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Found 4 results

  1. Earlier this week, some how out of the blue, someone managed to come up with certain text message with english, arabic symbols that mean nothing and 1 japanese character that make your phone restart after 15 seconds. All your Iphone has to do is receive the message and boom, the phone restarts. Apple has claimed they are working on a fix, but for right now, anyone with an Iphone is susceptible to this annoying code. Good thing I don't have an Iphone! Phew! What do you all think? Is this a code somebody stumbled upon? Or was it created to wreak havoc among the populous.
  2. Well, many people are claiming about Armor Abilities; and I think AA annoying sometimes too. But I don't think fair to get rid of it but changing or upgrading it. - AA should be replaced by PE (Personnel Equipments). It pretends to work like an individual "weapon", almost like "buffs" in Halo 3 (invisibility, overshield, etc.). but like solid equipments to wear instead "magic balls". So the PE can be found around the map, preferably at some armory house. So the equipments to wear should be a jetpack, promethean eyeglass, fuel for thruster, chip to engage invisibility, etc. - Also it would have BS (Battle Support). It pretends to be similar or equal to the bubble shield, health regenerate and power swallow (I'm sorry, I don't now how it named). Well, it should be some thing like a "special grenades", when it's thrown it make whose effect. Well, it's only to get back what was at Halo 3.
  3. We all know it's overpowered so why isn't it patched already? Stop saying it's fair. All players use it, only because it's too strong. "Yeah, you just suck." No, i barely get killed but this gun is just a joke. I get tons of kills without it and most of my deaths are due to this op gun that kills me out of nowhere from miles away. All those who believe it's fair use it and don't get kills any other way, so don't even dare annoying me. boltshot
  4. Halo Games Problems We all love the halo games, but we also all know that games can't be perfect. If you have a glitch or bug that's been annoying you then post it here. I personally have one and couldn't find a place to post it. You don't have to read this next part because it is my personal expierience but feel free to leave a post. So, on saturday night-sunday morning (12/3-12/4), i was in the Reach forge working my butt off to make a Pillar of Autumn map. I finished the map at around 2:00. The next day while I was in a forge game looking at another person's map (also in forge) i clicked on save map instead of save as new map and apparently it 'overwrote' my previous save of the POA. Now, whenever i go to Pillar of Autumn in the menu of maps it changes to ODST DROPSHIP FRIGATE ( the name of the other map). So, in short my Pillar of Autumn map is lost. Also, whenever i go over to it, the description has changed to 'A blank canvas recommended for forge editing only' from the description i made which is 'This legendary ship manned by Cpt. Keyes is re-created. Map by RC1207RC'. One other weird thing is that when i look at it in the menu it says 'created by RC1207RC' but when i go to file options it says created by (person who created ODST DROPSHIP FRIGATE's gamertag). Please help me 343i! You may comment now people of the world.
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