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Destiny getting higher level cap!

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'The Dark Below' DLC coming to Destiny this December will not only feature more Strikes and gear, but it's level cap may also be increased. We've got some details that were extracted from the game's data files. There is a 'Hard' difficulty setting suited for Level 32s.


Now how exactly will this play out? Will we need more light to reach a level higher than 30? This could give us the opportunity to possibly have more than one piece of exotic armour. There will also be new Legendary Armour coming, this could be our way to gaining even more light and reaching higher levels.


How high do you think the Level cap will reach? Will you be buying the DLC this December?




Sources: http://gamerant.com/destiny-dark-below-legendary-gear-discovered/


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Not much point buying this DLC. Since you can already just glitch into most of the DLC areas which is good enough for me since I'm not going to buy the middle and end of the game I bought already.


Sure you can glitch into the areas, but there's nothing much you can do. The DLC will add on missions and extra storyline, new gear, and a higher level cap. There isn't much point in glitching into an area where you can't do much.

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It's going to work the exact way it already does. Although we'll be able to get upgrade materials to  "Reforge" legendary items and our Exotics to increase the light amount to get to 30 but, will need the new Raid gear to reach the higher level cap.


I have the season pass so I basically already own both of the DLC packs coming out but, with recently purchasing Halo: MCC and Advanced Warfare I doubt I'll be picking up Destiny anytime soon. The game just got so boring with having to constantly farm mats and doing the raid and getting no gear and having to sit for a week to once again get nothing. Not very appealing to me at all. Who knows though I might pick it back up long enough to run through the new story missions and do the strikes a few times before going back to MCC.

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