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  1. No, I can't figure where I would send it. If you find anything please tell me.
  2. I don't think it would hard at all. It would be like a armor piece on the monitor. I think it would be cool if they did it, but if they don't i wouldn't mind.
  3. I just read this back and thought that the skulls in forge would be named copper and the multiplayer skulls would be called bronze. Also once you find all the forge skulls you could receive a skull forge monitor skin!
  4. They could take all the credit for they want. As long as it's in the game I would be happy to tell my friends that i thought of that Of course if they want to give me a free xbox one or a car it wouldn't hurt. Anyways, I actually think it would be good easy addition to halo 5 and they should take this idea and expand it. (Don't worry 343, I won't sue you...)
  5. I think im going to send this to halo 5 follower, and he could talk about and add a link in one of his videos to a poll. Once we have plenty of votes, 343 couldn't possibly deny or would they?
  6. I would just take a saw and slaughter them down in seconds. Could imagine getting into a tank and dying from a single crawler! Does 343 really check the waypoint forums?
  7. Thank you for supporting my ideas! I posted it on halo waypoint here: https://forums.halowaypoint.com/yaf_postst228920_Epic-Skull-Ideas.aspx
  8. Yeah, if I were them i would make it like in halo 3 mythic, but add one weekly. They could even put skulls on forge maps. However, you wouldn't be able to pick them up in forge. So you have to build something to get to it, then pick it up in custom games. Just another idea, seems like skulls would be a really easy way to keep us returning or staying with halo 5. What do you think?
  9. I haven't seen many cheaters but definitely a lot of lag. I played one game of team slayer and my teamate got 42 kills and no deaths! I wasn't watching him closely but he was rank 1 and was already wearing the oceanic helmet. Besides that, some people are really good at halo 4 considering its far easier than the past games. I remember i got a killionaire in swat with a total of 34 kill and I was sent a pretty nasty message from the other team. So, just because they get a lot of kills doesn't mean they cheat.
  10. Gamertag: TyranicSlayer Map: Cat n' Mice Gametype: Claws and Madness Description: Cat n' Mice is extremely fun. The wraith must try to splatter or knock of the mongooses as they zoom around the skate-park like arena. The mongooses attempt to trick the wraith into mines, lining the walls of the course, or into the path of the kill ball launcher. The wraith's gun has been removed and gameplay is quite balanced. The map allows for some epic jumps and stunts for a race feel with a crazy twist. Drive, dodge, and drift your way to survival in the ultimate minigame. Recommended Player Count: 9, due to the limit of mongooses, players will be forced to carpool with 10 or more people. There are a few obvious honor rules: Do not hijack the wraith.( Feel free to turn passengers off if you have 9 or less people.) Do not get out of the wraith or mongooses. Have fun. Let me know what you think- TyranicSlayer
  11. Yes! That armour was awesome! What do you think about skulls in multiplayer maps? They could even add a skull every week somewhere different in a multiplayer map and you get achievements about every 5 skulls and a skull helmet( like halo reach) once you find all 20. They should be difficult to find but 343 should tell us the map it is on for the week and a little riddle to help us find it. I would definitely search for them and return weekly. Bungie did something similar to this in the mythic map pack i think. It was a blast, what do you think?
  12. CAMPAIGN. General Overview In the campaign, there should be 3 different categories of skulls, silver, gold, and titanium. Gold skulls are the same skulls in previous games and require a complex puzzle to find. Titanium skulls are extremely hard to find and require two or more players to get. They include the new competitive/fun skulls. Finally, the silver skulls are all the crazy fun skulls. They require you to do something stupid or think outside the box to find. They are often found in odd funny easter eggs and strange locations. Descriptions TITANIUM Clueless: turns off all way points and directions Unstoppable: increased speed and moves slowly even when trying to stay still. Odst : Just you, your smg, and your guts. Old school: who needs new weapons, sprint or armor abilities? Paranormal : all enemies equipped with active camouflage and swords. Hunter: all enemies and vehicles are replaced with hunters!! Happy hunting! Uno: one shot to kill, one shot to die. Custom : Your survival is in your hands. GOLD All past skulls excluding the original silver. SILVER Shakespeare : Enemies often recite lines. Freaky Foe : Allies swap voices with enemies therefore a grunt could sound like master chief and vice versa. Blamite! : Everyone is equipped with only needlers. All weapons, vehicles and players are also hot pink. Halo: enemies are shown with angel wings and a glowing halo. When you kill them their bodies float upward and fade out with a grunt saying aaaaaaahhhhh in a spiritual voice. Puberty : Grunts speak in a very deep voice and every one else sounds like they sucked in helium. Lala: all enemies sing when in danger. Hashtag: Everyone in the game speaks in teenage text language. Grunt Birthday Party IWHBYD COWBELL BLIND Locations and Execution examples Hashtag: A common encounter with grunts with this activated would sound like this: hashtag you die!!! yodo bully!!! Jk...!!!! accept my friend request i wont hurt u!! I cant take it anymore my battery's dead!! (grunt commits sucide) Lol. Stupid iphone 900 killed kakawuki!! Omg! Kakawuki was my mother from another brother! And you killed her?!! This skull would be found in an easter egg after setting a marine on fire who is texting his mother and reading the funny message a loud. Only a skull will remain where he once stood. Clueless: With this skull you will receive no directions, waypoints or ai support. This skull is hidden ironically right below a flash of a random way point. To receive however, you must ram your warthog into a rock and launch your teamate, who was standing on top into the air over a cliff. They must grab the skull while in the air and throw it back to you before falling to their death. Blamite! : With this skull activated expect all enemies, and players to be pink and equipped with needlers. All vehicle bullets are also pink. So expect to seeing adorable pink hunters with a pink fuel rod surrounded by his mini pink grunt minions. This skull would be found in a Blamite, pink crystal, cave. You must shoot the crystal spikes on the ceiling to knock them down and find one with a crystal skull inside. Odst: With this skull activated, expect to have no radar or shields. This skull would be found by human drop poding off of a tower. One person must stand on the others head to survive the fall. When the other person respawns one person must get in the hornet and the other on top. They fly to an overhang on the tower, where there is a window on the bottom. The hornet must fly upward pushing the person on top through the window where a skull awaits after they crack the glass. That makes around 30 skulls in campaign. If there is ten missions there will be three on each level. That will lead to extra hours of game play in the campaign. If you find all the skulls in the campaign you should unlock the hayabusa armor and achievement. MULTIPLAYER The skulls found on firefight/multiplayer maps are in the bronze category. 343 could add a skull every week in a social playlist, or maybe firefight, in war games. The skulls would be hidden very well and you will only be told the map it is on. Every five skulls, you receive an achievement and a new skull inspired, armor piece until you find all 20 to receive the final skull helmet. FORGE Copper skulls, are hidden on every map in custom games at start. However, these skulls can only be found by building a path to it in forge. You can not pick up the skull in forge, only in custom games. Once you find all skulls in forge, you will receive a forge monitor skin, of a skull and an achievement. Conclusion Once you have found all skulls in the game, you will receive the "It's all in your head" achievement. You will also receive a legendary skull emblem, weapon skin, and katana sword. What are your thoughts and ideas?
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