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Vitamin's Steam code giveaway!

Vitamin Pwn

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Due to me being careless with my spending i have not one but 14 steam game codes that i'm gonna give away, 10 of these codes are a total mystery even to me, the guy who spent 7 bucks on a bundle of 10 mystery codes, the other 4 are rpg maker xp, rpg maker vx, rpg maker vx Ace, and visual novel maker.  just let me know here what you want and i'll pm you the code. oh and  obviously it's first come first serve so be quick about it.

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If you're struggling to give the others away, I'll take a second rando ;)


Only if nobody else wants them though.

sure, it seems like everyone one who wanted one got one so you can have a second one for sure


if anyone one else wants a second code let me know 3 randos left and the 3 rpg maker games left

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