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  1. I've lost the gaming experience for a while now, which is perfectly normal considering I've played a diverse amount of games over my gaming years. From Mario on the N64, GTA Vice city/SA and MOH on the Ps2 Platinum, Pokemon Yellow/Pinball on the gameboy colour, Pokemon Crystal/sapphire on the Gameboy advance, James bond everything or nothing on Gamecube, Halo CE and Halo 2 on Xbox one with the occasional Turok. CoD, Halo 3, Viva pinata, Forza and Gears on the Xbox 360, Runescape and WoW, The Total war games ( Rome 2 sucks )and Europa universalis, Heck even Habbo Hotel when I was a degenerate youth. I've had my share of 'uniqueness' in games as I come from a diverse gaming background, and to be honest none of the newer releases on next gen look any different to what I've experienced from the past. I'm no longer interested in competitiveness either, too much nonsense involved. Lore is all I have, and even then it's only fun when you throw yourself into the mix, into that universe you've delved so deeply in. Gaming will be dead to me in a year or two. I don't even touch my Xbox 360 anymore, it has more dust than a 100 year old haunted mansion.
  2. I wont be buying it because I too don't own an Xbox one, and never will. I shall watch the walkthrough of it on Youtube and then delve deep into the Lore in forum discussions, that'll save me plenty of money and still get what I want from the game itself.
  3. The flood were the result of a defect from powder which the Precursors had turned themselves into and left behind after the ancient Forerunners destroyed them. The Flood are almost completely mandatory to the Halo universe, at least the story line we're currently indulged with in. Besides, the Flood are prophecized to return to test Humanity, and the Flood we faced already are kittens to the original Flood the Ancient Humans and Forerunners faced. At some point we will face the Flood.... Because we have too.
  4. It's good too see Arbiter's return. Now if we could just have in the next Halo game.... *Wink* 343 *Wink*
  5. Most likely, but her role is difficult to predict with the current information we have. All we know is that she wants revenge on the UNSC for betraying her, or trying to have her assassinated at least. Depending on where the game begins, all we know is John could be across the Galaxy on the Ark searching for Mendicant Bias, as theorized by many Halo enthusiasts, so contact with Halsey for now is unlikely, at least physical contact. UNLESS the Janus key, revealing all Forerunner tech across the Galaxy, leads them together in search for something to stop the likely future Flood invasion? Only time will tell.
  6. I think it's pretty guaranteed for the Flood to return, if not then it'll be the Dormant Precursors in their original form. Otherwise the entire Halo story will become void without the Flood, as it's actually quite centered around them, and the Precursors.
  7. It seems Chief's going solo in this one, which is exciting. Do you think that's a War Sphinx or something else? some people are saying it could be Mendicant Bias but I'd no clue as to why, I'm not that clued up on Halo lore.
  8. PETA are hypocrites anyhow, they were caught killing Puppies and kittens that they had taken into care. I support Animal rights all the way, PETA however are just a no no for me, always going over the top and spouting nonsense. Absolute scum in my books.
  9. Chances are strong that I'll be investing into a PS4 if Destiny from Bungie doesn't release on PC which is still in speculation. The PS4 really does seem geared more towards gamers than the Xbone. However I'll not pass judgment until E3. Such a shame as I'd like to continue playing Halo, but YouTube walkthroughs will have to suffice i'm afraid.
  10. I only teabag on humorous moments, such as when an enemy fails to kill me with a rocket when he should have or they tried assassinating me and failed and I then proceed to kill him. There are times when people teabag me, and then my team then win the game, I'll teabag them then for Karma. Other than that, I wouldn't waste my time.
  11. Decisions, decisions.... Exo!
  12. Oh man oh man. Watching this live was difficult, had to sit here in wet pants because I was wetting myself in excitement, changing them would mean missing things! I can not wait for this game, it's going to be a revolution for gaming. I'm sure of it! Thanks for posting these.
  13. Well Halsey's manipulative, we know that, and she's very smart, we know that too. She may well side with Jul, take out the highest ranks of ONI for betraying her, or at least treating her like something you'd step on in the park, but also Jul will want too as well, as he hates them just as much if not more. Then Halsey will perhaps betray Jul to save humanity. Also, she's in a better position with Jul, because she's free ( kind of, to an extent ) to be exploring the universe, finding Forerunner artifacts, etc, that Jul too is interested in and she'll be researching and developing greater knowledge. All in which, will be beneficial to Humanity's survival in the future. Her betrayal will, I think, only be towards ONI and eventually Jul, but not the entire UNSC or Humanity.
  14. Excellent stuff, so what Gravemind's currently exist? If any, because hopefully by Halo 6 we may get to see a Precursor.
  15. My mind is so blown, I'm not so sure what to write. Let me just gather some of my thoughts here... So we know now, that the powder left behind from the Precursors, are in fact the Precursors themselves? Just an earlier form, we also know that the Precursors held many shapes and forms, and etc, so when and IF a Precursor is reborn from a Gravemind... It wont be the same as they looked all that time ago from the Precursor - Forerunner war? So Faber was blinded really, with self importance and selfishness? But finally realized he wasn't the 'answer' and made a heroic sacrifice, and doing so he passed the fate of the Galaxy onto the Librarian and Iso-Didact? Shame he died really, would have been a great character to meet in game. But hey, Iso-Didact vs Ur -Didact? Bring it on!
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