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Salopp Joel

New Forger, New Map

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Map: Mire (subject to change)

Current Game modes: Slayer


     So I am totally new to forging. I feel that my aesthetic skills are good and my map design is decent. My main problem is i do not know how to set game modes up. My spawning for slayer works but I would love to have a seasoned forger help.

     Mire is a small to medium sized map set in a swampy, toxic, planet. Its aesthetic is based off of old Forerunner technology. It has an interesting asymmetrical design that creates an interesting movement fro both teams.


Power Weapons: Binary Rifle, Shotgun

Power-Ups: None as of now but there is place for one

Weapons: Battle Rifle x2, Light Rifle x1, Carbine x1, SMG x2, Plasma Repeater x1, Brute Plasma Rifle x1, Plasma Pistol x1, Suppressor x1, Frag G x6, Plasma G x2, Splinter G x2


Would love to have feedback. My gt is Salopp Joel. Just shoot me a friend request and maybe a message that you read this page. Thanks!






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