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Download Map- http://www.halowaypo...3f-4bf5d4ca0ebd

Download Gametype- http://www.halowaypo...63-f508aff0f9fc

A few weeks ago I made this map, My friends and I had a heap of fun playing on this with a full lobby. I would reccomend 12-16 players, the more the better with this map. Basically how it works is both team have symmetrical bases, They have a sniper pit, and Vehicle depot. The Vehicle depot has a ghost, 4 Mongeese, a Warthog, a Sentry Turret, Mounted Machine Gun Turret and a Wraith. An Incineration Cannon spawns in the middle of the map every 6 minutes. It's a CTF Mini Game map. The map is called "Tower Wars", Gametype is "Tower Wars CTF"


Picture Time!






Thanks for looking. I hope you enjoyed!

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