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Found 4 results

  1. With the Announcement of Halo 5: Guardians and the release of it's teaser art has come a lot of speculation about Halo 5 and descriptive reports regarding the art. (If you haven't read it yet, you should definitely check out RedStarRocket91's breakdown of the Halo 5 Teaser Art-HERE) As you can see in the art above, the Battle Rifle has a different scope. Now, if this means the Battle Rifle has been redesigned or if weapon customization is a new feature in Halo 5, we don't know yet. I would like to see weapon customization come to Halo 5 in the following ways: WEAPON SKINS I think that every loadout weapon should have at least 5 different skins to choose from. These skins should be unlocked by completing specific commendations with each weapon. Example: Battle Rifle: 1,000 Kills = New Skin 5,000 Kills = New Skin 10,000 Kills = New Skin (Gold Skin) 1,000 Headshots = New Skin related to headshots 1,000 Assists = New Skin related to assists WEAPON ATTACHMENTS Weapon attachments should be handled carefully. Weapon attachments can greatly affect the way a game is played and the outcome of that game. I feel that with weapon attachments, players can feel more involved and grow closer to their weapon. I don't think they should alter the game significantly but rather, serve more as aesthetic features. Weapon attachments should be unlocked at a rather low level, SR-5 or SR-10 and should continue to be unlocked every few levels. This should include attachments similar to the following: Red Dot Sight (Optimal for medium range) Reflex Sight (Omptimal for medium range) Iron Sights (Optimal for short range) Sniper Scope (Optimal for long range) Buttstock (Aesthetic) Grip (Aesthetic) Bipod (Aesthetic) Bayonet (Aesthetic, but should be implemented in Assasinations) WEAPON EMBLEMS AND CLAN TAGS This is a feature straight out of CoD, but one that I think Halo can benefit from. It doesn't affect gameplay at all, but again, it would be fun to see your emblem appear on your weapon. Unlocked at SR-15 or SR-20. Emblem Clan Tag Those are my opinions on how weapon attachments should be implemented into Halo 5, but I'm really curious as to how you feel about it. Do you think that weapon attachments should be added? How about weapon skins unlocked by completing commendations? Be sure to leave your thoughts on all of this below!
  2. So this is the return of the famous Hog Launch! Warthogs and explosives has been a huge thing since the release of Halo CE. Launching the hog as far as possible with a load of grenades has been fun in all of the Halo games. This map is all about team work, and to launch the hog as far as possible to gain the most points. This game is team based, so that the team who gets the most points in 15 minutes wins. It has been remade several times, and it went trough a lot of testing because of problems with the weight of the hogs. The hogs are much heavier in Halo 4, therefor it's much harder to land a good shot. Map: http://www.halowaypoint.com/de-de/players/desson1a/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=50ce295c-eacb-4702-a536-375697c93ced Gametype: http://www.halowaypoint.com/de-de/players/desson1a/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameSettings&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=bc8f75ef-6498-4389-b659-00f56142946f Let's move on to the map itself: The bases are symmetrical, so that no team has any advantage The hogs is the most important thing of the game. Each team has 2 launching pads, each numbered, with a hog and two fusion coils. These went through a lot of testing and changing, and I feel that these are as good as they can get. Part two are the bombs. Each team gets 8 fusion coils in addition to the bombs on the launching pads. Move them as you want. Don't be shy! They won't explode by getting pushed. You start with two loadouts: 1. Concussionrifle with 3 plasma grenades 2. Hammer with 2 plasma grenades. To get more variety into the weapon choice I have placed down these weapons. Both teams have these weapons. In addition to 2 hogs, both teams get a rocket hog. It respawns fast, so use it alot. The hog has been used alot during testing. It's up to you and your team to be as creative as you can and use it. These are the columns. Since there is no Halo Ball in Halo 4, I had to use KotH instead. You will get more points the longer you stay in the hill, which means that the further and higher you fly the more points you get. REMEBER: Everyone counts! That means that everyone in the hog earns points. The more players in the hog, the better! That means that these columns only are aesthetics and something you can use to compare youre launches. They are coloured in this order: -White -Cyan -blue -purple -red This was definitly one of our best shots. We got launched all the way to blue by only having one person on the hog, and on to launch. Red base Blue base Rules: Loadouts: 1. Concussionrifle, 3 plasma grenades 2. Hammer, 2 plasma grenades Weapons in base: -2 frags -2 sticky's -2 railguns -2 fule rod guns -1 rocket launcher Hogs: -2 chains -1 rocket Gameplay: -no point limit -15 minutes -2 teams, red and blue - 4-16 players (at least two players on each team) (works best with 6 players on each team) -12 bombs (apologize for my bad english.) piece out! feedback appreciated
  3. Download Links: -Map -Boom Smash Gametype -Boom Smash (under 10p) Gametype -File Share GT: Shore Jesus Map name: Boom Smash Gametypes: Boom Smash, KOTH mode, made for games with 12-16 players Boom Smash (under 10p), KOTH mode, made for games with 10 or less players Rules/Restrictions: Even teams of Red and Blue Description/Information: This minigame features 1 minute rounds of 6 of one team trying to survive the longest while the other team smashes fusion coils at them. Each round, the sides will swap and both teams will have the role of smashing the explosives or dodging them 3 times in the game. Survivors on the platform attempting to survive the longest will have faster speed and a fast regenerating thruster pack but no jumping and you only have one life. The attackers smashing the fusion coils will have slower speed, no jumping and no AAs, just you, your hammer, and a fusion coil; stop the enemy team from surviving at all costs. This minigame is not about surviving to the end of the round (although that is a plus) but to surviving the longest by dodging the explosives effectively. The team that survives the longest in the hill after 6 rounds is the winner. Pictures: Videos:
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