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Found 4 results

  1. Have you been looking for your chance to play some of the older halo games but can't seem to find the people to play with? Well, have no fear and look no further because our affiliates at THFE are hosting a bunch of awesome lobbies in Halo 3 and Halo: Reach. This is the Announcement Video for there first Throwback Weekend Lobbies, and it isn't just one and not two but NINE lobbies to choose from. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ODsAvRilXR8&list=PLjtVM5VU7cBjuyLDjJ1ipidOgFZBLZAln&feature=c4-overview-vl PA1NTS Lobby Sam The Great's Lobby Swash983's Lobby Charles Stoot's Lobby Master Debaytes Lobby Jesus In Malibu's Lobby REMkings Lobby adderson's Lobby FlyingShoe ILR's Lobby Now head over there and sign up before they all fill up.
  2. Hi my name is Chase and I am the creator of the Facebook page Halo Custom Lobbies, http://www.facebook.com/HaloCustomLobbies. I am recruiting players for custom lobby events with maps and game types suggested by the players. Although the problem is that my page does not have enough supporters but as soon as I have at least 20 likes I will hold the first custom lobby. The purpose of this page is to bring back those large open lobbies from Halo 3 and Halo: Reach with community made maps. So like my page, suggest maps and game types, weather it be yours or another's, and above all have FUN!!!
  3. CUSTOM GAMES LOBBIES This is an idea I had on how 343 could implement a system to allow players on LIVE to join custom games created by others. I realize this may never happen... but I'll throw it out there if anyone wishes to have a discussion. Make it an option in the Infinity Menu, complete with its own nifty name and section of ship. Players will enter a menu... > Create Game > Join Game If you click "Create Game", you basically build a custom game. It would be understood by the player that a game created here will be posted into an archive of games, open to anyone who wishes to join. A host would have to press X or B to either allow or deny access to the game upon seeing gamertag in a joining notification. A host would have the rights to boot players from the game. If you click "Join Game", the interface looks up a game based on criteria like a certain game type, a certain map, or even random. The sorting loads a certain number of created custom games per iteration of the sorting method, scroll to the bottom of the list it gives you and it looks for more. When you highlight a certain game, it tells you how many players are in the game, who created it, what map it is, and what game type (slayer, slayer pro, swat, team slayer, so on so forth, or the game type custom name). People could come and go as they please even while people are already playing. The host could restart a game if he/she so chose. Again, this is just an idea. I really think the potential of this game to be incredibly fun is sorely underplayed by matchmaking. You just pick a gametype and strap yourself in to play it a while. Make it as close to getting a group of folks together for Friday Night Halo games at somebody's house as possible, just over LIVE. You know there would be more community among the players, because you know there are regulars who will start looking for certain people who do certain game types they like. Thank you for reading. Happy Gaming, MLOW
  4. Spartanscout396 reporting in with a Lobby announcement: Halo 2 Mjolnir Mix.mp3 Hello gamers of the Forum. I try and run lobbies with all around games... Some games i tend to avoid just to keep people from fighting and arguing. I will try and run Infection, Slayer, Insane, King of the Hill, Invasion, Stockpile, and any other games. I am all around when it comes to games. I'm not a pro in all or any of them but i play for fun. I strongly enforce the Honor System for Halo. Most of the maps and game-types that i have have been sponsored by THFE, also i have a few of my own. Please no Parties i will only do Game Chat. I will not deal with anyone's bull!@#$, so if you get kicked it was more for rude behavior, insulting me or other player(s), and/or constant profanity. Otherwise, send me a message on Xbox live or on here for an invite if I'm on. Thank you and I hope i see people sending me messages and invites.
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