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My Gamertag: Not Donovan
10-12 players
Little Dead Space 2 inspiration...
I wanted to play with gravity on this map. There are 3 areas with either low/zero gravity. (Might remove one, I'll get to that shortly).
There is a small gravity lift that uses gravity volumes and there is low gravity in the half destroyed satellite room.
Weapons -
1 DMR - 0 spare
1 SAW - 0 spare
1 Magnum - 0 spare
1 SMG - 0 spare
2 Shotguns - 0 spare
1 Boltshot - 1 spare
1 Scattershot - 0 spare
1 of each grenade
Some things may change depending on feedback.
Video of 1.2: 










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After some feedback from Zandril, I made some big changes about the map. Also, there is a new video walk through!




- The huge room with the DMR no longer has zero gravity. The DMR was lowered so players can reach it. If you fall in the hole, you will obviously die. 


- I changed the lighting back to a darker shade because my original plan for this map was for it to provide a creepy experience for players.


- The hallway with the shotgun leading up to the satellite room was a huge problem for the infected during my most recent tests. Humans could sit at the back of the hallway and spray infected whenever they turned the corner. To stop this, I added a thin pillar for infected to use as cover. 


- Removed the gates that were blocking the SAW room.


- Reforged all the hallways and moved some entrances to block sight lines. 


- Got rid of lazy cover. (most of it)


Small changes:

- New sounds

- New aesthetics

- Weapons don't respawn until the next round

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Liking the changes from what I'm seeing in the screens! Good stuff NotDonovan


Thank you :D if you happen to play on it, let me know if there's anything else I should change

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