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  1. funny redStar lol, just had another weird dream, :left: I was with my neigbor that graduated in the same school year as me, and we were suppsed to do this race accross these maps, and the race started in valhalla. There was another person or two but I can't recall who they were; but anyway we all had mongooses and the race started I took an early lead. During the race we entered this strip mall place, almost like mall of america and all of the sudden one of the other racers were driving a Battlefield 3 small transport truck. For some reason I was in one too and I was driving while in the gunner seat, it was kinda cool because I could shoot and drive at the same time, I destroyed one of the other drivers by shooting him a lot and then all of a sudden I was following this kid who I think was supposed to be my son and I had a wife. We were in the abandoned train station and there was a secret door hidden by two main train engines, my son moved one of them and we had enough room to get to the door by squeezing by the other train. I entered the room first and then the lady and kid and the kid said, "It's Grandpa's workshop!!" in a very enthusiastic voice. The dream ended. :right:
  2. true, and I hate how bungie got rid of ranked objective, make a ranked playlist for everything and a socail playlist for everything, it keeps good variety
  3. i say make it something you can optionally have insalled into the xbox, just makes more sense to me
  4. Some of the achievements are on certain maps
  5. Yess!!! And you put the games in teh top like bread!
  6. btw adam sessler says that master chief is 8 foot tall when he is 7 foot tall, what a noob!
  7. Exactly, no armor abilities in halo 4, this is halo not Call of Doody Mondern gay fudge stupid
  8. the anticipation for halo 4 to come out is kiling me, only if I could be frozen for a year... =p
  9. as a general standpoint microsoft figured they wouldn't make as much profit if they did both computer and xbox, but that's just me talkin nonsense =]
  10. from what i know it says on amazon that my game will be shipped out on the 31st of december, so im assuming it will come out on that day, but hey that's just me, and taco's are awesome btw
  11. what do you mean by classic and modified versions? you can only switch between those in the campaign.
  12. I'm going to take a guess to say an X prism... but dont ask me how that'll work out =p
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