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Gamertag: TyranicSlayer


Map: Cat n' Mice

Gametype: Claws and Madness


Description: Cat n' Mice is extremely fun. The wraith must try to splatter or knock of the mongooses as they zoom around the skate-park like arena. The mongooses attempt to trick the wraith into mines, lining the walls of the course, or into the path of the kill ball launcher. The wraith's gun has been removed and gameplay is quite balanced. The map allows for some epic jumps and stunts for a race feel with a crazy twist. Drive, dodge, and drift your way to survival in the ultimate minigame.


Recommended Player Count: 9, due to the limit of mongooses, players will be forced to carpool with 10 or more people.











There are a few obvious honor rules:

Do not hijack the wraith.( Feel free to turn passengers off if you have 9 or less people.)

Do not get out of the wraith or mongooses. 

Have fun. 


Let me know what you think- TyranicSlayer


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You can make the flood invincible. you can't highjack the wraith, you only can board it.


You can make the speed of the flood and humans extremely slow to discourage people from getting out.


Just a suggestion, no need to do it if you don't want to :)

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