that the feet of MC or Arbiter collides a certain way on a wall map thus producing the 'collision'. This may be true but I always thought that overlapping maps could have something to do with it. Otherwise, when standing on a flat wide open surface, why would you suddenly land on something invisible? 1. What causes this? 2. Is a wall Tantrum different than a floor tantrum? At first the overlapping map theory might sound bizarre but let me explain. A big part of my tricking career has been learning all the overlapped maps in H2 CMP. When a map is overlapped into another map, you can take an object (crate or such) all the way around to the other map, set it there then go back to the original map and see that crate hoovering somewhere in there. You can overload the map or cause an imbalance that affect later maps. On Quarantine Zone I know there are at least five overlapping maps where I can sit a Spectre in one certain spot and then go to five different maps and see (and use) that same Spectre. On Great Journey I can swordfly up to the ceiling of the level in a certain area and suddenly the map changes and I'm viewing the Cairo Station explosions and then it changes back to GJ. The Cairo, Great Journey, Uprising and High Charity and Gravemind levels are all overlapped and within each other. There may be others. 3. When maps overlap, do they create unseen seams where one model passes through another? Personally, I call them string portals, where a doorway like seam is formed where the intersection occurs. Much like 2 bubbles that partially merge, the merging point plane is in both maps at once. 4. Within the overlaps, will the invisible model affect the visible model so that an unseen seam/ledge is formed by the intersecting structures? 5. Are the people correct who assert that it's a simple geometry map collision thing causing all these phenomenon I've described? Keep in mind I have no understanding whatsoever of map collisions. To all: If you are interested in answering my or anyone else's questions in-depth but want to see exactly what a Tantrum is and what effects overlapping maps can give I can post vid links.
  13. Ah, the size, that must be it because the same happens when I change links in the sig. I have no idea how to change the size of my vids in a link.
  14. Damn Twin, you are harsh my friend. Wasn't there some problems early on, like shaders and movable objects that could not be moved? Maybe this guy ran into problems before they were fixed way back when and just never changed his opinion. Suddenly my sig does not work, wtf?
  15. Just make one thread and post all your ideas.
  16. Wow, great post. Sums it up pretty good but I hope they fix the screen shadows and give us a skull menu.
  17. Why that's unheard of, absolutely outrageous that a remake would be based solely on the greatest game ever made (MP, glitches and all) lol. Why on earth would people want changes to H2? Just leave it the way it is and put it back on Live.
  18. Well, I agree by and large but I hope they fix the screen shadows and give us a skull menu.
  19. Thank you, I hope English is not his native tongue.
  20. Lol, you guys act like 343 has a shortage of professionals. All they have to do is hire more top notch people, it is Microsoft we are talking about, and they can do whatever makes them money. For a corporation, multitasking is a must.
  21. The opening map of Outskirts and the Sacred Icon canyon, the one that has the Green door.
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