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Deus Ex: The Conspiracy


Platform: PC, PS2


The Director's Rating: 9.8/10



This game you play as Agent JC Denton, who is a biologically enhanced "super soldier". Using Nanotechnology, his body is upgraded based on "skill points" used by the player. This can give you quite a few awesome skills to have. You can go stealth, run and gun, or even a thief type of player. It's a multilateral FPSRPG. What that means is that it's a story with quite a few different endings. You start out with the same cutscene, but the choices you make throughout the game affect the storyline of the game. This was one of the first games to successfully pull off "alternate endings" based off of the players playstyle and choices.



Combat: This game is a Role-Play game, but also a first person shooter. The people you fight against vary from mission to mission (and depend on choices you make). You have a variety of weaponry that can be upgraded with things you buy or pick up from enemies corpses. There are stealthy options, or high damage and high rps options. There are even a few melee options including swords and knives.


Missions: There is a lateral campaign on this game, so of course there are missions. What you do in your mission (kill a certain person, leave everyone alive, etc.) determines what happens later in the mission or on the next mission. The missions increase in difficulty per mission.


Storyline: The story is very intricate. What you do will effect conversational options throughout the game. However, this game isn't like most "choose your own adventure" games. Most choose your own adventure games give you two or three different endings based on what you've done in the game. This one gives you quite a few different endings, and the last mission is set up so that you can get to every ending in the game without having to actually replay through the game each time.


Synopsis: This game has been recognized as one of the best games of all time, but wasn't talked about all that much in the press. Most older gamers have at least heard of this game if not played it, but TONS of younger gamers only know the Deus Ex series by the newest one released. It's one of the best multilateral games I've personally ever played. Even better than Mass Effect and KotOR.


The Director's Recommendation: I recommend that you try your best to get a copy of this game. It has a MASSIVE amount of replayability, and will keep you entertained for hours. The storyline is a little "played out" these days, but remember, this is one of the first. Even if you aren't a fan of the other games in the Deus Ex series, this game is one you should treat yourself to.


If you have a recommendation for a game that I should review, then let me know in the comments (I follow all of my threads ;D). Remember though, if it's a hyped up game then I won't do it. "Lesser Known" is in the title after all. Hope you enjoy your time in the world of games.


Wanna see the others? Check out the menu! :D http://www.343indust...own-games-menu/

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