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We already know that Halo 5 Guardians will sell a heap ton of copies. My question is can Halo 5 garner the attention that the series once had in the Halo 3 days. Honestly, im a bit skeptical. Halo 5 is going to have tons of competition this year with the likes of Black ops 3 and Battlefront 3. I'm quite confident that the campaign will exceed our expectations and review scores will be great ( Shooter of the year possibly ). But, what about the multiplayer?For me it seems that 343 is taking the right step in multiplayer, but they could do more. Halo 1 was the beginning of halo and showed the masses that a console can have an awesome first person shooter.
Halo 2 completely improved the combat functions of halo 1 and showed everyone that multiplayer and a thriving community is completely possible on a console.
Halo 3 completely improved over the last two and added amazing community features like forge and theater mode. Which led to awesome game-types, including infection, grifball, duckhunt, etc...
Even Halo ODST added firefight mode, which was actually relatively popular
Halo Reach introduced armor abilities, ( which many don't like)The bottom line is, what will Halo 5 bring to the table? Really, to me it seems like Warzone fills that hole. But really, all I see is something that will not be played a couple months from release, as it looks to appeal to the casual audience ( Its not out yet, we will see).
Can Halo 5 truly Excel like Halo 1,2 and 3 did ? Or will we see thread posts a couple months after Halo 5's release, discussing the low

population of the game ?


I also left a video with further discussion here. Check it out and overall, let me know what you guys think.

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I think Halo 2/3 numbers, like nearly exact numbers would be pretty hard to sustain. You do have to also think about how the market looked back in 2007 and 2004. The FPS market was a lot less cluttered back then. CoD wasn't as big as it was, Battlefield is the same. Halo 2 was the FPS online console game to go to, because it was ONE of the only Console FPS's like it. I really can't think of what to compare it to back then. Although the innovation and overall greatness of the games were the main driving point of replay-ability and longevity, the way things were back then also helped as well.


But I did watch the video, and Most of your points are spot on. I do hope for the best this October, even with all the negativity floating around. I liked the video. It was a short talk, but you got Straight to the point and were thorough. You get a thumbs up from me. smile.png

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Runt has already hit the nail on the head but I'm going to hit another one..... or die trying. 
Anyone who knows anything about the FPS market back then knows the FPS market was less cluttered, its time to accept you will never get back to the so called "Halo 2/Halo 3 golden days" thought to be honest I prefer Reach because of Forge and Custom games.

"I'm quite confident that the campaign will exceed our expectations" Possible but the Halo 5 campaign will certainly be the best in the series? why?
Because its going to have a interesting story, good and well developed characters among other things, something every Halo game besides Halo 4 has lacked.
Aside if your a Halo lore buff like me Chief was a boring blank slate, and so was Arbiter and all the others in the Bungie Halo games.
Only the books and Halo 4 made them interesting.  Luckily 343 seems to be pushing story and character so that's awesome.
I also watched your video and lets face it, its pretty obvious the Ign reviews, Gamespot ones etc are either brought and paid for or the reviewers don't know what they are talking about. The only way to truly judge a game or avoid sites like Ign or Gamespot or any big news site. Go for the small reviewers who are probably actual fans of the series and know what they are talking about.

"Halo Reach introduced armor abilities" What about the brilliant customisation?! The amazing Forge maps and cool custom games you could create. That's why Reach was my favourite of the series overall, playing awesome custom games with my friends.

"to me it seems like Warzone fills that hole" Yes, among other things.


Now back to your points in the video.


"It was dumbing down" Why did you bring the dumbing down argument into Halo? adding loadouts dosent make the game dumber..... The dumbing down argument is usually made by Morrowind fanboys against Skyrim for why they hate it. For example, you used to have to listen to the instructions of npc's or look at maps to find what to do in a quest. Now you have a quest marker! And that's a good point for all intents and purposes that is dumbing down as they say....

Adding killstreakers isn't dumbing down.


"How do we make sure this dosent happen again?" Boycot the Halo franchise or something?! :doge:


"I'm still wondering if 343 can bring Halo back to the top" As Runt previously stated, no, nobody can and nobody ever will. I mean maybe if it multiplatform but Halo is only on Xbox so, not going to happen.


"What is Halo 5 doing that is truly innovative?" Nothing, but its so hard to be innovative these days, because everything has been done really. The best thing we have seen to something innovate was the Nemesis system in Shadow of Mordor. To judge innovations now you have to judge it by that franchise for example. Wow Fallout 4 has voiced character, that's innovative, for the franchise. Wow Halo 5 has 24 players! That's innovate, for the franchise. You see Halo 5 is being innovative in its own way.


"I see a cash grab game mode for casual" You just lost all credibility, I am by very definition a hardcore Halo player ( when I used to play it ) but yet I would still play Warzone. Please don't tell me you a hardcore Halo fan and you hate casuals or something because clearly THOSE THINGS DONT EXIST!


"I want to see the series excel like it used to" Unless its a multiplatform game, its never, ever, going to, don't be delusional and let your love of the franchise blind you to basic logic.


"Maybe I'm just dreaming" At least you see you are delusional.....


"Why would you not want Firefight?" Because they prefer Spartan ops?


"What negative effect could Firefight have, waste resources ( if you don't like it )


"I don't understand what's going on" People having opinions, let me tell you something from one guy to another guy, the Human race is a pretty interesting race with lots of different and varying opinions that make no sense to others, but makes sense to them. People have opinions that is what's going on, and that's a good thing.


Okay and that's a wrap folks, anyway I know the end got a bit picky but whatever.


Caboose out!


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I think it will because 343i is learning from their mistakes. (Halo: MCC) Halo 5 shows promise, that's why I think it will excel.


Warzone is definitely a improvement, many people may or may not dislike the 'new' gameplay of Warzone, but I think that's what makes it unique from other Halos. ^_^ Do I believe Halo 5 will excel? Yes.

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Sadly, Halo 5 will not be included in the next version of Microsoft Office.

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