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UNSC Warlord Chapter 14

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~Chapter 14: Danger~


Destroyer reached over and inserted a CD into the Warthogs CD player. He looked back at Doc with a big grin on his face.


With a heavy sigh, Doc responded to him. “What are you smiling about? It better not be the song on that CD.”


“Nope, just enjoying the drive.” Destroyer adjusted himself in his seat.


The CD player started to play music loud enough for everyone in the vehicle to hear it clearly and thoroughly. “Splish, splash, I was takin’ a bath; Long about a Saturday night...”


“You have got be freaking kidding me, Destroyer. What the hell is this?” Doc was a little impatient about the song that was being played.


Destroyer was in a sing-a-long, “Well, I stepped out the tub; I put my feet on the floor... Ah C’mon man, it’s a good song. Sing with me, why don’t you?”


Doc just glared at him, “Why on worth would I do that? This song sounds ancient, despite being played on a CD player. Why do we still have CD players in our Warthogs?” His mind was about to burst from all of his confusion.


Destroyer turned the dial to the right, the music went right with it. “Alright, alright. My bad. I guess I can’t have any fun.” He crosses his arms over his chest. The warthog slightly turns right off the road. He grabs it and swerves it back on the left side of the road.


Doc turns the turret to the right to resist being thrown off, “God damn it Destroyer. Pay attention and quit whining like a marine.”


Destroyer looks back at him, “I’m sorry. I just want my music.”


Doc narrows his eyes, “How about you do what I told you and not listen to your music?”


Destroyer, “Jeez. I was just being sarcastic.”


“So am I, and I’m failing, and I’m sorry for that.” Zen yelled out in his sleep.


“What’s his deal?” Destroyer raised his eyebrows with a mixture of feelings.


Doc stole the look off Destroyer’s face, “I have no idea what happened either.”


Destroyer continued to press forward, without music until they reached their destination. Doc sat down with the turret faced opposed of the direction they were headed.


They reached it, well almost. They arrived at a UNSC outpost inside the canyon, not even 15 minutes later. An ODST approached them.


“Who are you and why are you here?” He asked.


Doc got up and answered the man, “We’re part of Team Lord, we are from the UNSC Warlord. We were sent here to drop off this soldier, Zen, for ONI. No other intel was given, sir.”


The ODST stared directly at him, Doc could feel the heat pinch in him that made him think what he told the ODST was wrong. The ODST responded, “Alright, we have a falcon ready for you. It should take you up to Farragut Outpost. You will then proceed from there to ONI Sword Base. They will take care of the rest from there.” The ODST walked away and a Falcon landed where he stood.


The pilot opened the hatch and helped load Zen and Gregor in the passenger seats. Doc and Destroyer proceeded to the gunner seats and sat down. The falcon began to escalate.


“So Doc, what do you think is going on?” Destroyer looked turned around and asked.


“Me? I don’t know. I’m just doing my job.” Doc stared out over the horizon.


“Attention passengers, we will be landing in the ONI Sword Base Courtyard alternatively due to Farragut Station’s Communications being offline. ETA in 30 seconds. Prepare for departure.” The pilot steered the Falcon towards an enormous pike resembling structure.


Doc and Destroyer hopped out of the falcon. Doc grabbed Zen; Destroyer grabbed Gregor. The falcon then departed from them and took off.


Two medics ran down to the courtyard and grabbed Zen, they then slowly carried him back to the structure. A woman appeared outside the door after they left. She walked down to the courtyard to meet up with them.


The lady began to speak, “Hello, I am Catherine Halsey. You may refer to me as Dr. Halsey or just Halsey. Thank you for the package. Your friend, Zen was carrying an artifact we so dreadfully needed to help us against the covenant. You guys managed to do that job. I have contacted Moth of Warlord and let him know you have arrived. A falcon should be here for you shortly.”


Halsey began to walk away. Doc couldn’t help but call out a question, “Will Zen becoming back?”


She turned around and smiled, “One way or another. Yes.” She proceeded back inside.

The falcon landed inside the Sword Base courtyard, Cajun opened the hatch and called out, “Come on, let’s go! Warlord is ready to leave!”


They sat Gregor in the passenger seat, the proceeded to take the turrets. Cajun violently raised the falcon at full speed. “Watch out, we got enemy heat signatures showing up from behind on the radar!”


Doc and Destroyer turned their turrets around. Banshees. Three of them, all headed at full speed towards them.


Doc opened fire on the machine gun, he took down one. Destroyer did the same on his side.


“Where did the third one go?” Doc called out.


Destroyer looked around, he saw it and yelled, “It’s in front of us! He looks like he’s turning around to take us out with the fuel rod!” Doc and Destroyer opened fire, they managed to take off the wings. It still flew, now it was unable to hit out of site.


“Don’t worry, I got this. Thanks for the assist.” Cajun opened fire on the nose gun, the banshee exploded into pieces towards the surface.


“What the hell is going on here?” Gregor was awake.


“Sir, it’s the Covenant.” Doc replied to him.


“You dip head, they’re ain’t no covenant on Reach.” Gregor responded.


Their COM’s came on, “UNSC Warlord to team Lord, do you hear me? I repeat, do you hear



“Yes I here you, Warlord. What’s going on?” Gregor took the COM’s.


“ONI has called out the Winter Contingency.” Warlord replied.


“Winter Contingency?” Gregor looked at the other two as if they knew what that was, they just

shrugged their soldiers.


Warlord came in again, “The Covenant are on Reach. I repeat the Covenant are on Reach.”


The Covenant are on Reach, those words stuck in their heads.


~End of Chapter 14~


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The Covenant are on Reach ? :o







btw, another good chapter Fishy this definitely peaked my attention back into the series.

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