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The Unofficial 343iCF GOTY Nomination thread

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Time to reflect on arguably the best year the gaming industry has seen in awhile.


I thought it would be fun for members to share what games they really enjoyed playing this year. Maybe one of us will find a gem we did not know existed! 


Criteria for Nomination:

1.) It must be a Full Product Launch, Early Access Launch, Total Converstion Mods, Remasters or large DLC Launch released from January 1st 2016 and onwards.


Thats it really. 



Nominate up to 7 games max in your post you think deserve this very luxurious and unofficial reward. On Friday Nomination will be closed and the 3 games with the most nominations will have a voting thread. Be sure to include a short description of why you nominated said game/DLC/beta/mods/remasters

1.) DOOM
WHATS MORE FUN THEN KILLING DEMONS TO AN AWESOME SOUNDTRACK. Seriously amazing SP game with mediocre Multiplayer(done by Creative Affinity) . The Soundtrack is a true gem.

2.) Overwatch
A Class based shooter with great hero variety and plenty of post launch support. This game is made me avoid any other Multiplayer game since its release and I still can't stop enjoying it after already dipping 100+ Hours. 

3.) Killing Floor 2
I am a huge fan of the first game. Wave based shooter with classes and boss battles? Great fun with friends although it lacks the mechanical depth of the first game but has a great deal of visual and presentation polish. A must have PC game honestly. It launched into beta last year but was fully released in November. 

4.) Starbound
The full game was released this year and it is a huge amount of fun. Great mod support, beautiful pixel art, and the No Mans Sky game you didn't know you wanted. Its basically Terraia in space. 

5.) Eco Global Survival 

Its a Minecraft clone with a focus on ecosystem simulation and the effects of Human C02 emissions As someone who loves animals and the environment I love when games attempt to simulate the real world and educate others with engaging mechanics. Hopefully this isn't a kickstarter flop.



6.) Oxenfree
THIS GAME IS BEAUTIFUL. LOOK AT IT. Short story based game with good writing and sometimes good voice acting. I really enjoyed my time with this game and you should pick it up.

7.) Fallout 4 Nuka World
I don't want to spoil much of the DLC but I loved it. Wish Fallout 4 was more of an RPG though so it gets the bottom of this list. 



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1.) Gears of War 4
After the launch of the abysmal Gears of War: Judgment, I had little hope that another Gears of War game would excite me to this degree. Gears of War 4 takes lessons from 343's own mistakes and adapts to a changing FPS market to create something that feels so classic. The campaign nails the tone of the series and fits right into the existing universe, like a puzzle piece. The inclusion of old characters helps to make the new ones feel engaging, and by the end, I was more excited to see JD, Kait, and Del return in a future sequel than I thought I could be. Multiplayer really feels like classic Gears, and Horde is quite a bit of fun. Gears of War 4 isn't perfect, but it was the game we needed to revive a great franchise.

2.) Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
Another fourth entry to an already great series, Uncharted 4 is a deeply complex and thrilling game with a story that parallels it's precursors. Nathan and his brother have an incredible dynamic, and the ending doesn't feel shoe-horned or overly dark, and is a satisfying end to a great series. Multiplayer is quite fun as well, though, the campaign certainly takes the spotlight.

(I will edit more to this later.) 

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Me likey.  :clap:


I've only played 4 games that were released (and re-released) this year, so my list is really short. Also, because this crap is really long I decided to release the gam-I mean post in two parts. So Part 1 is going up first while Part 2 is coming last, ya idgets.


In order of when I played these:


Part 1:



Launched May 13th


This is one of my most-anticipated games from 2015... Just a cool factoid, nothing more to it. Kinda like the game itself, huh lol... No, really.  :hope:


I have mixed feelings for DOOM. Part of me loves the presentation, but another part dislikes the shallowness. Once you dig through the surface there's not much else to sift through. This game is meant to be a cornerstone for a future franchise, and this restricted approach I think greatly benefited it. But for me personally I really wanted a more in-depth story, and something more than sheer bloodshed for the sake of living up to the series' shtick.


There's also some non-transformative gameplay elements. The Chainsaw grinds through flesh, but what comes out is a mixture of unexpected holographic ammunition. Where this comes from is never explained. The same goes for every other enemy you brutalize with executions: it just gets old after a while. Though DOOM is meant to pay homage to the original games where allot of things aren't explained, like ammo, health, and powerups just laying around wily-nilly so I guess it's forgivable. I still don't like silent protagonists with great power, though.


Anyway I'd go on, but this isn't a full-fledged review. I like DOOM, but it's not GOTY material for me. The game got old really quick, and I wanted it to be over close to its actual end. Bravo to id for being bold.



Resident Evil 5

Re-released on June 28th


This is kind-of a joke entry, and I don't care. Sue me.


Resident Evil 5 is a timeless classic during the transition from the series' juggernaut-era with Resident Evil 4 to the laughing-stock-era with Resident Evil 6. The game has a larger emphasis on action, and nonsensical plot elements (like Chris Redfield gut-punching a frickin' boulder to get it to move :laughing:), but is still a valid third-person horror game in comparison to Resident Evil 4. Albert Wesker is one of the best antagonists in all of gaming.


IMO, Resident Evil was at its prime with 5, and I hold both 4 and 5 in equal regard. Jumping in for a re-release is certain, but the fact that it did not *launch* this year means it cannot be GOTY of 2016... right? RIGHT?!?



Pokemon Sun & Moon

Launched on November 18th


Who didn't see this coming? OK, I didn't see this coming. Sue me again.  :harhar:


I got back into Pokemon this year after more than 10 years of absence with the Virtual-Console release of OG Pokemon Red Version from waaay back in the day. Generation 1 boyee. Then came Pokemon GO, but I wasn't having that hollow Pokemon experience. So I got into Omega Ruby, a REAL Pokemon experience. Nostalgia's hot, yo. I've got allot of gripes with OR, but I had a really good time. If you had asked me at the end of 2015 what my opinions on Pokemon were, I'd say something along the lines of, "Whut? Dat childreens gam? GTF OUTTA MA FACE WIT DAT!" or something. I'm paraphrasing here.


It wasn't hard to get back into the groove with Pokemon, and by the time Sun & Moon launched I was already somewhat of a reawakened semi-pro (don't battle me though, I suck). However... I know how Pokemon is. They pander to both their young audience (supposedly) and "Genwunners" AKA Generation 1 fans (not really Genwunners though, just a joke... don't kill me). Omega Ruby is chocked full of hand-holding, and totally inane plot-points that I hoped were not carried over into Sun & Moon... And unfortunately they did not refrain from doing it in the slightest.


After the devastation caused by Pokemon GO there were ALLOT of old fans returning to the franchise, so I can see there being justification for the hand-holding in Sun & Moon. However the degree they go to get their points across to the Player is laughably bad, and far too complex. It's a genuine representation of taking a step forward, and stepping backward two. There's points where I feel like they're about to break through the cliches of the series... and then they buckle, and follow through with those cliches. Stop teasing us if you're not going to do it, GF.


This crap seriously impacted my experience, but the "stepping forward" parts are really good. This is the first Pokemon game where the world feels ALIVE. Where Pokemon don't feel like mere tools for the Humans, but living parts of the world they hail from. I won't spoil anything in particular except the Pokedex, which is surprisingly dark and primal - especially for a "childrens" game.


Anyhoo, these games feel like iterations rather than innovations.  They're both good and bad, but not GOTY material. This is the last time I'll forgive Pokemon for doing that kiddy crap... Well, after the Generation 4 remakes. Or the trio game on the Switch. "Eclipse" or something.



Part 2:


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There's a lot of good games that have come out this year, a lot being announced and beta tested, a lot of mods too. But let's focus it down for a moment and talk about one. One game that seems like such a breath of fresh air in what has probably become one of the most stale and flooded genres, the classic FPS. Technically it came out in 2015, but since nearly all of the patches and content updates have been deployed in 2016, I'm counting it.


The game is Rainbow Six: Siege.


Simple concept, a team of 5 attackers must enter a building and secure an objective against a team of 5 defenders. While it appears simple at first glance, it becomes far more complex once you factor in the games biggest strength, the environment destruction. Almost any wall and floor can be shot through and destroyed, while both teams posses plenty of tools to do so. This is hands down the most interesting aspect of the game and is something that can truly be called "innovative". Intel becomes a much bigger asset than aiming skill, attackers must plan their attack route carefully, while defenders must make a choice of where to reinforce and bunker or leave open and easily accessible. Adding on to this is the extensive amount of operators that each bring a unique ability to each side, along with unique weapons and stats.


It's a game that promotes teamwork, decision making and intel in such a simple way. It's hard to do the game justice with text, you need to play it for yourself. It's hands down one of the best MP games of the past decade. You'll never be able to play games like CS:GO and Overwatch again after getting a taste.

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1. Skyrim Special Edition


SSE deserves GOTY due all the reasons it did in 2011. The only difference now is that it is all around better. The graphics has been up given a boost. The frame rates are more stable, and generally higher. The bugs that were fixed after Skyrim released in 2011 are still fixed, and then some. The experience for all systems has been enhanced because of modding. PC has always had mods, but now the potential and capabilities are seemingly endless on it. The Xbox One and PS4 also have modding, but it is more restricted, yet there enhances the experience. Players new and old will have a great experience with Skyrim. If you want to get lost in a whole other world, than Skyrim will be the game you want.

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I only played one game because the rest seem boring.  Pokemon Go FTW!!!!  What else needs to be said...it's bloody Pokemon!  It's Poke-tastic!

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Part 2:


Steins;Gate 0

Re-released with Windows support in Japan (and in extension the US if you haul the game over, and use an English subtitle patch) on August 26th


I originally entered the franchise in mid-2014 with the anime, which had a lasting effect on my psyche. The narrative, and its total end left me unable to get any good sleep for weeks after I finished it, and my experience with it was so great that I never wanted it to end. Steins;Gate has its flaws, but its storytelling is superb.


Both Steins;Gate and Steins;Gate 0 are meant to spin the tale of what it took for Okabe Rintaro (the series' primary protagonist) to get to the eponymous and hypothetical Steins Gate: a world free of war, which said war was wrought by tampering with time (to be as basic as possible without spoiling anything). However, in order for... let's say OG Okabe to get to Steins Gate something needed to happen. This is where 0 Okabe, the protag. of Steins;Gate 0, steps in. His actions in Steins;Gate 0 are the backdrop for what happens in OG Steins;Gate, which in essence makes it a prequel story.


In theory it seems easy enough, but in practice it leaves allot to be desired. I feel there were some missed opportunities to tie things together, and the sheer complexity of the story introduces new plot holes or elements which aren't explained. Even so, the amount of content here dwarfs the original Steins;Gate maybe 2 times over. The narrative is dark and jam-packed, and has ALLOT of depth. Kotaku once did an article about the game, and labeled it as a "Dark Time-Travel Tale", which I agree with wholeheartedly . This game is freaking depressing, and just goes to show how important the journey to the Steins Gate really was. The places this game went left me pleasantly surprised.


To go further would require a dedicated review, which I'm not willing to do. Even with my reservations with this game I still think it's a good contender for GOTY, and possibly even an equal to OG Steins;Gate. However, because it was not released originally in 2016 it may be left out because of a technicality... right?






DOOM is a good game no doubt, but not one of the greats for me. While its simplistic, and nostalgic approach works wonders for it, this relatively "safe" structure doesn't make it one of the greats. It's not GOTY for me.


Resident Evil 5 simply had its time, and a re-release won't put it on any GOTY list for me past the year 2009. It's still an amazing game regardless.


Pokemon Sun & Moon are even worse than DOOM in the safe regard. They're ideal childrens games, but unfortunately attempt to shove ideas and tutorials down the player's throat at every opportunity. They're great games... but not GOTY.


Which leaves the final game... Aaaaannd my nomination iiiiiiiiisss.......


Steins;Gate 0


I don't care about technicalities. This game deserves GOTY simply because of the amount of detail put into it, let alone the sheer amount of content and great narrative it has. It has its issues, but I feel it's more than made up for with its strengths. :)


Hopefully I won't have to wait ANOTHER YEAR for an official English PC release in the US. :C

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Uncharted 4: A Thief's End - I've been a fan of the Uncharted series since it first launched, and it's one game I'm always willing to go back to, regardless of the entry in the series. However, with this latest release, it's all but guaranteed that my go to title will be number 4. A sublime story, beautiful environments, amazing voice work, and the same action packed gameplay with new innovations to spice it up. Now with the release of the survival game type for multiplayer, I'll be willing to play it even when the normal multiplayer gets frustrating.


Overwatch - It's hard to fathom the cultural impact this game has had; spawning a thriving fandom well before release, and only growing since. With an intriguing lore, well designed, likable characters at launch and being added consistently, and a story just waiting to be expanded upon (STORY MODE, BLIZZARD. F'N DO IT.) It's safe to say this titan of a game won't be going anywhere anytime soon. (Unless they don't add a story mode. then it's screwed.)


Battlefield 1 - No one can deny the risk DICE took when deciding upon the first world war as their setting for their next game. And no one can deny that it paid off in droves. As most modern shooter franchises are looking to the future, DICE dove into the past, and delivered a solid, engrossing shooter with solid story missions, exciting multiplayer, and most importantly to me... that menu music. (UGH.... So GUD)

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I haven't played very many games that were released this year, but I do have two suggestions:


1) Don't Starve Together

Even though it was in early access since 2014, it was finally completed and came out of early access on April 21st this year. But since then, Klei has continuously added in new content to the game and given it a lot of TLC. They've added new bosses, new enemies, and other features not present in the single player game. Because of this commitment to improving an already fun game, I'm willing to say that it's my multiplayer game of the year.


2) Stardew Valley

This game ate up more time during the summer than I'm willing to admit. It was a complete change of pace compared to other games that I played, and it was a good game to unwind with unless you're trying to catch those infuriating legendary fish. It was relaxing yet satisfying tending to crops, fishing, talking to the townsfolk, and listening to a chill soundtrack while doing everything mentioned before. The fact that it was made by ONE guy makes it all the more impressive that there's so much to do, that it looks amazing, and the music sounds great. But, the potential for additional content to be released in the future and multiplayer set to launch sometime in 2017 means that Stardew will have much more to offer in the future, and I'm looking forward to it. For these reasons, I'd say this is my single player game of the year.

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