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  1. I have completed the campaign solo legendary and when i try to unlock the dstt torso the code does not work and it tells me the requirement is to do legendary campaign solo. i KNOW i have done the campaign, i have the achievements, and it is in my halo 4 service record! Why wont the code work!
  2. I just completed midnight solo legendary in halo 4, and right be fore that all the other 7 missions the same way, but when i try to unlock the torso on waypoint it says i need to complete the campaign on solo legendary but i did, i even have the achievements for doing it!
  3. yeah i just tested and it is scratched i already ordered a new disc thanks
  4. Im having the problem were disc two wont install, exept when i try to install it, it says it is installed and when i go to play the 2nd part of capaign it says i am missing content. disc two handles the 2nd part of campaing roght? the mission reclaimer?
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