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Do you need a few Custom Game maps to improve your Halo 5 experience?
If you answered YES than you have come to the right place.
I have compiled a few maps that are worthy of any great Custom Game playlist.


Halo 5 currently uses a Bookmark system which allows players to Bookmark their favourite maps and use them in Custom Game lobbies,
The Only downside to this is that you must have the Map Author (Or someone who has the map Bookmarked) as a Friend on XBL.
To bypass this I will be adding all these maps to my Bookmark list allowing everyone to add a single user for all the maps featured in this list.

     Step 1: Add FatAussieFatB0y on XBL (Profile Link)
     Step 2: Access the Halo 5 Friends list and press 'A' on FatAussieFatB0y (I could be offline, so remember to check your entire list before posting about problems)
     Step 3: Go to the Bookmarks Tab and press the Left Thumbstick inwards to download the corresponding Map and Gametype.
     Step 4: Custom Game Playlist Royalty Achieved.

(Please Note that by using the Bookmark system you will get automatic Map Updates as newer versions are released by the creators)


(Please Note that certain gametypes will need to have Honour Rules in play for effective and fun gameplay)

  • Map Name: Tankworld
    Gametype Name: Tankworld Elimination
    Map Author: Home World Hero
  • Map Name: Reaper
    Gametype Name: Reaper
    Map Author: ChewyNutCluster
    Please Note that one player must be on the Red Team and all other players must be on the Blue Team for this gametype to work properly.
  • Map Name: Battlegoose Stadium
    Gametype Name: Battlegoose
    Map Author: Debo37 & CaptainPunch
  • Map Name: The Great Griddle
    Gametype Name: Flapjack Frenzy
    Map Author: SplinterBL
    Please Note that one player must be on the Blue Team and all other players must be on the Red Team for this gametype to work properly.
  • Map Name: Simon Says
    Gametype Name: Jump On the Colours!
    Map Author: FatAussieFatB0y (Forum Owner)
  • Map Name: Warthog Sumo
    Gametype Name: Team Sumo, FFA Sumo
    Map Author: TurbTastic
  • Map Name: Crash Up Derby
    Gametype Name: Demolition Arena
    Map Author: NGX Alpha
  • Map Name: Rocket League (Big, Small)
    Gametype Name: Rocket League by Turb
    Map Author: TurbTastic
  • Map Name: They Spin Me Right Round
    Gametype Name: They Spin Me Right Round
    Map Author: UnknownEmerald
  • Map Name: Turf War
    Gametype Name: Turf War
    Map Author: ChewyNutCluster
  • Map Name: Mantis Arena (1.0)
    Gametype Name: Mantis Breakout
    Map Author: MorsLupus
  • Map Name: Deadly's Dodgeball
    Gametype Name: Deadly's Dodgeball
    Map Author: Deadly Daybreak
  • Map Name: Avalanche
    Gametype Name: Avalanche
    Map Author: Julianoz1224
  • Map Name: Interstate
    Gametype Name: Splat Splat
    Map Author: Mr Q Prime
  • Map Name: Trenchwars (V2.0)
    Gametype Name: Strongholds
    Map Author: RBG RAMPANT
  • Map Name: Mongoose Sumo
    Gametype Name: Team Sumo, FFA Sumo
    Map Author: TurbTastic
  • Map Name: Jenga Tower
    Gametype Name: Jenga Tower
    Map Author: UnknownEmerald
    Please Note that one player must be on the Blue Team and all other players on the Red Team for this gametype to work properly.

(As suggested by Infurnomancer)

  • Map Name: Delta Ruins
    Map Author: Eshkii
  • Map Name: Havalla (V1.1)
    Map Author: No God Anywhere
  • Map Name: Sandtrap (26)
    Map Author: WyvernZu
  • Map Name: Rust
    Map Author: Kr1pL3r
  • Map Name: The Pit
    Map Author: IISilentII
  • Map Name: HCE Battle Creek
    Map Author: AUREL1EN
  • Map Name: HCE Boarding Action
    Map Author: Blackmist523
  • Map Name: Chill Out
    Map Author: JoeDannyMan
  • Map Name: Chiron TL-34
    Map Author: Evilbrothers4
Please note that a few of these maps will not be playable on current Halo 5 Gametypes such as Strongholds and CTF.

Those were a few maps that you don't want to be caught without inside your Halo 5 Custom Game Playlist.
Now get out there and grab your friends and enjoy all that Halo 5 has to offer.
(Remember to check up on this list from time to time as I will be adding new maps every week)

If you want your map to be featured in this list than please feel free to add me on XBL (FatAussieFatB0y) and send me a message of the map name and map gametype along with a few pictures (Pictures are not necessary) and a brief map description.
If I find the map suitable for the list than I will message you back congratulating you on your successful submission and it will be added to this list ASAP.
(Please Note: If you wish to test your map with me then please let me know in the message as I will be more than happy to invite you and anyone else who might be interested)
What if I'm a loner and don't have friends on Xbox One? That's ok, I understand that some people still don't own an Xbox One and so some of your friends that you might of played with on Xbox 360 won't be able to join you on your awesome Halo 5 adventure. So I have devised a plan... I will be hosting a Weekly Custom Game lobby for anyone who wishes to join, all you will need to do is add me on XBL (FatAussieFatB0y). Next you will need to stalk my account and check what I am doing, If I'm in a Custom Game lobby that is not on invite only then please feel free to join me as I will be either testing maps or playing Custom Games. No invitation is required.
(Please Note: The Custom Game lobby has no set time or day of the week, so I will be sending a post on the Xbox Feed 1 hour prior to each Custom Game lobby)


Well that's all guys/girls, hope that this list has come in handy for you all.
See you on the WarZone.
<3 FatAussieFatBoy

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