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    go to a map of the galexy, turn it upside down, put it in a paper shreader, glue it back together randomly, and if that is what the universe looks like. I'm not on that map anywhere.
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    Halo Universe. I know about 50% of it.

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  1. So they are using flood to fill the hole made by elites leaving. I miss elites from halo 3.
  2. I was just wondering why in Halo most the guns are ones we have presently (ours might even be more advanced), but they have energy sheilds for the spartens and are able to travel through slipspace. I mean seriously, I think humanity could make some better guns in the next 500 years.
  3. GO CHEIF. I think that that video was a joke though.
  4. I'm pretty sute they are making a new game/series called destiny.
  5. Did you know that the Sahngeli had a lot more ships after they broke of with the covenant in halo 2, but then the UNSC prototype NOVA Bomb blew up in the midst of their fleet, and the only ships that survived were That'Vadam's fleet and one other fleet that was destroyed at Onyx? (I think that is correct anyway)
  6. Exactly. But seriously, I've killed myself so many times when I accidently bump the thumbstick and aim it at a Brute Cheiftan that's trying to charge me. He walks up to me, gets a sniper to the face, and then I get a dozzen missles shot into me. I quess it is a good gun though.
  7. Mr. DJ

    Halo 4 Console

    Here is a link to were you can buy the Halo 4 Console: http://www.microsoftstore.com/store/msstore/pd/Xbox-360-Limited-Edition-Halo-4-Console/productID.253596900 It also Comes the Unicorn Emblem. But it is $400 dollars, so, do you think it is worth buying?
  8. AWESOME and good job finding a place that we can download it from, i didn't know there was one.
  9. I think you will have to get to a certain rank, and probably do something to unlock it, like in halo 3.
  10. It also might be the worst gun ever. Of all time.
  11. I don't have a clan, but i face everyone in your clan in a 1v1 sword battle. You'd have to message me sometime when I'm online though.
  12. My favorite charecter, not counting Master Cheif or the Arbiter, would have to be Admiral Cole. He blew up 500+ covenant ships with his own fleet, and probably didn't even die.
  13. One time i was trying to get the acheivment for beating the last mission of halo 3 on legendary with four people with ghost with iron on, and we were on the final run, when my friend lagged out. FML
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