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Found 8 results

  1. First themed Xbox One design unveiled for Mountain Dew The US Mountain Dew promotion “Every 2 Minutes” that allows consumers of the popular soft drinks and Dorito’s brand to try their luck at winning an Xbox One has unveiled their custom designed Xbox One console. For more details on the US only competition you can check out https://www.every2minutes.com/ . Unfortunately European residents will not have the opportunity to try and own this console. The Xbox One will be launched in selected regions around the world on November 22nd 2013.
  2. Hey, I thought that there should be somewhere that people can talk about codes that they have spare or that they want to trade, some people don't like the looks of the Free Armor they got and some people want it. It's up to you guys, all I can say is that I am trading a CRCT Oceanic code for a FOTUS Code. (If Possible) Other than that, trade away!!!
  3. halojay


    i preordered halo 4(not by web) in gamestop but they didn't give me the skin:forest that should be given with the package. i read also other people with the same problem...... did i have to preorder it by their web page to have the skin? it wasn't specified on their advertising.......you have the same problem? have u solved the issue? what could i do to have the skin now? thanks:)
  4. I had this idea of having the skins for some vehicles be changeable. An example would be how in Halo 3 on Avalanche, the UNSC vehicles where snow/arctic themed. This,I think, would be very cool to be able to change the skins to the mongoose, warthog, scorpion, falcon, and any other new Halo 4 vehicles kind of like how you could choose the object colors in Halo Reach. Some skins could be default, forest, desert, arctic/snow, or odst themed (black). So what do you think?
  5. Are the pre-order skins usable only for the armors they are shown with (i.e raptor w venator), or can any skin be used w any armor? Thx
  6. Yes, I already know a hundred threads have been made for listing Halo 4 pre-order unlocks, but few (not even from THIS forum!) would tell me what stores offered what unlocks, or the price of their pre-order. I'll do my best to match unlocks with stores and provide images, etc. etc. If you know of another store offering a pre-order package or want to correct me (which I often need to be), just PM me, I usually check the forums daily. By the way, I will only provide inks to images to preserve forum space and retain fair load time for my crappy satellite internet service :wallbash: First, I would like to dish out the store offering the most add-ons, but at the largest price tag - MightyApe. This New Zealand distributor is offering the largest amount pre-order extras, shown HERE, including Raptor and Pulse armor skins, the flippin' awesome Locus helmet (exclusive to MightyApe), and two emblems. This may appear to be the best deal, but if you ain't in New Zealand for the release, you're paying almost $20 for ground rate shipping. It's a little ridiculous, but if it's any consolation, I pre-ordered here, too. The price may drop, and I hope like hell it does. BTW, $130NZD ~ $100USD, so the price isn't actually $30 more. Halo 4 Standard - $88.49NZD + $16.00 shipping Halo 4 Limited Edition - $129.99NZD + $16.00 shipping Probably the most popular Halo 4 pre-orderers (if that is a word) are GameStop & EB Games. Available with both packages is the Gamestop/EB Games exclusive Forest skin, shown HERE. Because GameStop and EB are pretty much the exact same store, you're getting the exact same thing. Rumor has it that EB Games is also offering the Arctic weapon skin in Canada. I believe both stores offer free ground shipping and expensive release date shipping (feel free to correct me), but you can have shipped to a nearby store for free or pre-order at the store. Halo 4 Standard - $59.99 Halo 4 Limited Edition - $99.99 Another great store for pre-ordering any game online is Amazon. Amazon's offer is the interesting Web armor skin, shown HERE. Amazon is also a seller for multiple online stores if you want to look into who's all selling Halo 4 on their store. I know Amazon offers free ground shipping but I do not know their fastest shipping speed or the price of that speed at the moment. Amazon would be my personal alternative to MightyApe. Halo 4 Standard & LE - $59.99 & $99.99 Like MightyApe, Best Buy is offering the Dead Space-esque Raptor armor skin, shown HERE. Best Buy offers free ground shipping for those who pre-ordered online, they can ship it to a local store for free, and you can pre-order it at the store itself with a down payment. Also, pre-ordering here gets you 15% off a game guide if you want one. Halo 4 Standard - $59.99 Halo 4 Limited Edition - $99.99 Walmart is currently offering the Circuit armor skin, shown HERE. The skin kind of reminds me of Tron with a Big Daddy helmet, but overall, not that interesting to me. For those readers in the UK interested in this skin, it can be purchased from Gamestation as well. Walmart offers free ground shipping. Halo 4 Standard - $59.96 Halo 4 Imited Edition - $99.96 Britain's Buy.com, called Play.com, is the only seller of the Dead-Eye helmet skin (HERE), but being an American, this package is not worth the trouble of purchasing from Play. Besides, rockin' this would just put a big bull's eye right on my head, which isn't for me. Regardless of my opinion, Play only ships within the UK and offers free ground shipping. Halo 4 Standard - £44.99 Halo 4 Limited Edition - £69.99 Also available in the UK is the Oceanic armor and a weapon skin pack from Game.co.uk. I'm afraid their website does not denote exactly which weapon skin come with the preorder set, based on the image I can speculate that one of the skins is the Arctic weapon skin that GameStop and EBGames also offered. Game also offers a good price for UK gamers and it ships free anywhere in the UK. Halo 4 Standard - £39.99 Halo 4 Limited Edition - £64.99 Another skin I liked and is already available with the MightyApe package is the Pulse armor skin, shown HERE. The store offering this skin exclusively is Microsoft's game store (also available via xbox.com). Microsoft offers a good deal because they ground ship for free and toss in $25 discount on your next Microsoft store purchase. However, so far the $25 discount card is not available to the Limited Editiion copy, though that may change in the near future. Nevertheless, still a pretty good deal. Halo 4 Standard - $59.99 Halo 4 Limited Edition - $99.99 If you are looking to stay cheap for this release and don't give a rat's cerebral cortex (keepin' it clean) about exclusive armor skins, Buy.com has the best price for Halo 4 I've seen on the internet so far and ships very cheaply. Halo 4 Standard - $54.99 + $5.18 ground shipping Halo 4 Limited Edition - $73.99 + $5.18 ground shipping I hope you guys find the skin that's right for you, feel free to correct me or suggest another store I can add to the list via PM, and thanks for reading!
  7. Hey guys, I have been reading around about Minecraft Xbox edition and found this. This is about the skins on Minecraft Xbox edition. Each DLC Skin Pack will contain 40+ skins to choose from, from video game characters to regular skins like kings and wizards. Each Skin Pack will cost 160 Microsoft Points.[3] A release date is unknown but it will be released around the time of the 1.7.3 update. Creeper Man - Minecraft Squid Man - Minecraft Splosion Man - 'Splosion Man Ms. Splosion - Ms. Splosion Man Splosion Man Scientist Danklef - 'Splosion Man Trials Man - Trials HD Old-School Trials Evolution - Trials Evolution Master Chief - Halo: Combat Evolved Covenant Grunt - Halo: Combat Evolved Banjo - Banjo-Kazooie Jack of Blades - Fable Clayton Carmine - Gears of War 3 Wizard - Original Design Prisoner - Original Design King - Original Design No information has been given about further Skin Packs, however, 4J Studios has tweeted that they have finished two Skin Packs including Skin Pack 1 and 2 and are working on 3 more.[4] http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Skin#Skin_Pack_1 - LORDLIDELL
  8. Alex

    Armor skins

    I'm sure alot of people have been wondering about the Halo 4 skins at what they actually are. They're is an amazingly big differ between armor skins and the armor premutations. Armor and gun skins are used to customise the look of your armor peice, For example: The skins are also currently being used for the guns as well as armor. There are many skins avaliable at depending on what retail store you buy it from. That doesn't mean that there won't be any amor skins you won't be able to get In-game. For the list of retail armor skins, click here.
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