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New Destiny Concept Art From GDC


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Today Bungie was in the spot light at the game developers conference, they discussed some of their techniques and inspirations when building destiny but the main part of it all was the new concept art. As a large amount of concept art was shown I will try and provide the most interesting pieces I captured from the video


First up we have an abandoned colony on Europa which is one of Jupiter's moons 




Here we have alien ruins on Venus it's unknown which alien race once inhabited this place




These are some early concepts of space ships that did not make the cut




Here is a space station and a space ship, bungie said they focused more on these so it's possible these made the cut.






Here is a hanger where human ships are docked one of the bungie guys said this is a place where heroes show of their armor and personal space ships. This seems to suggest the player can customize their own personal ships.




Here is a place that bungie describes as a frozen city occupied by machines where towers and skyscrapers become dungeons.




Here is a place currently known as the buried city as you can see ruins buried in mountains of sand on Mars.




This is one of the enemy races space zombies but officially named "Hive".




The flooded streets of Old Chicago.




And here are some different types of weapons, they didn't mention that these were early concepts or finalized concepts but no doubt we will be seeing some of these in the game.










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Oh man oh man. Watching this live was difficult, had to sit here in wet pants because I was wetting myself in excitement, changing them would mean missing things!

I can not wait for this game, it's going to be a revolution for gaming. I'm sure of it! 


Thanks for posting these.  :thumbsup:


No problem thank you, some of these images makes my anticipation for the game even greater.

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I would love to get Destiny looks like a new original game nothing like others.

Considering, I have seen Bungies earlier work

I know this game will be a huge success.


Also I would like to thank you

for posting this amazing pictures.

Good job dude, they look cool!

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