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  1. SeanM666v2

    another sketch

    A drawing of sailor moon i did for my friend Dakota what you think?
  2. reminds me of my Volcano race map i made long ago. wish i could play but i got no system now. if you'd like search my old gamertag SeanM666 if you'd like to see some of my maps on 4 or reach
  3. Hello there one and all. For those of you who don't know me my name is SeanM666. But since i've been gone for a couple years and have lost my password to my old account on here i've been reborn as SeanM666v.2 lol Here's what this topic is about. Lost And Forgotten Forge Maps From Halo 4 and or Reach. What happened to those maps that you once enjoyed playing constantly with a bunch of your friends? Do you have any maps that time has forgotten over the years? If so here's a fresh new idea by yours truly. Why don't you Share some of the maps you loved if you still have them or if you remember playing. Since i don't have a xb360 anymore due to it's disk drive finally giving out on me after 5 years of owning it i have been out of the gaming community in halo. I last made dozens of maps on Reach and Halo 4 although idk if any of them still exist. If you would like to look up my maps up simply look up my gamertag in the custom maps options to download and view some of my map creations. I'd love to see any form of images of your maps or even if you have the ability to load videos up i'd love to see some of them being played on. I've always loved creating new buildings and maps on halo since the sand box on halo 3. And now it seems those creative architectures i've made and the maps have been lost to time...Or have they? Please post any images of maps you have made or one's that have made a lasting impression on you through out the Halo:reach to Halo 4 games you have helped create or even help test on. And also feel free to check out what little if any maps i made are still in the game. I look forward to seeing your creativity and your beautiful maps. One Forge artist to the next.
  4. SeanM666v2

    more sketches

    more stuff i have drawn. still can't figure out why it won't let me just post to albums i already made.
  5. Damn it! i really wish i get that job i need a new 360 or xbone i've always wanted to be on a machinima!!!!!!!! i miss my maps on reach and 4
  6. Name:Heroes of The Storm platform:PC and maybe console?not to sure Genre: MOBA Brief description: In this PC mass player Battle Arena players form a team of 5 and battle for control of the map. Sometimes it is a all out battle to destroy the enemies towers and sometimes you have objectives you need to capture before being allowed to advance on the enemies towers.The Blizzard Universe comes crashing together in a unique new way. Creatures and heroes from game titles most have knowledge of such as StarCraft and Diablo as Well as the World Of WarCraft collide to bring a truly interesting game play only rivaled by Smite. The game is very easy and players are awesomely friendly. One of the best games I've gotten to play on PC that is free to play and download. Sure might take awhile to download depending on your internet speed and computer memory but inc you have it downloaded it will capture your heart in a simplified sense. Characters are designed very smoothly to ensure that your eyes are caught in all the glorious and hilarious mayhem that occurs. If I had to I'd give it a 8-10 stars just because of the fun.
  7. SeanM666v2

    Drawings prt:2

    Since the forum didn't allow me to continue to post to my first album for some reason here's more of my drawings.
  8. SeanM666v2

    SeanM666v2 Sketches

    Random drawings.
  9. It's good to be back on the forums. it's been years since my 360 died and i haven't been able to play any games due to having no console. But i came back to see how much the community has evolved on here. man i miss halo 3-4 haven't played 5 yet. so much i have missed and so much i have forgotten. Good to be back here.
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