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Found 14 results

  1. If you can't read the video, here's the script: Just join below with the following information, a scoreboard will be enabled. You can party up with other members, up to 4 members max per squad. The game we will be playing is Evolve. Our first launch date operation is on 7th. All day. Both consoles. Squads: Agent York, Vitamin PWN, Fishy, Players: (Solo) For those of you attending, please post below your results of gameplay with the following information: Goliaths Killed: Krakens Killed: Wraith’s Killed: Spambots Escaped:
  2. Hey guys so it's been a while but Sikslik encouraged me to get these back and running again so thanks Slik and here's interview number 40, a follow up with Vitamin PWN. DD: "Vitamin, thanks a lot for coming back to do your second Interview with the Stars of the Community. What have you been up to on the forum lately?" VP: "Thanks for having me back for a second interview. As for what i have been up too, basically i've have just been hanging around here, talking with friends, making posters for Yoshi's presidential campaign, and basically anything to make the day go by faster lol." DD: "That's great . I know you've always enjoyed the USF Elections by Spyro for a while now. Could you tell us about your past experiences with them?" VP: "yeah i do love them, i think they are loads of fun. As for my experience with them, i mostly work as a propagandist for a candidate, which basically means i make them a ton of posters and things for them to use in their campaigns. I started many moons ago backing The Director in the first election,then i helped Zelda in her campaign, then i left the forums for a while and came back and i ran for a change, and ended up barely tying with Zebra then l helped Yoshi last election and now we're at this one and i'm helping yoshi once more" DD: "A former President of the United States of the Forum, that's a great thing to say. Yoshi was one of our best Forum Presidents to date. How do you fee about him being eliminated after the Pre-Poll and then coming back after Melody was disqualified and winning it?" VP: "I'd like to say as one of the biggest fans of the USF elections, this election has disappointed me with all the mudslinging being done towards the end of the pre poll.I understand that things can get competitive, but at the end of the day it's just a game meant for fun, and mudslinging and attacking other members over it make us as a forum look bad. and i hope nothing like this ever happens again. i was disappointed when he was eliminated because at the very least i wanted him to make the finals, and when he replaced melody it was bittersweet,i was happy that he got there, but it was sad that he didnt get voted in, but i was still ecstatic when he finally won. " DD: "I totally agree with you and that's actually why the USF Election Policy Update was put into place. It got a bit too hectic instead of staying a friendly competition between members. So the Spring Update is coming up for the forum in just about a month. Anything you want to see done or redone for the forum?" VP: "well like a few members posted in the spring update thread, i'd want the calendar side bar brought back, because it really made it easier keeping track of all the events we had coming up, other than that i really can't think of anything else i'd want to see done. I'd rather let more creative people come up with the ideas for the forums, that way i can be surprised by all the new features that get implemented when the update hits lol" DD: "Yes the Calendar has actually been brought up many times before so I hope it makes a comeback as well. Alright now Vitamin let's get down to business and talk Halo. Halo 5: Guardians multiplayer beta: what were your impressions?" VP: "yeah about the beta, i didnt actually play it, i didn't get on my xb1 for almost 2 months and the beta dropped during that time so i missed it " DD: " Hey that's ok it happens to the best of us. So if you've seen any gameplay, how do you think it looks in your opinion? " VP: "Now i haven't seen much game play, mostly because i like being surprised when i finally get the game, but from what I've have seen it looks good. It seems more fast pace compared to past halo games, and i like how you don't regen shields when sprinting. The ground slam ability looks pretty cool and while im not to crazy about iron sights being added im sure i get use to them real quick lol. Overall from the little bit of gameplay i've seen i'm really impressed and it's definitely gonna be a game i preorder." DD: "I played it and I actually found strategic advantage to all the new Spartan Abilities and not just aesthetic values and found that the new smart scope system is very useful as well! What are you playing nowadays VP?" VP: "i'm few games right now, i've been playing mostly Saint Row 4 and Gat out of hell on the Xbox one, and i just got Titanfall so i'm gonna start playing that soon, i have also been playing Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion on my PC, and AC: unity on the ps4." DD: "That's cool, good game choices there. Do you have a preferred next gen console?" VP: "No i dont really prefer one over the other, both consoles are great IMO,both have good things and bad things about them,and both have good games on them. That being said i've been focusing more on the XB1 lately mostly because played all the games on my ps4 to death already and im focusing on building my XB1 library" DD: "Very cool! I'm an Xbox One fan myself despite the horrible connection issues. Are you thinking about joining any Events in the future?" VP: "well i'm gonna join in Fishy's Titanfall event that's coming up soon, and i want/plan to join more events overall because i've been in a pitifully low amount of events in the past and i hope to rectify that. " DD: "That's great news! I hope we play together in the near future at an MCC Event. It's time to wrap this up now though VitaPWN. Words of wisdom for newer members in the community?" VP: "definitely, i look forward to playing with you and other members of the forum. and i dont really remember what i said in my last interview for my words of wisdom and i dont want to repeat myself lol, so im just gonna quote Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, 'Be excellent to each other and party on dudes!'" Thanks to everyone who read and thanks for the millionth time to Vitamin. If you don't know him you should talk to him, Vitamin's a very cool member and knowledgeable of the site.
  3. So i recently bought RPG maker on my pc, and decided, that im gonna make a game loosely based on the forums here, i say loosely because i may or may not need the change things up to fit my narrative. So my question is would anyone be interested in playing it? And seeing as i dont want to put anyone in it without asking so if anyone would like to be in it as an NPC let me know. Also know that im a pretty bad writer so the story will mostly likely suck and be full of plot holes and spelling errors.
  4. You no longer have to live in fear, you can come out of your caves, shanties, bungalows, and other places of hiding, for I, the self proclaimed savior of the masses, the best in the world at what? I do not know, and the instrument of justice, The one , the only, the favored son of the clan Týr, the disciple of the might lord Ching dai, The Voice of the Voiceless,the man of 1004 holds,and the devilishly handsome, Lord Commander Vitamin PWN have returned home from a devastating battle to reclaim what is rightfully mine... the last slice of pizza and the most comfortable spot on the couch. anyways thats just a really fancy way of saying im back, so yeah..... well, catch y'all on the flip Edit: the other song i had up was taken down by youtube :/ so i added a new one
  5. STATE OF THE FORUM ADDRESS By VitaGuy & BZ1 My fellow forumites,i thank you for picking me to join Beckoningzebra1 as co-president. Now i'm gonna keep this concise so open your ear holes and listen up! I know stuff seems bad right now, we got that purple shortage going on, an overabundance of the letter y, and bunch of other bad stuff too. My presidential partner BeckoningZebra1 and i are gonna fix that! We'll ship out our extra y's haul in some purple, and while we're at it we'll fix the forum economy and make sure all forum members have fresh oxygen to breath! In addition to all that, we're gonna make the forums a safer more civilized place for members, all while increasing the awesomeness 10 fold! Now you may be thinking what do you want from us? all we ask from you is precious little, all we're asking you to do is pull together with your fellow members and stay awesome! Thank you and we hope to have your continued support and trust. -Vitamin PWN My fellow forumians. It is an honor to be so graciously chosen to the office of co-President. Few members receive the chance to serve their Forum at this level, and I count myself blessed to be one of those few. I know we've been through some rough times as of late, we've had military coup, after military coup attempt to restore the democracy that the former President, Mr. Mudkip, demolished in wake of his dictatorship. Each attempt ending the same, as no one could withstand the Mudkip's strong willed tactics. He made the most of his term. He banned lover's of "Friday," tormented the bread people, and taunted ninjas. But his term is over. A new age has begun, one of Peace. With many disputes being handled already, we have already started the process of restoring the forum to the greatness that was. I and my counterpart Vitamin PWN, have bright plans for the future of the forum. -BZ1 We pray that you will back us, and that we will have your full support pressing on. THE FUTURE OF THE UNITED STATES OF THE FORUM
  6. This is edition was delayed because I was really busy yesterday. It took place late at night here where I am in the US so I waited until the next day to post it. This week I went with one of our most dedicated members of the forums, a Moderator: Vitamin PWN . He just had a thread dedicated to him and now his interview is being posted. Here are the thoughts of the forums from a Moderator's point a view. DD: "As I ask all of my interviewees, what is the origin of your name?" PWN: "Well when i first got my Xbox when the 360 first came out i was thinking of a GT my brother suggested Vitamin PWN and i went with it because i couldn't think of anything better, honestly at first i thought it was meh, but it started to grow on me and now i use it for everything from usernames to character names in RPGs." DD: "Well it's an awesome name I gotta say. I shorten it and give you the nickname VitaPWN and I think that sounds good too. Hope that's ok with you... ANYWAY what's the first thing you do when you get onto the site?" PWN: "Yea VitaPWN does sound awesome, i like it! But yeah the first thing i do when i get on the site is check if i have any PM's and if i do i read them, then i look at the staff forums to see if anything new has come up then i look at shout make sure everything is fine, and after all of that i look through the forums and patrol for spam and make sure the rules are being followed." DD: "This is why you have a dedication thread. Very admirable answer Vitamin. How many PMs a day do you get from members about awards, complaints and other things?" PWN: "I get a few PM's about awards, not too many though, i also get some complants, ideas on how to improve the forum and people who think i work for 343, but mostly my PM's are just talking with other members about various thing not forum related." DD: "Ok so you get a good amount each day, I expected you to get a million or so haha. What's the hardest thing about being a Mod?" PWN: "Yeah i get only a few pm's a day, not millions lol. i dont know if there is one hard thing about being a mod, but the hardest thing is having to put up with people who send some Pm's complaing about something, especially if they are being unreasonable or uncompromising, that can get on my nerves alittle. but for the most part those Pm's are few and far between." DD: "It's probably easy because you're so good at what you do I'm sure haha so I know you take pride in your moderating position and you're very good at it what with your own dedication thread and all but what does being a Moderator really mean to you? What is its value to you?" PWN: "I do take pride in the fact that im a mod, but i dont know if im good at it, all i know is i try my best. to me being a mod is a way i can give back to the community that has been a home for me since i first joined, this forum has always been there for me and it's my pleasure to dedicate my time too keep up the standards that all the members have grow accustom to, and i thank Twam and Jester and everyone else who believed in me enough to promote me to to Moderator because without them i wouldn't be here." DD: "Do you ever miss being just a member?" PWN: "Sometimes i do miss it but being a mod is just too awesome, if i ever go back to being a normal member im sure i'll miss being a mod more than being a normal member." DD: "I know you would. But I can't think of a single member who could take your place. So what is your favorite thing about these forums?" PWN: "Now my favorite thing about these forums is the people, i've been on a few forums and they are all either full of trolls or a bunch of clique that are slow to embrace new members, but these forums are so accepting, any new member can join and be accepted instantly. Also this community is close, we are more of a family than a forum and thats what i love about it." DD: "That's exactly what I like about this forum as well. Everybody here is great and we really fulfill the 'Community' part of '343industries Community Forums.' What is one of your most memorable moments here?" PWN: "My most memorable moment? thats a hard one there are alot of good memories, like when i was apart of a Machinima made by Zed the Evil taco (which is right here) or one of the first playdates we had with AD,Choot 'em, Donut and Quilts, that was a fun day probably the most fun i had playing halo 3. I remember Choot 'em kept dying by grenades and he was joking around saying i put magnets in his armor and they were attracting the grenades lol, or one game AD and donut left and it was just me and Quilts and we managed to win and i got 25 kills, that was my best game ever. those were some good times." DD: "Those sound extremely fun! So for the award junkies out there: what is the best way to get your Vitamin P award?" PWN: "Well there is no set way to earn it but generally doing something that impresses me or something for me will get you it, but it has to be unique i dont want people doing the same thing as someone else in hopes of getting the award. so you for example, Az he drew me a picture (that is currently my profile background) and that netted him my award, now the next person who draws me a pic isnt guaranteed the award just because Az got it that way, but sometimes i will just be in a good mood and give it to a random person." DD: "I see, that's a good way to do it. I think that's awesome actually. Alright Vitamin, you're an awesome Moderator and everyone in the community, old and new members, look up to you. What is your advice to new members to the site to achieve excellence in the forums?" PWN: "My advice for new members is to respect your fellow members, be yourself and most importantly have fun, if you're not having fun on here you're not doing it right lol. i also want to throw in the obligatory "follow the rules" if any members can do those things they will be an excellent member in my book." So there you have it! I've already thanked him but thank you again Vitamin PWN for allowing me to interview you it was great and you gave great answers. Thank you 343i Community Forums for letting this still happen, you guys are awesome. I can't wait to get to all of you.
  7. Yes guys and girls......you heard right! The infamous, the magnanimous, the humble man himself returns to the moderating family! Lets give it up for........... Vitamin PWN
  8. well some of you have noticed that i've been on more again, so might as well make it official, and say i'm back! i took care of mostly everything i needed to so im almost back to no life status which means more time to spend on here
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