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Multiple Achievement related issues.

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Big thread developing over achievement problems at Halo Waypoint -



I did a quick search but didn't see a lot of posts here about achievement problems here.


What I've encountered so far -

Completed Achievements not unlocking or showing as 100% -
1. Pillar of Autumn - Halo CE: Complete The Pillar of Autumn.
2. Halo - Halo CE: Complete Halo.
3. Skulltaker Halo: CE: Mythic - Halo CE: Find and claim the Mythic skull in remastered mode.
4. Skulltaker Halo: CE: Boom - Halo CE: Find and claim the Boom skull in remastered mode.
5. Sacrifice - Halo CE: Activate Terminal 2 on Halo.
Achievements successfully unlocked -
1. Just Getting Started - Kill 100 enemies or players.
2. Balaho's Most Wanted - Kill 100 Grunts.
Achievements unlocked successfully - THEN RE-LOCKED
1. My Buddy Chips - Halo CE: Fight alongside Chips Dubbo and listen to his words of wisdom.
^ How can it re-lock? Yes, I'm saying this achievement successfully unlocked but is now showing as locked.
I've also lost all progress functionality in the achievements app. Earlier I did see a few listed as 100% with the word "unlocking" awkwardly beside it... Now those are gone, and all achievements like the "Kill 100 Elites" show as 0%.
Additional information -
- I've tried a hard reboot of the console.
- I've signed out without Halo running, signed in and re-launched the game.
- I've signed out with Halo running, signed in when prompted and continued.
- I began playing around 1pm PST 
- I'm using the disc version
- Any sort of stats screen via 'Career' times out and tells me to try again later.

Thanks, hopefully this can get sorted out soon.

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My list of Achievements that I can't unlock are as follows:


1. The Road: Beat Tsavo Highway.

2. Assault: Beat The Storm

3. Skulltaker H3: Iron Skull

4. Skulltaker: Tough Luck Skull.


EDIT: I also just beat Pillar of Autumn and found the Iron skull for Halo: CE. No achievements. I've come to the conclusion that achievement tracking is part of the outage for Xbox LIVE. Looks like I'm done playing for the night.


I checked after I completed each task, and the game registered that I had completed them, showing 100% in the progress bar for each achievement. But I had since done a hard reset on the console, and now shows 0% progress for all of said achievements.


On an unrelated note, but to add to the "glitches" I've come across, every time I finish a matchmade game, no matter which playlist, I have to close the game and restart. It will either get stuck on the loading screen, or get stuck on the post game lobby.

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I can't get the second terminal for halo2 to unlock.i press the button and no achievement.and the 2 mission won't unlock either.i found the scarab gun and the soccer ball and those two achievements unlock.it just said done!unlocking.i had the same problem with sunset overdrive with the find 20 views in the city and it took a week just for it to unlock

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If you read this:


It explains how they understand the faults and will release an update to try and fix this.

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Thanks.i just hope the update will unlock the achievements and not reset them.i lasted an hour just to get the scarab gun and soccer ball achievement

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