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Found 3 results

  1. I don't know if it's a little late to comment on what should be brought to Halo 5 (or Halo 5 Guardian), but I just thought I would say what's on my mind. First off, after forging for over a year on Halo 4, I can honestly say I like it a lot better than halo reach forge (By no means am I saying it is better than Halo reach, that's just my personal preference). With that said, their are a few features that would be great for a high tech game like Halo 5 to be implemented. 1) An undo button would be nice: but I would defiantly like it better if it was a menu option only and not an actual button on the controller because I would hit it all the time! 2) A highlight option! I noticed on the 360 controller (at least I think) is that the bottom and right arrow do nothing in forge. With that said, perhaps they could be set as a new function called Highlight. With the highlight option active, you can move multiple objects anywhere around the canvas without changing the angles of the objects, For instance if you have ever highlighted a sentence at the end of a paragraph in Microsoft Word and moved it to the beginning, everything says the same. With the highlight option, instead of being green when selected it should be yellow to indicate the highlight function is active. And of course if their should also be a menu function to highlight all in-case you want to move the whole thing. 3) This one is not not a huge complaint, but it would be nice if rotation snap worked for more sensitive angles instead of using the common 5, 15, 30, 45, & 90 preset rotations. Also if these could work across different coordinate planes, for instance, if I have a block at a 60 degree yaw, and I want to change it so it slopes 15 degrees down it should be straight and not crooked. This is difficult to explain, It's easier for me to show you then tell you. Anyways, that's all I got, please comment below with what your options are on the matter.
  2. I'm not sure if this has been posted already, but here are some things we need at our disposal once more in Forge. We need to be able to zoom in in Monitor Mode, and to back up and move in more while holding an object so we may see precisely what we're doing. Anyone else agree? Have any other complaints like this? Post em up!
  3. The Halo4 Forge is by all means an improvement over the previous Forges, but there is still room for improvement. I have started this post to list my own suggestions, and I encourage others to reply with his or her own suggestions and wishes. *Interlocking objects: Similar to locking individual objects, a new tool would allow forgers to link objects. This would allow multiple objects to be moved, duplicated or locked as a group. *Sphere object shape: *Multi-leveled forging: Forge should have a novice/beginner setup (such as it is currently) and an advanced/Experienced setting with much more complicated tools and functions for advanced users. *Man Cannons: Make one man cannon, but add a dial tool for adjusting the power more dynamically. *Inversion: A tool option that allows the user to mirror certain objects such as the ramped platform, buildings, etc. This would help forgers create much better symmetrical maps. *Skins/object color: Ability to add skins/textures to objects. There could be a distribution collection and a way for players to upload custom made textures. *Improve the magnet system to be more dynamic, or perhaps allow users to add magnet markers to objects. *Phased Doors: This object would allow forgers to add a door opening (variable sizes) cut into objects, such as blocks and coliseum walls/windows. *Elevator lifts *Light bridges: Similar to one sided shields, add light bridges to bridges/platforms. Perhaps it would be similar to setting length/width as it is with kill zones, etc? *Locking axis: Ability to lock certain aspects of the rotation axis to isolate specific object movements. *More buildings and expanded object inventory.
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